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SAGE 2023 Trailer Gives Us A Sneak Peak Of What’s To Come


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SAGE 2023, the Sonic community’s annual fan game expo, will soon be upon us, and they’ve released a nearly 30 minute trailer to give us an idea of what to expect.

And we have…a lot to expect! In addition to the numerous Sonic fan games, the expo is also playing host to its usual assortment of awesome looking original titles, plus a variety of fan games for other franchises, including…NiGHTS into Dreams!

SAGE will start on September 1st, and run through the 8th. As usual, we will be providing coverage of some of what’s there.

Check out the trailer below:


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Not gonna lie, my favorite things about this are the Tails Adventure and McDonalds Sonic LCD game remakes.

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I saw the old UNIX Window Maker in there at one point and despite it being from well before my time it absolutely got a giggle out of me.

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If you only play one of these, I highly recommend Mushroom Kingdom Fusion. The game is utterly massive and the short clip in the trailer doesn't really do it justice.

Mario, Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Classic Mario, Classic Luigi, Sonic, Tails, Arthur, Roll, Proto Man, Mega Man, Vile, Zero, Link, Simon Belmont and Ryu Hayabusa are all playable in the current build, with Samus being recently announced to be added in the next version. The game also supports skining so you can say replace the Classic Sonic design with his Modern design or swap out Simon for Richter. (there is also a database with premade skins on their site)

10 worlds in total (though only 9 are in the current build and 8 of those 9 are complete) each focused on different video games and while you do have to unlock access to them via secret exits in the Mushroom Kingdom, (W1) the worlds can be completed in any order. (Its even recommended you do what fancies you instead going world by world due to sheer length of the game) The Sonic and SEGA themed world, Isle of Genesis, for instance is the second other world you have access to despite being W7.

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