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YouTuber Records Entire Sonic X Shadow Demo on First Day of Summer Game Fest


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It appears that SEGA has massively relaxed its strict booth capture rules, as a plucky YouTuber has managed to record the entire demo of Sonic X Shadow Generations off-screen, in plain sight!

As one of the first people to play the game at the annual Summer Game Fest Play Days press event, Sonic content creator GamesCage / Fadel was able to cheekily park a camera right next to his demo screen and get full footage of his run through all areas of the latest build. 

You can watch them all below, but fair warning - as it is all unfiltered off-screen video footage, there are bound to be spoilers within. If you don't want to know some of the ins and outs of this remaster + Shadow package, better to browse outta here.

Here's his playthrough of Shadow's stage, based on Sonic Adventure 2's Final Chase. It appears to be using a modified form of the Sonic Frontiers engine (or at the very least, leaning on its game mechanics), adapted to better suit the platforming nuances of earlier 3D Sonic games. We can see some opportunities for branching paths, as well as a demonstration of one of the new Doom Powers that can manipulate the environment.

Overall, the footage offers a very good impression of the Shadow segment of Sonic X Shadow Generations, and community response has been overwhelmingly positive based on the cinematics, potential routes, control scheme and length of play.

Another recording shows a boss fight, namely the iconic Biolizard battle from Sonic Adventure 2. While GamesCage notes that it's "not as memorable as crazy Titans" from Sonic Frontiers, this seasoned old fan would beg to differ and say that it's very refreshing to see a standardised non-Super Sonic boss fight with structure again. Even if it is because it's cribbing from a 23-year-old game!

Some other highlights from other areas of the demo GamesCage managed to record included confirmed specialised animations for completing the stage (which doesn't sound very exciting but remember that these were non-existent in Sonic Frontiers) and a lack of lives in the Sonic Generations portion of the product. That last video also appears to be proof of Sonic Frontiers control mechanics being implemented in Sonic Generations, which you can discuss in our news topic here.

What do you think of the game after having seen these demos? I know a lot of people are now going to try and take their cameras and record everything from the show floor at Gamescom now - the rules have changed SEGA, you can't stop us now! :crump:

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Watched it ASAP lol. Looks amazing

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Damn, this looks so good! And, Games Cage?! The guy Sonic roasted?! :chuckle:I freakin' adore Shadow the Hedgehog.

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