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"Trivia Madness Zone", Sonic Trivia Night! - [October 20th, 6pm-9:30pm 2023]

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Valid point! My timezones is EST, I'll put down a few conversions here for ease:

  • CDT/CST: 5pm
  • CET: 11pm
  • ADT: 8pm
  • BRST: 7pm

Any other conversions can be made by others if they must!

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11 hours ago, Solister said:

Sounds interesting! Is the time converted to each respective timezone? Or is 7:00 p.m. somewhere else?

All calendar events -should- automatically convert to the local timezone set on your Sonic Stadium account, by default. :ok: It's showing up as 11pm for me, as I'm in the UK, but the actual event settings I can see are set to 6pm in Timezone "America/New York". So I think whatever it says on the event card there should be the right time for you - but the time conversions by @Blazermaze00can also work!

Anyway, this is great to see - I love it when community members proactively want to set things up like this. I'm all for it - thanks for organising @Blazermaze00!

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The date for the event has been pushed to next week, Friday the 22nd, due to a few personal matters that have to be taken care of before I can finish with preparations. Starting and ending times will remain the same!

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Unfortunately due to unforeseen problems regarding my equipment, I will have to push back the event to an estimated date in October.
I have been using my headset for a few months, they've decided to give out on me when I have no extra funds to replace them. Until I can replace them I have no way of speaking during the stream to properly direct the event. I apologize for all the delays, but I still hope to see you all join in when we finally get this show on the road! 

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  • Blazermaze00 changed the title to "Trivia Madness Zone", Sonic Trivia Night! - [October 20th, 6pm-9:30pm 2023]

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