SEGA Europe Appoints CPLG to Handle Sonic Licensing in Europe


SEGA Europe has appointed CPLG (Copyright Promotions Licensing Group) to handle its Sonic the Hedgehog licensing business in Europe. This deal will see the agency promoting both the Sonic Boom and Classic Sonic brands across all major European territories, utilizing the Sonic Boom TV series and by launching exciting new products.

CPLG is a big player in licensing and responsible for some major brands, like Tony Hawk, Jurassic World, Minions, Skylanders, Kiss, Sesame Street and more. No doubt it will be interesting to see what promotions and products we will see develop from this deal.


SEGA Planning Exciting Things for Sonic as a Brand “in the Near Future”

Sega-Sonic logo

GamesBeat recently spoke to two members of staff from SEGA in a new interview: senior director of digital marketing Mike Evans and director of online operations Ethan Einhorn. When asked about the current console tradition and how SEGA views the market right now, Einhorn briefly mentions some “very exciting” plans for Sonic in the near future in the below snippet.

Ethan Einhorn: We’re taking, on the console side, more of a pillar approach. We’re doing some very exciting things with Sonic as a brand in the near future. We’re also very heavily focused on strategy, as you’ve seen with our pickup of [Company of Heroes developer] Relic, as well as what we’re doing with [Total War developer] Creative Assembly. Of course, we’re continuing to do core titles like Aliens: Colonial Marines.

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