Box Art: Japanese Sonic & the Black Knight cover revealed!

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Earlier this week SSMB member ‘Hero of Legend‘ reported to TSS with some high quality screen shots of the PAL box artworks of ‘Sonic and the Black Knight’, Sonic’s latest medieval themed adventure on Wii. Earlier today, the same member updated us with a first look at the Japanese front cover of the title, and as per usual, it’s entirely different to other PAL and NTSC territory artwork.

Sporting a brand new CG render of Sonic ad Calibur, the Japanese box artwork for Sonic and the Black Knight also shows off the blue ‘Nintendo WiFi Connection’ logo, putting our minds at ease that the title will still offer ‘item trading’ over a wireless Internet connection.

You can check out the SSMB thread for the artwork here and also feast your eyes on a brand new screenshot of the game, of which sees Sonic bartering with some odd looking peasant character.

Box Art: Sonic und der Schwarze Ritter!

box-german-tiny box-spain-tiny box-aus-tiny

Enjoy these latest high quality images of Sonic and the Black Knight’s PAL box artwork, fresh from SEGA themselves. Taking a note from the book of Sonic and the Secret Rings, it seems that each territory’s title will be translated for their respective audience. We have images of the German (which once again always manages to sound cooler than the English one), Spanish and Australian packshots, but no UK one. Which is a bit odd.

We’ve got these in maximum resolution, so if you want a massive Schwarze then simply click on the images above, and select ‘Full Size’ to receive your prize.

Thanks to Hero of Legend on SSMB for the heads up!

Sonic and the Black Knight – UK Box Artwork

sbk-ukIf you’re desperate to see the box artwork of Sonic and the Black Knight for European audiences, then you’re in luck. In what must be about the only activity in the Sonic games world this month, appear to have a final render of what will adorn Wii boxes come Spring. SEGA have not officially released this via their press channels, but retailers are usually pretty accurate when it comes to box artwork. It’d have to be, when they keep changing release dates all the time.

It’s pretty close to the North American box artwork, recently posted by Sonic Retro, with the exception of the ‘Sonic Storybook’ corner and the ‘Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection’ logo. Wonder what the deal is with the Wi-Fi anyway? Mind you, a few Sonic games have advertised Wi-Fi before release and then dropped it (Sonic Chronicles, for example), so I wouldn’t get too excited about that just yet.

Click the image to the left to see it in full size. Product Page (Thanks to Supa Neo)

Sonic Unleashed – Box Artwork Revealed?

Dats sum n1ce photoshopin right der.

SSMB’s very own ‘Coolrunnings‘ alerted the Internet earlier today with what could very well be the front cover image for the upcoming ‘Sonic Unleashed’ title on the Nintendo Wii. After some quick detective work by a few other members, it appears has uploaded the box artwork for every version of the game on their website.

What could well be place holder artwork created by themselves, the cover sports a completely new render of Sonic and the Werehog joined together by what most likely would be the magical wonders of Adobe Photoshop. While the box artwork is extremely important in terms of sales for any game, it seems whoever has produced this picture went down the ‘simple yet effective’ route for grabbing peoples attention on the shelves.


New Sonic trademark made by Sega

Sega Japan have made a new trademark, the name? Sonic Chronicles. Nothing is known at this time other than it’s marked down under computer games. Could this be a new Sonic game on the way or could Sega just be protecting a name? Let the speculation begin…

Also video game store GAME have revealed what looks to be the official box art for Sega Superstars Tennis (Wii). No other versions box art is up at present.

Thanks to Keiji Dragon for informing everyone of the trademark at the SSMB and thanks to Hogfather for the heads up and informing about the box art.

Mario and Sonic at the Olympics box art revealed

Details of the upcoming crossover of long time video game rivals Sonic and Mario, have been few and far in between. Today, however, I am happy to bring you the box art for the upcoming mascot crossover:

It’s Australian, hence the G rating symbol, although this is most likely the final box art for all territories. Thoughts?

More NiGHTS Media

Again, as this is mostly media oriented, no need for much of my blathering.

The NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams box art:

Looks pretty...

The NiGHTS Video with in game music:

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams video

It should be noted that the sound is a bit out of sync with the video, and the boss music starts way early, nevertheless this seems to be the official music. As a NiGHTS fan, I rather like the first one. The second one…sounds fitting, but a bit weird to me.

Edit: Apparently, my source might have been wrong about this music being “official”. As a result, I’m going to regard this as a rumor until something more concrete is shown. I apologize for jumping the gun on this.

Sonic Rush Adventure box art revealed!

It is not at all uncommon for online retailers to break the finer details of any given game; Sonic included. EBGames/ has recently revealed the box art for Sonic’s latest DS adventure, “Sonic Rush Adventure”. You can see it at the game’s page, here.

Ahoy, matey!

In addition to the box art, EB Games has also revealed SRA’s release date in the US: September 19th. The retail site also has NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams listed for November 13th.

SONIC 06 boxart revealed

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The Xbox 360 and PS3 game SONIC the hedgehog’s boxart has been shown on GAME’s english website. The boxart is simple yet sweet and features a Sonic render running against a Kingdom valley level backdrop and now it is confrmed that the image is the final design due to it appearing on SEGA europe’s SONIC the hedgehog 2006 site. The boxart also shows that the game has gained a 12+ age rating from the Pan European Game Information (PEGI).

The game is availiable for pre-ordering at GAME’s website and the store itself (Link in the “MORE INFORMATION” box at the bottom of this page) and is priced at £39.99. The game is due out in europe on the 17th of november 2006.

Check Out the North American Sonic Advance and SA2 Battle Box Art

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Sonic Advance and SA2 Battle Japanese Box Art Revealed

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