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Do you think there would be any other Sonic-related movies disconnected from the 3?


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Many people have wanted their favourite Sonic games (or other STH media) to have movie adaptions. Like for example Sonic Unleashed before the Sonic movies were announced. But what after? Would there be any other Sonic Movies unconnected to the Sonic Movie 1 and 2? 

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You can’t even abbreviate Sonic to just STH anymore. I was thinking what media exists for Shadow the Hedgehog?


(2005 on PS2)


That being said, a Shadow movie could be marketed well.

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Another movie as in something separate from the universe Paramount is building up?

I think its really only a matter of time. I seriously doubt we'll get anything on the theatrical side of production until the current series has run its course, but just looking at all the simultaneous streams that Sonic is running in these days makes it not too much of a stretch to see someone else throw their hat into the ring in making a movie length feature. Something along the lines of the OVA.


Sega knows how well their short animations have been received within the community (didn't the Colors one just win an award?) and they have been ramping those up with each release. Between either Hesse or Marza, one of the two would probably be dropping another "Night of the Werehog" Length feature for Frontiers. If those continue to be positively received, one of those two might be the prime choice to try something a bit longer.

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I think it's reasonable to say Fowler's Sonic won't be the only movie Sonic long-term.
Sonic, being a iconic, long running character, is likely gonna have a ton of movies attached to his name in the far future that will likely have nothing to do with Fowler's incarnation. Just like Spider-Man, Batman, TMNT and many other iconic characters.  Hell, Sonic already has a history of having several different comics and cartoons that are all different from each other. I doubt the movies are gonna be exempt from that. Now granted, I'm not saying Paramount is gonna kickstart another film series starring Sonic while the current film series is running or what not, but I do think different film portrayals on Sonic outside of Fowler's is inevitable.


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