Dodgy Sonic Costumes On eBay


I’ve seen some Sonic cosplay in my time.  It’s not the prettiest sight, I can assure you.  The only time that I haven’t been afraid for my well-being by someone in a Sonic costume is at SEGA-sponsored events.  The costumes that have been found by UK Resistance are not in the latter category, as they will surely make the young ones pee multiple pairs of pants.  Expect them to be followed home from school by a man in one of these costumes.

Every Sonic character that has seen some game time in the past decade is available at the eBay seller’s store, all of them horrifying.  Doofy-Mouth Sonic will give me nightmares.  So, too, will Arms-Joined-At-The-Cheeks Amy and Middle-Aged Rouge the Bat.

Why, oh, why did they decide to take pictures of the costumes in an abandoned warehouse? Hibblie-jibblies.

[UK Resistance via Kotaku]