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Sonic Superstars: Fall 2023 - PS, Xbox, PC, Switch

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Announced during Summer Games Fest, a brand new 2D Sonic game named Sonic Superstars is incoming featuring 3D visuals, playable Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy, brand new co-op modes, new bosses, a return for Nack the Weasel and much more! 

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Holy fucking shit, what the????

How did it not leaked? Or is this  supposed to be the infamous "Sonic 5" that was rumoured a while back?


Gotta say, it looks pretty alright. Like really cool and colorful, the zones feel more original than usual, the models look great in motion.

This is kinda like the alternate reality where we got a 2D classic game using the Generations aesthetics instead of Lost World.


I.. I'm.. kinda of excited!

But as usual I beg the question, SEGA:




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24 minutes ago, StaticMania said:

This looks pretty cool...

Is this the new SONIC 5?

Because it didn't say Sonic 5 in the trailer.

It’s also not made in the Retro Engine. Could this be that Unreal Engine Game they were hiring for?

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Visually this looks really good, if we get more 2D Classic games in this style I'm not opposed at all. It's pretty much NSMB and I'm surprised it took them this long to attempt it. Optimistic for more gameplay.

But I wonder who's making this, no ST logo. New in house team?

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On one hand, WOW! Came outta nowhere!

On the other those graphics look like they were made in the Hedgehog Engine, which suggests it's going to run like trash on integrated PC graphics again.

EDIT: Okay, that was a bit salty for this early stage. I'm still fuming over Sonic Origins, it seems. Ignore my previous point, let's just keep rolling with the good vibes.

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