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StarDrop Announces 'Sonic and the Moon Facility' Fan Game Sequel

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This topic was good and got turned into StarDrop Announces 'Sonic and the Moon Facility' Fan Game Sequel at some point.

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The developer behind the incredibly stylish 2022 fan game Sonic and the Fallen Star has surprise-announced a brand new follow-up titled Sonic and the Moon Facility.

StarDrop released the reveal trailer earlier this week, featuring the same kind of aesthetics and high-speed action as its community-acclaimed predecessor. Sonic and Tails are seen as playable characters, darting across fantastically-colourful worlds and taking advantage of gimmicks such as flying flowers, travelator walls and bubble shields among other things.

During a Q&A on social media, the developers and artists behind the new project said that work began on 'Moon Facility' back in January 2022, "when Fallen Star was pretty much complete". It will release with eight zones, complete with cutscenes for zone transitions, and a multiplayer mode is planned this time around - along with a more balanced difficulty curve compared to the last game. Bosses will have a greater design focus - and we can see some of that in the trailer above, with movement and attack patterns teased.

"Tone wise, music wise etc it's Classic Sonic meets Mega Man Zero 3," the developers said. "In comparison to Fallen Star, imagine Raspberry River but more polished and it's every level instead of just one." Each stage will have "very distinct themes, generally a bit more mechanical/urban than the more naturalistic environments in Fallen Star," with background info for each Zone included in the pause menu for those that like to read.


Those holding out for a demo anytime soon will be disappointed, as the game will seemingly not be present at SAGE this year. "We won't be doing a demo for Moon Facility since Fallen Star is already out and a great way to get feedback, so there's no real point," the developers admitted. "That's why we were at F3 instead of SAGE."

It's looking really lovely, and we can't wait to see more! We'll keep you updated on this promising fan game when we learn more!

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Honestly more excited for this than I am for Superstars. Fallen Stars was an easy top-10 Sonic game for me, whether official or fanmade.

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I really played Sonic fallen stars and it's really amazing, I can't wait to see if the sequel will surely be much better than its predecessor 👍

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"Classic Sonic meets Megaman Zero 3"

That was all I needed to hear!

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I finally finished Fallen Star and got the good ending; cannot wait to play this game AND it has multiplayer?!?!? I can already tell this game is gonna be FIRE!:together:

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