BlueTube: PSN Down? Go Outside and Grab Some Rings!


The recent hack attack on Sony’s PlayStation Network may have been no joke, but Channel 4’s news team still saw fit to throw in a bit of light-hearted spin on the crisis – by turning to Sonic the Hedgehog, of course.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 is available to download on the PlayStation Network, and was used as the primary example of playing games on the PS3. Bit of a strange choice really, but we’re certainly not complaining – especially as the report goes a bit ‘Brass Eye’ at the 3:00 mark.

Benjamin Cohen concludes his report by stating that the PSN downtime is allowing gamers to go outside and grab some sunshine, before cheesily running across the screen in a park collecting rings. It’s… well… it’s rubbish really, but it’s also awesome because it’s so rubbish. Keep shining, Channel 4.

SEGAs MasterTweet Theater Christmas Special: SoA’s RubyEclipse is a Legend

Words cannot describe…

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I like to think Aaron sits around in his dining room enjoying a glass of sherry, listening to uplifting Vivaldi overtures, and delivering gifts to children all over the world on Christmas day.

Who agrees with WebKitty and thinks the special dude being chased by the square man is so cute?

Answers in the comments box please…

BlueTube: Tails Doll Scares Girl, Gets Dissed


Yeah, this video made me laugh hard.

A girl returns home to her boyfriend suspiciously holding a video camera.  A few seconds of “boredom” later, someone in Tails Doll cosplay sneaks out of the darkness.  Sure, the scare was funny, but that isn’t the best part.

“What is that for?!  Is that a Pokemon?”  The dork in cosplay looks so dejected.  I love it. Word up to RockmanX.EXE for sending us the link to this video.



I think that it’s hilarious that somebody tried to sell Sonic 3D Blast on a Tiger LCD handheld.  That fact is funnier than the commercial itself.  Not to mention all the false hope the ad provides.  Compare how many times you see the Genesis version of 3D Blast to the Tiger handheld version and laugh.

BlueTube: Let’s Go to the City with…Sonic?

You might remember my handy guide to Sonic-izing your copy of Animal Crossing: City Folk and how it pointed you in the right direction for Sonic patterns and town tunes.  Now, “Secretchaos” has tipped me on something far greater than having Sonic on a shirt or as your town tune.  How about…as your neighbor?

Through hacking AC:CF, you can have Sonic as one of your neighbors that annoy you and give you gifts that you promptly sell.  It’s one of the tiger models with a face lift, but it’s about the closest you can get to interacting with Sonic.

I’m considering of hacking him into my game, but that means I’d lose Rolf, my tiger neighbor.  He’s so badass!  I don’t think that I’ve met someone who hates people more than Rolf (he’s up there with Roscoe the Horse).  So cynical, so funny.

BlueTube: Sonic Beyond Art Showcase

A couple of Sonic fans have taken the time to draw artwork on their own dream Sonic the Hedgehog game. Called ‘Sonic Beyond’, it’s not really a fangame at all as it’s not even in development, but rather a showcase of concept art that details what such a game would be like. It’s rather nice to look at, and the different zones are all quite inspiring. We like the idea of characters earning abilities from side-characters, saves the whole playing-as-them deal. And we don’t know about you, but we reckon Egg Hoover is a great boss name. You can see high resolution pics of their artwork here. Well done Maximiliano (legendary name, by the way) and Leonardo Martinez.