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Sonic Dream Team Getting Its Third Content Update on June 12


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Apple Arcade fans, get ready for some more Sonic platforming action, as a third content update is heading to Sonic Dream Team in just a few days time.

In a blog post on its 'Newsroom' portal, Apple itself made a brief mention of the new content being lined up for the game. It appears to include two new Acts for the Sweet Dreams stage, along with a post-game mission titled "Bittersweet Way", built for 'experts only'. 


On June 12, players can complete their journey through Sweet Dreams with two new acts. Players who collect all dream orbs and moons can also try out Bittersweet Way, a special new endgame “experts only” mission.

No further details have been made available, but we will only need to wait a couple days to find out for ourselves. Presumably this will be the final content update for the game, as SEGA revealed back in February that there would be a trio of updates. Hopefully the response to this has encouraged SEGA and HARDlight to develop a follow-up. 

Sonic News Tips Credit:
Shiny Gems
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Yep, this time on June 12th! Another Sonic Dream Team update is coming! With what will be in this update, I am sure it could be good when it releases. I have not played this game, but I have meant to try it out sometime. Anyways, I hope you are all ready for this update.

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