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This topic was good and got turned into Sonic Mega Collection and Sonic Advance 2 Announced! at some point.

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Hold on to your butts - SEGA has announced not only a sequel to Sonic Advance on the Game Boy Advance, but also a special compilation of classic Sonic games on Gamecube called 'Sonic Mega Collection'!

The news comes in a triple-blast of reveals as Sonic Team decided to unleash a whole bunch of games at once. All for Nintendo platforms, the SEGA studio also announced that a form of Sonic Adventure is also coming to Gamecube. So that's three games!

Full details are scarce right now, so we don't know what kind of games will be included in Sonic Mega Collection, nor do we know whether 'Sonic Adventure' will be a port or a brand new game (although if it was the former, given Sonic Adventure 2 is already on Gamecube it makes sense that this will be the original Dreamcast title).

No media or anything on Sonic Advance 2 either, although we suspect this is coming soon. According to SEGA's website, more will be shared on these games at the next World Hobby Fair in Japan on Saturday July 13th and Sunday July 14th.

The reveals were reported on by Gaming Age, which writes:


Nintendo seems to be the company of choice for Sonic Team's blue hedgehog hero; Sega has announced titles spinning the critter onto the hardware maker's platforms. Sonic Adventure (the original) and Sonic Mega Collection are headed to the GameCube and Sonic Advance 2 for the Game Boy Advance.

Japan will be receiving Sonic Mega Collection and Sonic Advance 2 at the end of the year, while Sonic Adventure does not yet have a release date. The contents of the proposed collection or what types of upgrades we can expect from the Sonic Adventure port have not yet been announced, nor has any prospective US releases.

Get excited, 3 more Sonic games! Keep visiting The Sonic Stadium for more news.

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