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SEGA Superstars Character Models Have Been Extracted After 17 Years


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Community modder 'Bluwolfboy' has shared a number of new models that have been extracted from the PS2 EyeToy game SEGA Superstars. The models themselves will be released later today, according to the dataminer, but in the meantime they have posted some images of Sonic, Shadow (both in regular and Super forms) as well as Billy Hatcher.


Sonic + Bones


Sonic Without Bones




Super Shadow


Super Sonic


Billy Hatcher

Neat, huh? SEGA Superstars was a game that Sonic Team developed exclusively for the PlayStation 2 in 2004 that took advantage of the EyeToy peripheral. It featured multiple motion-based minigames starring mascots from a range of SEGA series from NiGHTS to Virtua Fighter, Crazy Taxi to ChuChu Rocket and more.

Sonic's minigame focused entirely on the special stages found in Sonic Heroes, where players had to use their arms and body to guide him through the levels in order to obtain Chaos Emeralds. It was a lot of fun, if not a little bit knackering!

What do you think of these models, and how do you think they compare to 3D Sonic character models before (or since)? Will update this thread when the models themselves are released to the world.

Source: Bluwolfboy Twitter

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Came out the same year as Heroes yet the models look twice as good, that's pretty funny 

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8 hours ago, Soniman said:

Came out the same year as Heroes yet the models look twice as good, that's pretty funny 

I think that's at least partly down to the fact this game (essentially a minigame collection for a gimmicky peripheral) was far less resource intensive than Sonic Heroes and could afford the extra polygons.

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Looks like more character models have been extracted, and there's a download link for everyone to grab them now as well:


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