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Community Interview: SoaH Webmaster Neon Chaos

Andrew P
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For today's Community Interview, we've put the spotlight on a fellow Sonic website administrator! Dennis Spielman, aka Neon Chaos, is the webmaster of a great fansite called Shadow of a Hedgehog, and has made a big name for himself in the Sonic community with an impressive downloads section.

Warning: Sonic Adventure 2 Spoilers inside.


TSS: Andrew here, and I'm with Neon Chaos (aka Dennis Spielman), another great person in the Sonic internet Community. Thanks for joining me, Neon.

NC: Moo.

TSS: Why are you popular in the Sonic Community?

NC: I've always believed that I was popular in the community because of my downloads. Everyone wants my downloads. I've also been around for a while, so I've gotten to know some people pretty well.

TSS: Those are the downloads on your website, Shadow of a Hedgehog (SoaH). When did you first start this excellent Sonic fansite?

NC: SoaH was grown out from my previous fansites. My first major Sonic site was called the 'Total Neon Network', which opened up on December 31, 1999 (New Year's Eve). I've had some rough times, but I'm on a good foot now.

TSS: Your website sure has grown into a top Sonic site. What got you into the internet scene?

NC: Chickens. ... No, actually I went to this camp where I heard stuff about making web sites. I started out making a personal site that just had a bunch of stuff I liked on it.

TSS: Haven't we all? How long have you loved Sonic The Hedgehog?

NC: Since Sonic 2 came out.

TSS: What got you into that blue blur?

NC: Speed, speed, and more speed! Yeah, the speed rules. I love fast games.

TSS: Are you interested in other Sonic universes besides the games? Perhaps SaTAM, or AoSTH, or Anime?

NC: Right now, I'm into SA verse because of its storyline and attitude.

TSS: Since this site also has Sonic Team info, what other Sonic Team games are you into?

NC: Burning Rangers! I love that game! I so want to see a BR2 on the Gamecube.

TSS: Didn't you think BR got no respect since it came out around Saturn's death?

NC: Yes, but like they say, the last game on a system is usually the best.

TSS: What do you think of Sonic switching to other game systems as Sega drops its game system making?

NC: Well, it's either that or have him die. I'm for it.

TSS: That's what I said. Would you want Sonic on the Gamecube? What about on every game system?

NC: The more the better. That way more people will be exposed to the coolness that is Sonic.

TSS: I've been thinking about it and was wondering what game type should Sonic be in next? What do you think?

NC: I think an RPG might be fun, but it wouldn't have that Sonic "speed".

TSS: What would you like to see in Sonic Adventure 3 - if and when it comes out?

NC: 4-Player battle modes, lots of speed, Tails NOT in a machine, better voices, lots of hard stages, no hunting, and Robotnik playable again (still as a bad guy).

TSS: What about the storyline? I thought the story in Sonic Adventure 2 wasn't as good as SA1. What you think?

NC: It had its ups and downs. The Sonic Team was trying something new and it didn't go as smooth as it should. I did like the fact that Robotnik's evil was more on the entire world. I'm glad that Shadow died cause it would've been really odd to have him in SA3. It also seemed like Robotnik was "nice" at the end. I hope he stays evil.

TSS: Don't you think Shadow was too much like Sonic? He's a hedgehog, looks alike, is fast, most likely the same as a hero when he gets his redemption at the end?

NC: Pretty much, but he's more deep than Sonic. We actually know about his past (in the game). Though I believe Shadow is slow without his shoes. I so want his shoes. 🙂

TSS: I'd rather stick with my Scorchers. What do you think of the new 2D Sonic game coming out soon, Sonic Advance?

NC: I'm looking forward to it. I'm glad that it's not just a cheap remake. I wish a Gamecube version would be made.

TSS: Well wouldn't that be like a SA3?

NC: Not really, but it still would be fun.

TSS: What classic Sonic game would you like to be remade though?

NC: Sonic 3 and Knuckles. That would be fun to play in 3D.

TSS: Didn't you think Green Hill Zone in SA2 looked rushed?

NC: It was pretty good, but the camera should've been like normal and not trying to give it a 2D feel.

TSS: Have you been collecting any of the comics, perhaps Archie or Fleetway?

NC: I used to get the Archie comes, but money became an issue and just couldn't get them any more.

TSS: What issue did you stop at and will you start collecting again?

NC: I think it was somewhere after the End Game series. Then I started to get them when they did the SA specials and then stopped. I may start getting them when I have the money.

TSS: What do you think of the comics and how can they improve if they need to from past issues?

NC: They're doing pretty good, from what I know. I think they're just sort of trying some new things out because they got low on ideas. It's hard to keep ideas going for a series, and I know this personally with my stories (not releated to Sonic).

TSS: Thanks Neon Chaos for the excellent interview, keep up the good work on Shadow of a Hedgehog. For our readers interested in visiting, head to Neon Chaos' website here for some really cool downloads.

NC: Thank you for having me.

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