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What were some misconceptions you had about Sonic?


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As far as canonicity though, I thought the Adventure games were spin off titles or some type of continuation like Mega Man X.

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I thought the English voice recast was in Sonic Heroes. And to this day I have to keep reminding myself these are actually the same voices.

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Before I got into this series, I had a pretty warped view of all the characters from hearing people hate on Sonic through the years.

Some examples:

  • Sonic isn't actually cool, just a show-off and kind of a jerk
  • Sonic often bullies Tails
  • Sonic and Shadow hate each other + Shadow's goal is to kill Sonic
  • Shadow's edgy and is always angry/hates everyone for no reason
  • Amy is Sonic's girlfriend and has no personality beyond that
  • Knuckles is an idiot tough guy
  • Rouge is there for sex appeal and has no personality beyond that

Then I played TMOSTH and all of this was shattered. Thank Gaia for that :P

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The fanbase is unified and positive in the face of new game releases!

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When I first saw Silver and heard he was psychic, I assumed he would be a wise elder, perhaps mentor to Sonic.

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Because in Sonic Lost World, and other games, Sonic would call Eggman's robots "toys". But I also thought Tails was a girl at the time, so I had this dumb theory that Eggman was Sonic and Tails' son.

Nower days I kinda think it's a bit... alien for a concept, one that kinda makes me think, "WTF", but yet I also find it kinda funny.

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On 3/13/2024 at 5:01 PM, Wittymations said:

That I would like this franchise forever.

It's more like Stockholm Syndrome for me at this point.

Even with the movies, Frontiers, and IDW?

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I used to think Sonic fans could actually agree on something and like the same thing. *Shot*

But on a serious note, I was a pretty nerdy kid who liked to know everything I could about the things I liked, so I guess I didn't have TOO many misconceptions. It's more things I don't remember well/accurately anymore, or didn't care about since it didn't come from the games. I basically have next to no knowledge on any of the comics, for example...

I guess one that could could count that I once thought that Rouge would actually get together with Knuckles based on how SA2 ended, but over time I've realized that this series will basically never commit to any pairings officially in the games, only hint at them heavily from time to time. Honestly for the best, these days I feel like Shadow would legitimately pair better with Rouge and that Knuckles is more of a loner than Shadow's made out to be, but that's neither here nor there (and it's subjective anyways).

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