Fanatics: Are You Brave?

Do you love Sonic the Fighters (Sonic Championship)?  If not, HOW DARE YOU.   There was a hotel on a hockey trip that had a Championship machine and I would waste so many quarters on smacking Amy’s head as flat as a pancake.  I’ve since gotten to relive that novelty over and over, thanks to Sonic Gems Collection.  The game still holds a special place in my all-time favorites, despite being a shallow fighter, as it has an art style and charm that most fighters lack.   I absolutely melted when I went over to DeviantArt and found this picture  at left by darkburraki.  She comments:

I now await for this deviation to get a bajillion favorites just because it has Sonic on it.

Hell, darkburraki, I think you should get a bajillion favorites for including Honey, a character not even included in the game.  As usual, click the thumbnail for a larger image.

EDIT: Whoops! We accidentally called DarkBurraki a guy. She is, obviously, a She. Which, given that she’s not a guy, would narrow down her gender a bit. Sorry about that, and thanks for letting us know about that blip, best-buddy “Leedz”.