NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams delayed again!

It has been reported by one of the “NiNJAS” at that NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams has been delayed over a month. It now has a January/February release, with only a few days seperating the release of the game in America and Europe.

Whilst this hasn’t been “officially” confirmed, this source has been spot on accurate in the past. NiGHTS is now a 2008 title, completely missing the Christmas holiday rush, and giving the game an extra month of much needed polish. Continue reading NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams delayed again!

Please guys, just… Trust Me.

Right, I want everyone in the entire Message Board to read this message, so if you know anyone who has not read this topic yet, then direct them right here. Also, keep this topic bumped for as long as possible please, because as Head of the SSMB, this message to all of you is important to everyone, newbies and oldies.

You may have noticed a string of events happening to the good old SSMB recently. First a cosmetic change, then an attempt to revolutionise the Battle Stadium (which, thank you very much, I’m not in the mood of trying out now…), then an attempt to even change Message Boards! You guys must be pretty confused as to the future of this popular cult that everyone else who is not “one of us” merely grunts as ‘SSMB’.

However, those people that merely grunt those letters are missing out on something big. That ‘Something Big’ is this. You lot. Even those that have just joined us are having a great time here, and I’m proud to say that standing tall. And erm, everything. You see, at the end of the day, when it comes to the future of the Sega Sonic Message Board, remember this.

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