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F4F Tails Statue Now Available for Pre-Order


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That Tails statue First4Figures revealed last week is now officially up for pre-order, with a special “Early Bird” discount that will run from today through April 16.

The available models, as well as the early bird and regular pricing, are listed below:


The base model without any bells or whistles, priced at $475/$500.


The Exclusive Edition. Gives Tails second hand with a wrench that can be switched out, and the base glows. Priced at $480/$510.


The Definitive Edition. Adds three wisps to the exclusive edition version. Priced at $535/$570.

The statues can be pre-ordered here.

The pre-order pages also have a lot of photos of the Tails statue. You can catch them all at the pre-order link, but we’ve got a gallery with images of all three statues below:

f4f-tails1.jpeg f4f-tails2.jpeg f4f-tails3.jpeg f4f-tails4.jpeg f4f-tails5.jpeg f4f-tails6.jpeg f4f-tails7.jpeg f4f-tails8.jpeg f4f-tails9.jpeg f4f-tails10.jpeg f4f-tails11.jpeg f4f-tails12.jpeg  

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