Sonic in Desperate Need of Redesign

IGN recently name their top ten video game franchises in need of a re-redesign, with the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise taking out the top spot. Other legendary franchises were not spared either by IGN, with Sonic The Hedgehog beating them all.

IGN’s full list is as follows.
10. Gauntlet
9. Secret of Mana
8. Donkey Kong
7. Contra
6. Mega Man
5. Mario Kart
4. Star Fox
3. Castlevania
2. Bomberman
1. Sonic The Hedgehog
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“Dull, Without Substance”, yet oh so good. TSS.

I went into GAME the other day, foolishly thinking it was 4th February (Sonic Mega Collection +‘s release date). But still, I got a free T-Shirt out of pre-ordering there. AND, I got to meet a great gal working there. We were talking about Sonic for ages, and it was great. A shout to to her, BTW. Anyway, there goes my big boycott of GAME, well and truly buggered.

But it’s not all bad news. Apparently, according to some rather misinformed people, the news that OUR Sonic News section provides to TSSZNews is apparently the only thing keeping TSS alive. Also, The Sonic Stadium is dull, without personality, and has no substance or information at all whatsoever . I’m sure you all feel the same right, clicking those links and actually knowing that TSS is the biggest information resource for Sonic the Hedgehog, with the most intellectual and fun-loving community alive. 😉 Still, it doesn’t really matter, those doomsayers keep coming back to TSS all the time to check our information and downloads, so we must be doing something right. Continue reading “Dull, Without Substance”, yet oh so good. TSS.

Can You Believe This Guy? (Mystic Mobius)

Check the latest Update – of the Affiliate saying “Sonic Staduims affiliate link is gone, and the webmaster knows why and what it will take to get it back on.

Now, may I just ask – what the hell? o_@ This guy is crazy. Let’s go back to what really happened – because this guy hasn’t said why he’s taken our affiliate link down, lest we knew the truth… well luckily I’m here to tell you what happened! 🙂

The webmaster – JL, caught me on AIM. He was pleasant enough – was asking for a place in the Monthly Awards. Of course, since there was no other contenders, he was the one that won for the month.

But, every moment that blood ran through my veins he got me on AIM, merely to ask me whether the award had been done yet. I finished it, and gave it to him – it even says on the site updates. Not that this is why he got peeved at me – I’m just gently taking you in to show you what an ass he is.

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