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Sonic Superstars Has Already Been Modded, With Sonic Rush Models


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Sonic Superstars has only been available for a few days, yet it has already become the focus of some interesting community creations. One particularly enterprising fan has shared a mod that replaces Sonic with his stylish model from Sonic Rush.

The mod, developed by 'BeatzYT3' and posted on social media, is very much a work in progress but already includes a number of Rush features such as boost and mid-air tricks.

"Have more Rush Sonker, He has a boost, falling and rising states (So you don't run in air), and an entire custom Hud, still heavily WIP," BeatzYT3 wrote.

Another video was posted to prove the existence of the trick system, complete with audio samples as well.

"There's still a lot left to do for Rush, but gonna make a full act video soon as a preview," they added.

With the Sonic Hacking Contest 2023 right around the corner, the reveal of this mod is perfectly timed. And there's a lot of love for the Nintendo DS Classic Sonic Rush, so a mashup between this and Superstars will no doubt be a match made in fan heaven.

Keep an eye on BeatzYT3's channel for more updates.

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I feel like I should point out that Sonic Superstars is a Unity game. I'm not sure if it matters but it seemed to of opened up a shit ton of potential for mods like this.

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