[UPDATED!] Get even more DLC for your Deadly Six Edition!

shoptodlclostworldSonic Lost World is the game that just keeps on giving! On top of what looks to be a title already packed with content, we also have the Deadly Six Edition for Wii U containing DLC inspired by NiGHTS into Dreams… and now, thanks to UK retailer ShopTo, it looks like we have even more extra goodies to look forward to as well!

ShopTo recently made the below announcement on their Facebook page:

Sonic Lost World Deadly Six Edition on WiiU now comes with another 2 DLC codes!

The first one includes 5 Black Bombs Colour Powers to devastate your enemies five times over. The second includes a Rare Omochao RC Gadget, a chao-tastic way to help out Sonic. This title already comes with the NiGHTMARE DLC pack, which contains an extra level with enemies inspired by the Sega Saturn classic NiGHTS into Dreams, meaning you’ll get 3 DLC codes in total!

So, on top of NiGHTS-themed boss battles, we also have a golden Omochao RC and five uses of the Black Bomb Wisp to download on release day. You can pre-order Sonic Lost World: Deadly Six Edition at ShopTo for £32.86 by clicking here.

Thanks to SSMB member Phil Collins for pointing this out!

UPDATE: US retailer GameStop are also offering a similar bonus DLC offer, however there is no mention of the Black Bomb Wisp and it advertises an Omochao inspired by Sonic himself rather than the golden one ShopTo are giving away. Looks like there’s some region-exclusive DLC being distributed! Thanks to SSMB member Sonic CD for the heads up!


UPDATE #2: Hot off the press… there’s yet another pre-order bonus if you get the game from a different retailer, in this case Amazon.com! This one’s a little less exciting though – 25 extra lives. Still, a free bonus is a bonus, and you never know when some 1-ups might come in handy!


Sonic Colors Saw Highest Pre-sales Ever, 3 New Games for 2011

The quote below is from SEGA’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Alan Pritchard…

“[Colours] is our pure Sonic gaming experience. That’s had some high scores. It’s also the highest pre-selling pure Sonic title we’ve had ever. That’s a good indication. With the quality of the game, we’re confident of that. That’s our pure platforming Sonic.”

“We have some announcements in the early part of next year that will further support and add to this strategy. There will be two of three big Sonic announcements in the early part of next calendar year.”

Needless to say, we all hope Colors did rather well for itself. Hopefully SEGA will release some hard numbers on it eventually. Here’s hoping that these future games continue what was started this year with the likes of Colors and All Stars Racing. Any guesses on what these three titles may be?

In the same interview, Pritchard also mentioned that there will be four to five 3DS titles based one existing franchises released in the coming calender and financial year.

Exclusive: New Control Option Confirmed For Sonic Colors

Yet another thing I saw at PAX that I apparently didn’t tell you guys about. While I was wondering around the SEGA booth trying to get some hands on time with other games, I noticed people playing the game with the Wii remote by itself, no nunchuck. Apparently, this is a control option available in the new build. I didn’t have a chance to try it out for myself, but I have a feeling most would probably prefer to just use the nunchuck anyway. Still, it’s a neat option, and useful for co-op if you lack a second nunchuck.

Sonic Colors is scheduled to come out this November.

Exclusive: Video of New Area In Planet Wisp

So yeah, apparently a level I took video of weeks ago at a public event still hasn’t been uploaded on the internet. Who knew? You can read my complete hands on of the game here. To say the least, I find the game fun, and this stage was no exception.

The footage of the new area starts at 4:46. It’s played from start to finish of course, though I did screw up the drifting a little.


New Sonic Colors DS Video Shows Off New Boss

TSSZ has been covering the Tokyo Game Show, and they’ve gotten a nice video the boss for the Sweet Mountain level in Sonic Colors DS. The boss design is in keeping with the whimsical nature of the game: a lollipop wielding pirate robot. It hovers over the top half of the screen and knocks enemies down at you. In order to win Sonic needs to knock the enemies back and knock the pirate robot out of the sky. It looks rather fun, though also rather easy.

To see the video, head over to TSSZ. We’ve also got some exclusive Sonic Colors video, which we’ll be posting shortly.

PAX 2010 Sonic Colors Hands-On

I think they’ve finally got it.

That about sums up my second chance to play the game. They’ve cut the gimmicks, cut the fat, fixed the camera, tightened the controls, and done just about everything else you could ask of a development team. Indeed, I don’t even recall seeing any of the random frame rate chugging like in the E3 demo. The jumping feels perfect. The homing attack has been fine tuned to the point where using it will never accidentally send you careening off into a chasm. Controling Sonic feels great and fast, with no collision detection bugs or odd glitches. The endless chasms appear to be gone, and while the levels have so far proven easy enough to get through, it still takes some skill to play them well, just like in the classics.

The wisp power ups are also a sight for sore eyes. Replacing the endless gimmicks and alternate play styles of past 3D games, the wisps are not only non-intrusive, but are a true joy to use. Whether it’s blasting through a level as a rocket, drilling through a cake to find power ups and otherwise inaccessible areas, or floating above spikes to reach otherwise unreachable areas above, these little aliens are probably the best thing to happen to Sonic since the elemental shields. I’ve yet to encounter a wisp that didn’t add something to the experience. Sure, the creators have pointed out that you don’t need to use them, but why wouldn’t you? For the first time ever in a Sonic game, I think this game would be a lesser experience without these gimmicks.

Of course, things aren’t perfect. At times the game can feel a little too automatic, to the point where it restricts how much control you have over Sonic in certain areas where you need to  drift or sidestep. These moments are rare, and out of the three levels I’ve played they where most prevalent in the newest level, Planet Wisp. Sonic is also just a little too fast now. I personally preferred the speed in the E3 demo, but after I got used to it the extra speed didn’t detract from the experience. That said, there are far worse things I could complain about in the other 3D Sonics, even in the Adventure series.

When last I previewed this game, I said that this was the best 3D Sonic game since the Adventure series. Well now, I rescind that statement. This game will outdo the Adventure series. Just going by these three levels, I don’t see how it can’t. The game has superior level design, superior programming, far fewer bugs and glitches – I encountered none in the PAX demo – and the gimmicks are far, far superior. I haven’t even had a chance to check out the co-operative mode, which looks like it’s going to be an experience in and of itself. I can’t believe that this game is from the same team that brought us such disasters as Shadow the Hedgehog and Sonic and the Black Knight. I can’t believe, for the first time ever, I can whole heartedly recommend a 3D Sonic game, without warning about its flaws and things you need to “get over” to enjoy it. I can’t believe I can say with confidence, that those people who post the Sonic Cycle for every damn announcement, should cram it and buy it on day one.

Of course, while I’ve raised my expectations, Iizuka’s raised the stakes, claiming that the game will be equal to or better then the classic Genesis games. From my playtime, I am not yet ready to make that same claim. That’s the sort of thing even I refuse to say until I’ve played this game over at least a year’s time. We’ll see soon enough.

Don’t be reserved. Don’t be cautious. Sonic Colors is a great game. Come November, go buy it. Sonic is back.

Sonic Colours Figurine Bundle Listed On Dutch Website

Not long ago, Amazon.de began listing “Special Edition” bundles for the upcoming game Sonic Colours. Now, it seems, we may know what these bundles will come with. The Dutch video game retailer “Nedgame”, has now listed its own Sonic Colours bundle on its website, “Sonic Colours + Figurine (Bundel)”. Forum member Kjeldo posted this on our message boards, took the screen cap which I have included below:

At the moment, nothing is officially confirmed by SEGA in regards to a “special edition” bundle. Some kind of Sonic Colours related figurine? I’d get one!

Sonic “Tastes the Rainbow” in Not for Resale

Not For Resale is one of the most satirical, most wrong, and yet most right Sonic related things in existence. You remember that colorful, beautiful, wholesome CGI trailer we got for this game? Well, this comic reveals what’s really going on…

Now, if only NFR would update a little more often…

*UPDATE* Green Wisp Revealed at Gamescom?

UPDATE: Apparently, no video of the new wisp was taken, and since it was not meant to be used on a public demo, the people over at Spindash likely won’t be able to get another chance. However, the description of the wisp does match it’s appearance on the Sonic Colors box art, and Spark’s description of the new title screen has been confirmed with video. All in all, I believe this to be credible./UPDATE

Seems something more than a new level is on display for Sonic Colours at this year’s Gamescom. Sonic Stadium forum member and Spindash.de writer, Spark, says a  new wisp was also on display: the green hovercraft wisp. Here is what he had to say:

– the new Sweet Mountain Act introduces the green wisp, the hovercraft wisp. (We also got some videos, we’ll upload them soon)
– the green wisp changes Sonic’s form to a green Kirby with spikes, sonic heroes-shiny effect included!
– when Sonic is in hovercraft mode, he can use the light dash to grab some ring-chains
– bottemless pits are still there, but only a few. An exclamation mark will appear if you get to close to one.
– the “new” title screen is old school! After the Sega and Sonic Team logos appeared, you get to see the space (Metroid Other M-like) and Sonic is running from one side to the other just like in the old Sega Mega Drive title screens (but no iconic “Seeeeeegaaaa!” shout out). Seems like this will be the new standard for all future games, which is pretty cool

Of course, until he sends in the video, we’ll have to consider this a rumor. We’ll have the video for you as soon as SpinDash puts it up!

Off-Screen Video of New Sonic Colors Level

Though SEGA is not present at this year’s Gamescom, its games sure are! Sonic Colors is among them, featured on Nextplay.de’s Youtube channel. The featured video shows off gameplay from the newest level, Wisp World:


If you look closely, you can see the ring counter pass 99 rings at one point in the video, dispelling the rumor that you can only collect up to 99 rings in this game.

E3 2010 Preview: Sonic Colours

Let’s face It, Unleashed was not a perfect game, even in its daytime segments. It had annoying QTEs, which became huge, overbearing insta-death button mashing sessions in the later stages. It was easy to send yourself careening off an edge by doing a mid air boost by accident, because a homing attack was slightly out of reach. The game play was linear, with very little in the way of hidden secrets or multiple paths.

In Sonic Colors, Sonic’s latest outing, this has all changed. It takes the best of Unleashed, such as the fast paced game play, and huge, twisting levels, and adds layers to it. The QTEs are now gone, replaced with simple “press the A button to gain altitude”, and the mid air, target-less homing attack is gone, replaced with a simple double jump that you’ll need to get wisps that are slightly out of reach of the normal jump.  The linear level design is gone, replaced with large, multilayered levels that, according Takashi Iizuka “doesn’t have one or two paths, but several”. During my hands on preview I saw people accessing areas of the level that I still have not seen, so there is most definitely some truth to that.

Control wise, the game controls much more closely to next gen version of unleashed, except you now have more control over Sonic while he was boosting. You drift with the nunchuck, which works surprisingly  well.

The first level of Colors, the entrance to the Egg Park, is fairly barren, with a few enemies here and there. The main focus of the level is to ease you into the game. The first level is most definitely more easy then a lot of past “first levels” in Sonic games.  There were lots of secrets to explore, the yellow wisp drill especially opens up a lot of alternate paths.  The second level is where things get fun, though! The second level features a lot more platforming, and there are even more areas to explore. There are more enemies (my personal favorite being one with an Egg Beater…get it? XD).

The wisps, so far, are fun and unobtrusive. There are three available in the demo: one simply fills up your boost gauge, another, the laser, acts as both a super fast boost and a spin dash of sorts. The third one, the yellow drill, is by far my favorite. Yes, it lets you dig through levels. But it’s used far better then it was in Super Mario Galaxy 2. This level is your key to a lot of this game’s exploration. You can use it to not only find hidden items, but whole new LEVELS. I found several paths through this method alone, and it REALLY opens up the game’s levels.

I’ve often heard that “Sonic is back” or “this is the big return!”, but I will forgo these oft used phrases. Instead, all I’ve got to say is this: Sonic Colors is a genuinely FUN game. It’s got loads of high speed hijinks, and no excess gimmicks to slow it down. It’s like Unleashed in a lot of ways, but with more thoughtful design; the speed isn’t quite as fast, but it allows for better control. The homing attack is limited to targeted enemies and items, but this prevents you from throwing yourself off the edge. The wisps add an all new dimension to the game play, without slowing it down (unless, of course, the purple one turns you into Big). The levels are multilayered, offering more optional exploration than any other Sonic game I have ever played, 3D or 2D. Simply put, it’s the Sonic game I’ve wanted since Sonic Adventure 2. Whether it’s the Sonic game you want or not, that’s up for you to decide, but if you ever liked any of Sonic’s past 3D games, be excited; because this is one of the good ones.

This isn’t all of our Colors stuff. We also got to meet and briefly interview Takashi Iizuka after he demonstrated the game to us. You can expect a transcript and audio of the interview (which includes music from the Sweets level and menu music) which outlines some nice game play details I didn’t detail here, off screen movies, and a more in depth, analytic “second take” preview later in the week, after I’ve logged more time on it.