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Sonic and the Black Knight Friend Codes


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Well, I'm not sure what staff policy is for posting Friend Codes on the boards and whatnot, so if they want this topic elsewhere or closed or whatever, feel free.

But yeah, since you can trade items and compare online ranking scores in SatBK, feel free to add your codes here.

To give the topic a bit more purpose, maybe we should use this as a topic for discussing any item trades that might occur between members, as well as requests for any certain items and such.

Anyway, my code is;


Feel free to add. I'm still getting items at the moment, but if anyone has spare copies of Arthur's Legend 2,3 and 5, it'd be handy.

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My friend code is 1075-6449-3339.

I'm looking for a topaz and will give any of my currently accumalated 212 out of 247 max items for one. I have world rings to give away too to whoever gives me a topaz and requires one ;D

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My fc 1247-4534-3780. I'm currently looking for authur's legend 3, and the seventh world ring.

I have the yellow ring, green, red, blue, cyan, and white. I think I'm missing the purple one.

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