Fanatics: Sonic Playing Sonic

This picture has been buried in my DA favorites for a while now (since 2006!), but I still wanted to show it off to you.  It’s by dark-kelsk and is a 3D scene of Sonic playing his Mega Drive and is picture perfect.  The detail on the furniture and the Mega Drive is great and the lighting throughout is spot-on.  The Sonic model is pretty badass, too.

Fanatics: Sonic On XBOX Doesn’t ALWAYS Suck

Let’s cut to the chase here.  I don’t own an XBOX360, but I’d sure as hell love to have one if it was skinned like the one below.  Check out the skin job DA user, ricepuppet, gave to his 360 console:

AWESOME. Check out his DA profile for more awesome 360 paint jobs!

But wait, there’s more!  EGGMAN-X has some modded XBOX360’s of his own!  The one in the foreground is absolutely classy.  The second one is cool…if you like Shadow the Hedgehog.  I can still appreciate the work that went into it, though.

Dag, yo.  On his DA profile, you can also check out his WIP Master System Controller Coffee Table!  That’s dedication, kids/