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    • New SSMB Moderators! New COMMUNITY RULES!
      Today, I'd like to welcome two new additions to our Community Moderation team - as well as some other Moderation and Rules changes for your kind attention. But first, the new mods!

      Please offer a warm congratulations and celebrations towards @Ryannumber1gamer and @Ferno, who will help keep this community neat, tidy and safe as part of the Sonic Stadium Moderation Team. Long-time members will already know both of these established members of the SSMB Forums, and no doubt they will do an excellent job making sure Rules are adhered to and that everyone is treated fairly...
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    • Sonic Dreamin' and Sonic Teamin' (I Dunno)
      Hi everyone! Things have been a little bit crazy this past week or so, as we all wind down for Christmas, but I've been meaning to start making proper use of the new Blogs system to lay down my thoughts as 'head honcho' of the 'Stadium. I used to do this quite a lot back in the day, and I kinda miss it.

      Sonic Dream Team is out now, and I re-subbed to Apple Arcade to give it a quick stab this morning...
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    • Happy Sonic Stadium Holidays! Win What's in SONIC'S SACK!
      To be in with a chance of winning a copy of Sonic Origins Plus on the platform of your choice, we want to see your awesome festive Sonic artwork. We recently launched our Community Gallery, and we would like to see it full of holiday cheer - so get your pens, pencils, digital inks or whatever out, get drawing, and post your Holidays-themed Sonic the Hedgehog fan art into our Community Gallery.

      It doesn't have to be a new piece of fan art (although it would be nice) - we will count any Christmas or Holiday themed Sonic fan art that is uploaded after the date of this post.

      Every week, on the Saturday after the deadline date, we will pick a winner and announce the prize for the next week. Good luck!
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