Sonic Site Awards Voting Closing Shortly

The Sonic Site Awards“Phase 2” voting phase opened Sunday night, and will close on Friday 15th December.

The Sonic Stadium’s awards ceremony, now in its fifth year, has been shortened substantially to end before Christmas, due to a busy second half of the year for the site and its staff, and the voting phase is set to last for only two weeks, resulting in lower turnout from voters than previous years.

With this in mind, the Stadium encourages anyone reading this story to tell other Sonic fans about the Awards, get others to vote for the sites and fans they think deserve awards most, and to vote themselves if they haven’t already! Voting is quick and easy through the SSA home page, and you only need a Sonic Stadium Account which is absolutely free and only takes a minute to register for. Even if you’re banned from the SSMB your account will still be able to vote.

The results of the vote will be announced during an SSA Sega Sonic Radio broadcast on Sunday 17th December. The show has had well over 60 listeners in the past, and this year is not expected to be any different.

SVTcc – New Deadline Details

As it nears to December… well, it is, isn’t it? Not much, but neh… SonicAdventurer of SonicVerse Team is hard at work getting sorted for the year’s first SVTcc (SonicVerse Team Comic Convention). The Sonic Stadium has been given new information, including a new deadline for comics that are wanting to get a place for the December event:

“…on the Comic Convention website, I took the liberty of adding a countdown timer for November 1st, the day when registration officially begins. What that means is on November 1st, I’d like to get everyone’s link for their booth so I can set it to my predeveloped website layout. November is the month when things fall together, so when the countdown reaches zero, please be sure to have your booths ready and send them on over to me.”

There you have it – if you want to show your comic to the world in the first online Sonic comic convention, then best get it sorted before November 1st.