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Sonic Fans Reanimate An Episode of Sonic SatAM in "Sonic the Hedgehog ReJuiced"


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To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the 1993 Sonic cartoon Sonic SatAM, a group of Sonic fans finally released a long in-production Sonic fan project, "Sonic the Hedgehog ReJuiced." It's a reanimation project, something that has become pretty popular on Youtube over the last several years, bringing together various animators to re-animate the episode in their own styles. 

Being a reanimation project, the animation runs the spectrum in mediums, styles, and tones. You've got everything from traditional 2D, to CG, to claymation, and scenes ranging from faithful recreations to ones that put a Pooh bear head on Robotnik or briefly depicts Princess Sally as a giant fly. Anyone who's seen a a reanimation project before should know what to expect!

The project reanimates one of the better Sonic SatAM season 1 episodes, "Sonic Racer," which sees Dr. Robotnik attempting to lure Sonic into a trap by challenging him to race one of his robots, which Sonic accepts in order to distract him while the Freedom Fighters go after his back up power generator. 

ReJuiced also has a brand new opening song instead of "Fastest Thing Alive," by MichaelKTV. You can watch it below:

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Overall super well animated. Although... am I the only one who gets irritated by all the memey animation in these? It's really jarring when in the middle of a serious scene, Sally's eyes drift in opposite directions for no reason. It's painfully unfunny imo.

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