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Time to Get Spooky... It's the King Boom Boo Stadium!


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We love a good seasonal celebration here at the Sonic Stadium, and Halloween has traditionally been a time where we've gone all-out on the site decorations year in, year out. Now that we have our amazing new community site design in place, we've taken the opportunity to bring back and reinvent a classic skin for 2022 - Boom Boo!

2022-10-07 - SSMB Theme - Boom Boo Light.jpg

We've finally deployed the deep orange colour scheme on the Sonic Stadium! The light theme is as you'd expect, very airy with a hint of 'pumpkin' that will make you feel ready for the Autumn/Fall/Whatever You Want To Call It.

2022-10-07 - SSMB Theme - Boom Boo Dark.jpg

And just like our other character themes, Boom Boo has a dark mode as well, so if you are browsing the Sonic Stadium in the evening you won't have your retinas burned out. Be careful though, there are a lot of spooky ghosts hanging around that header banner...

Because this is a seasonal theme, Boom Boo will temporarily replace 'Stadium' as the default theme for guests, and anyone who has not selected a character theme for their account. Once Halloween passes, the theme will go back into the vault until next year - so enjoy it while you can!

We've also made a very slight tweak to the site navigation while we've been working on this theme. The usual 'SSMB/Forum' button has been renamed to 'Social' to better reflect the many ways you can connect with fellow Sonic fans on the Sonic Stadium (via Clubs, the Events Calendar, Status Updates and more). Clicking the 'Social' button itself will direct you to a new (for some of you) part of the site which offers an activity timeline of all posts and comments made on the site.

We think this will be a useful destination for a lot of you, if you've just logged in to your account and want to know what the current happenings are across the site.

Let us know what you think of the Boom Boo theme, and enjoy!

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