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Sonic Prime Season 2 Review - IGN (Possible Spoilers)


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Prime is at its most entertaining when it focuses on Sonic’s need to grow up. His inability to think before acting causes all sorts of trouble, a sentiment made readily apparent thanks to Ian Hanlin’s bullish performance as Shadow the Hedgehog. Always judgmental, he doesn’t hold back his disdain for his blue counterpart’s haphazard fighting methods. Most of his complaints are warranted, though. It’s his superiority complex that makes him a lousy frenemy at times; Shadow is almost compelled to remind Sonic that Dr. Eggman isn’t the only person responsible for their dire state of affairs. Hanlin is convincing in this role, his voice carrying a sense of confidence that can violently shift into arrogance at the drop of a dime. It’s unfortunate that he isn’t given as much screen time as the other main characters.

As Sonic, Deven Mack not only showcases the charming attributes that fans are familiar with, but also the aspects that aren’t always associated with this character. Anger, sadness, regret – all result in a more well-rounded and relatable hero. Meanwhile, Shannon Chan-Kent, Adam Nurada, and Ashleigh Ball are still great as Amy Rose, Knuckles, and Tails respectively, and even more so in this season as they are able to play off of their various counterparts (whom they also voice) meeting one another for the first time. The differing voices of Black and Rusty Rose, for example, stand out more when they’re sharing a scene. The same can be said of Brian Drummond and Vincent Tong regarding their takes on various members of the Chaos Council.

That's a great Review by IGN I'm so looking forward to the second season coming up Sonic Prime season 2 debuts July 13 on Netflix.

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5 hours ago, sonicclaasic said:

It’s unfortunate that he isn’t given as much screen time as the other main characters.

That's disappointing :( The trailer and synopsis makes it sound like Shadow was getting a bigger role. 

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