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Ian Flynn's Bumblekast Q&A Thread


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Something I've thought about on and off but never really bothered committing to was that it'd be nice to have a central hub discussing Ian Flynn's podcast, the Bumblekast. There's always tidbits and some information that gets out regarding the creation of the comics, his thoughts on them, and it's where we hear about supposed restrictions. This stuff comes up in the comic threads a lot but it gets lost easily, so I figured I'd do something about it.

Bear in mind, I don't really listen to it that much and just get the summaries/timestamps from you guys anyway, so I'm probably not the best person to create the thread, but I'll at least offer to give listeners of the show a space to discuss it and I can try to (at least for a while) make bookmarks of info/new episodes for people to see here. And if something needs to be added to the listing, feel free to ping me here and I'll add it when I can.

There's also a link to a huge masterlist of previously asked questions that will also be good reference for Archie/IDW discussion.

Q&A Summary links:

- December 2020 summaries, by DaBigRG

- January 2021 summaries, by DaBigRG

- August 23, 2021, by Wraith.

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Didn't have anything going on so I decided to do some notes for the latest episode. It was kinda fun so I might make a habit of it.

On potential "Megaman" and "Metroid" series:
-He's currently not interested in returning to Classic Megaman unless he can pick up where he left off. Would be open to the other series(X, ZX, Legends etc)
-Metroid pitches were made in the Archie days but rejected. He thinks the story needs to be long form and visual driven to convey a sense of loneliness, which makes adapting it to regular 20 page comic format complicated. Would thrive in a graphic novel format.
On Sticks visiting the modern canon:
-Sticks would be very unnerved by the modern human world as presented in the games/X
-Sticks is still a "not now." not a no.
On working with IDW:
-IDW is very pleasant to work, gives good feedback.
-The editors liked the metal virus pitch and were particularly interested in the Tangle beat.
Idris Elba as Knuckles.
-Ian thinks Idris Elba is a good choice, but is disappointed that the crew from the games wasn't given a shot for the films
Rejected arc pitches.
-Infamously, House of Cards was planned as four issues but shortened into 2.
-Shadowfall was rejected initially because Mephilies and Black Doom were off-limits. Eclipse came from them reworking the pitch and Ian thinks this was for the better.
Which poorly received Sonic story would you like to adapt/rework?
-Out of the poorly received Sonic games, he's most interested in adapting/rewriting Shadow the Hedgehog.
-On 06: let it rot, do something new.
Is Emerl off limits?
-Emerl isn't necessarily off limits, but Sega isn't wild about them referencing old game material.
What was it like writing for Sonic Boom/Sonic X?
-Enjoyed writing for Boom/X.
-Sonic X was more challenging because they were obligated to stick to the canon, but the slice of life angle proved to be really freeing.
-Boom was "Anything goes."
-El Grand Gordo's name was originally El Grand Huevo but it could be misinterpreted as slang for...-cough-. Testicles.
On Ken Penders's latest offer to license out his characters
-Ken Penders's characters are not likely to appear because he'd probably like some say on how they're portrayed. It'd also complicate the process and create additional costs for little to no benefit.
-They can just create new characters that can fill those exact roles without any legal/financial troubles.
-SATAM characters are still owned by sega but they're shying away from referencing old material for now.
The Encyclospeedia
-The Encyclospeedia was "Exhausting" but fun. One game is not in the book because of legal reasons. It is NOT Sonic Chronicles. Sonic Chronicles is included in the Encyclospeedia.
-SOJ has also changed at least one character's name? We'll find out about this soon?
06 vs Rise of Lyric
-Ian considers rise of lyric better than 06, would replay ROL in a heartbeat.
What would it Ian cost to write fanfiction to my OCs?
-Shoot him an email.(This is a joke. This might cause an issue so he can't actually take you up on this.)
On game assets/locations.
-No locales are off limits
-Item bubbles/monitors can't be referenced. They are just a game mechanics and don't exist in Sonic's world.
-There are only really restrictions on characters, but Ian thinks this is not necessarily a bad thing because it's a good curb against cast bloat.
Can Belle turn into a real girl ala Pinnocio?
-No. There's no real way to shift reality in Sonic. The closest thing is chaos control and it doesn't have that kind of power.
-Realistically you could justify it if the story calls for it but he doesn't see it happening. Belle is fine the way she is.
What if Tangle and Whisper were robot masters? What weapons would Megaman get from defeating them?
-Tangle is pretty straightforward.
-Whisper would grant you like 5 different weapons.
-Jewel would grant Megaman bug wings.
-Sticks-woman would revert him into a human being.
How can Angel Island float if the Master Emerald has no special properties?
-No answer from Sega on this.
What is the most rewarding part of the work that you do?
-Meeting young Sonic fans and their parents at conventions.
-Consistent thread of kids who struggle with reading improving because of the comic!
-Seeing fans celebrate their favorite moments from past stories
Why did Claire tell Whisper to hang back before the Shadow Android ambush?
-She was suspicions of Mimic sending them all in and wanted Whisper to watch the situation from a distance. She didn't know anything for certain.
Since Sonic will never commit to a relationship to Amy, should Amy move on from him?
-Ian is open to any conflict resolution(Sonic settling down with Amy, Amy moving on etc)
-Shies away from making that decision himself because of how "passionate" Amy fans are.
-Either way it's up to Sega. He prefers it this way so he can just point the mob toward them(lol)
Sonic Chronicles still isn't canon
Why didn't Silver teleport the metal virus into the sun?
-The sun is too far. Chaos control doesn't normally reach that far. SA2 and Shadow the Hedgehog's examples of chaos control only sent large objects a very short distance. They decided to stick to that with the Warp Topaz getting the virus a little further than they would have otherwise.
Are Sonic game crossovers canon?
-No,  because "I don't want to deal with that"
-All stars Racing adaptation was "another time and place".
Is Nite the Owl based on KyleJCrb(Ian's cohost)?
- Kyle is flattered, but no.
-He's based on Clint Mcelroy as we've heard previously
On what Sonic's feet smell like in IDW(?)



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32 minutes ago, Wraith said:

One game is not in the book because of legal reasons.

Well if it's not Sonic Chronicles I'm gonna assume a really old obscure title but I don't have any strong guesses unless it's Sonic 3 lol

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How come SEGA doesn't want to delve into older source materials at the moment?  Is this the reason why Shadow was written the way he is because SEGA didn't want to bring up his tragic backstory involving Maria and his relationship with Team Dark?

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3 minutes ago, Rabbitearsblog said:

How come SEGA doesn't want to delve into older source materials at the moment?

They didn't elaborate but it seems like they're just trying to keep the book simple for newcomers.

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6 minutes ago, Rabbitearsblog said:

How come SEGA doesn't want to delve into older source materials at the moment?  Is this the reason why Shadow was written the way he is because SEGA didn't want to bring up his tragic backstory involving Maria and his relationship with Team Dark?

I think this is the thing with the backstory, it's too sad, I wouldn't mind them letting it go in some way, Maria mostly, but for better or for worse it's what makes the character Shadow. I don't think Maria was ever mentioned in IDW, only vaguely the SA2 situation which Sonic blames on Shadow too. It's foggy on SEGA's part. They obviously don't care about lore and continuity, or making characters stay intact, but rather they want to make characters seem cool, fresh, relevant and appealing to the audience, so they insist with their current idea of a character and what they believe it is.

Sorry, mini-rant. Although it must not be easy to deal with keeping a 30 years old franchise appealing and relevant.

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56 minutes ago, Wraith said:

The Encyclospeedia
-The Encyclospeedia was "Exhausting" but fun. One game is not in the book because of legal reasons. It is NOT Sonic Chronicles. Sonic Chronicles is included in the Encyclospeedia.
-SOJ has also changed at least one character's name? We'll find out about this soon?

This one almost floored me when I heard it. What legal issues could be keeping this mystery game from being in the book if Sonic Chronicles made it in? The answer probably won't be anything I have much attatchment to but it's so weird.

You know Penders is going to have opinions about that, despite not even knowing how much relevance it would have. It might honestly just be on a list and that's it.

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For what it's worth, I don't think there's much reason to revisit Emerl when Gemerl is there now.

With Shadow it's probably because they want things to be simple like Wraith said and most Sonic characters these days have had their development and became static almost immediately, Shadow included. It's just a weird attempt at making the series look "timeless" since they probably aren't growing the cast and want them to be used in any situation minus the baggage even if that baggage is relevant and shows up in random places officially anyway (see Sonic Channel).

Kinda sucks but I sorta get it from the perspective of newer fans even if as an old head I feel characters like Shadow don't put the best foot forward anymore. I actually imagine kids still find him cool because he's basically furry Vegeta now though.


The Master Emerald thing is dumb AF though and I don't know why basic things that are demonstrated in games is now treated like it doesn't matter. If it's just a dumb rock then take Knuckles off the island and get it over with.

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16 minutes ago, Zaysho said:

Kinda sucks but I sorta get it from the perspective of newer fans even if as an old head I feel characters like Shadow don't put the best foot forward anymore but I actually imagine kids still find him cool because he's basically furry Vegeta now.

I don't know where SEGA got the idea about making Shadow like Vegeta.  It seems like they are missing the point of Vegeta's whole character.  Didn't Vegeta developed as a character in Dragonball Z by learning that Goku was becoming stronger to protect his friends and family and Vegeta decided to take the same road?  If that's what SEGA intended for Shadow was for Shadow to start off arrogant, but eventually developed into a kinder character with a gruff personality, then I'm all for it.  I'm honestly not sure what SEGA really wants to do with Shadow's character at this point.

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His backstory and most of the old Shadow-focused lore has been de-emphisized because they don't want to make older games that might not even be in print required reading. It's clear going by Sonic Channel's comics/stories that they didn't delete it all, but it's not going to be spotlighted anytime soon. They tuned up his rough edges, but IMO Modern Sonic has always been a bit more about the characters's personality flaws than the previous era. I think they go overboard with Shadow sometimes but he's not being singled out.

What you see with Shadow now is what you're going to get. They're not interested in character development or a cohesive long form narrative. Just putting simple characters in interesting situations and seeing what interactions come from it.

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Which is unfortunate with this whole series in general. I am not saying back stories or whatnot need to be overly complicated, but I am not a fan of the oversimplification that has been occurring. Shadow is the most obvious case, but even characters like Tails have been made simplified into "smart kid sidekick" instead of "Smart kid sidekick, but wants to strive to be someone greater one day and wants to be able to handle his own without Sonic when he gets older, while steadily gaining independence". The latter really is not that complicated for a children's series either.

But I hope I am wrong. 

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2 hours ago, Wraith said:

-The Encyclospeedia was "Exhausting" but fun. One game is not in the book because of legal reasons. It is NOT Sonic Chronicles. Sonic Chronicles is included in the Encyclospeedia.

My guess would then be Mario & Sonic, except that's several games.

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Sega are adamant on capitalizing on the movie's success and gaining newer fans to the series; having an exhaustive lore and dynamic character development runs counter to that. It absolutely fucking sucks for older fans like us who would prefer something like that, and it's essentially Sega giving us the middle finger but I get it from a business perspective; series will always thrive more from casual audiences and parents buying their children the latest products than it will from older, hardcore fans. 

Hopefully one day things will shift so that both parties can be satisfied, but it is what it is right now. Sonic simply isn't for us as it is right now/ 

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1 hour ago, Kuzu said:

Sega are adamant on capitalizing on the movie's success and gaining newer fans to the series; having an exhaustive lore and dynamic character development runs counter to that. It absolutely fucking sucks for older fans like us who would prefer something like that, and it's essentially Sega giving us the middle finger but I get it from a business perspective; series will always thrive more from casual audiences and parents buying their children the latest products than it will from older, hardcore fans. 

Hopefully one day things will shift so that both parties can be satisfied, but it is what it is right now. Sonic simply isn't for us as it is right now/ 

To be honest, I don't mind SEGA making lots of changes to the franchise or just telling new stories for newer fans.  I'm just more concerned about the writing.  Even if the current stories don't match what we older fans loved about the franchise, as long as the newer stories are written well, then I can get on board with it.  The problem with the current changes to the franchise at the moment is that the writing has been suffering and SEGA doesn't seem to notice how some of their mandates, like making Shadow a one dimensional character, is actually making it harder to get these characters to jump to other media.

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Has he answered ant TMNT related questions in recent episodes? I don't listen to the podcast because I have bad Internet and worry about hour long videos but I still asked a question on Twitter awhile back asking if he's read Mirage TMNT and if so what is his favorite story from that series. 

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The movie has a bit of lore but it was really made well (the movie intro) and if they choose to follow that, I'm only happy.

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5 hours ago, SBR2 said:

Has he answered ant TMNT related questions in recent episodes? I don't listen to the podcast because I have bad Internet and worry about hour long videos but I still asked a question on Twitter awhile back asking if he's read Mirage TMNT and if so what is his favorite story from that series. 

I don't recall hearing anything like this in the past few episodes, but I don't watch them all and I don't always finish them.

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14 hours ago, SBR2 said:

Has he answered ant TMNT related questions in recent episodes? I don't listen to the podcast because I have bad Internet and worry about hour long videos but I still asked a question on Twitter awhile back asking if he's read Mirage TMNT and if so what is his favorite story from that series. 

Master list (linked in OP) doesn't appear to have anything regarding Mirage that I can see.

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As a upside to the unexpected shifting around, I suppose we now have a better place to post my own transcripts as I get caught up. I think I'll start by linking the ones I've already done when I get the chance to track them down.

EDIT: only meant to grab a few but ended up grabbing everything I saw. So if this looks like an unorganized messy cluster that's because it is. 😐


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1 hour ago, DabigRG said:

As a upside to the unexpected shifting around, I suppose we now have a better place to post my own transcripts as I get caught up. I think I'll start by linking the ones I've already done when I get the chance to track them down.


On 6/23/2019 at 6:43 PM, DabigRG said:

Currently listening to Bumblekast's Retrospective of Year One. Will report any interesting tidbits as they come.


  Reveal hidden contents


  • Master Overlord was intentionally meant to be streamlined due to how cluttered Metal Overlord looked
    • The placement of the Master Emerald was changed per SEGA's direction.
  • Finds writing Eggman again cathartic
  • Impressed with how people have taken to Starline
    • May not turn on Eggman [in Year Two] 
  • SEGA was fine with pretty much everything he came up with for Year Two, which he feared would have been too dark
  • Enjoyed the speculation and debate that's come with potential Virus victims
  • SEGA evidently won't let him write five years in advance [for some reason]



  Reveal hidden contents
  • Doesn't know official word on what happens after Mania
    • would guess is that Encore is more canon over Adventures
  • A little surprised people were upset by Mobini testing
  • Stuff about Nexus
  • New Multiverse stuff aside from Sonic Classic Blaze and possibly Little Planet is a maybe,
    • Doesn't see need for it in near future
    • Would prefer SEGA multiverse
  • Stuff about Scourge
  • Stuff about 30YL
  • There is something in IDW that will change due to fan reaction
  • Whisper can see
    • Actually knew someone like that--it was freaky
    • Capabilities of Whisper's mask will be touched on in Miniseries
    • Evan Stanley came up with Whisper's design beyond characterization and broad points

From Previous Episode

  Reveal hidden contents
  • Sonic "Losing what he cares about" is supposed to be a theme within the Zombot arc
  • Stuff about Emerald Spears




On 12/10/2019 at 2:49 PM, DabigRG said:

Listening to the Bumblekween episode of Bumblekast. Quite a number of things to take note of.

EDIT: Here we are(beware possible Lost Hedgehog Tales spoilers)

  Reveal hidden contents

⦁    Aleah Baker got into the Archie comic by coloring the offpanels and helping with character designs.
⦁    She kinda rudely went up to editor at a convention after a while of trying to get in and he said he was meaning to get back to her about an offer.  She then panicked, apologized, and ran away before being sent files a week or two later :lol: (not exactly how ian remembers it, but he rolls with it). 
⦁    The early offpanels she colored were sent in sets of four.
⦁    She generally strove to help design or redesign things at any opportunity. 
⦁    They generally tried to design and write characters by having some idea of where they are going so they weren't aimless or extraneous.
⦁    She helped switch up or redesign characters who had becoming too samey or inconsistent.
⦁    She had freer reign on characterization when she got to write compared to character designs.
⦁    She tried to have as many varied interactions as she can to avoid having exclusive assocations.
⦁    She wanted to write stronger relationships  due to how they were often informed or underdeveloped. As such, she didn't like having Cassia call Clove sis but editor wanted to be sure readers picked up on their relationship.
⦁    She generally approached her art in terms of what is most likely to be rejected by editor and would be easier for the art team to do. As such, she was told not to go too complex with color schemes and patterns.
⦁    The first time anything of hers made it in was Conquering Storm, whose redesign she sent as a rough sketch with bleached details for Tracy Yardely to clean up. Ian is responsible for Endless Reach("circle in a bathrobe"), as she was only one of his Brides not rejected by Mike Pellorito.
⦁    She had to stop eating lunch when she got to Mama Robotnik in bikini, which ended up being censored in the actual comic anyway.
⦁    There were quite a few Mighty redesigns when she did her take that editor really liked, while Ray's redesign was pretty much her's on the first go.
⦁    There were numerous redesigns of Safron  due to changing details: Paul Kaminski wanted to solidify her as being in theme with Charmy, hence a zipped up bomber jacket with either a purple flower or bee on back. She also had polka dots on her dress at one point.  
⦁    Safron's redesign was penciled into a Steven Butler backup story with Knuckles and Julie-Su  that got editted out at the last minute. There was supposed to be an in story reason for it, but Aleah jumped the gun and also included the flower pattern.
⦁    She actually contacted IDW editors Joe Hughes and Mariot  about coloring and the like, but started to develop a hard to diagnose condition similar to rheumatoid arthritis that included dactylitis as a symtom. She couldn't really move or do much for a year and half, including hike, swim , play many games, or attend convetions without quickly losing energy, so she informed them that she didn't feel comfortable taking a positon that she'd be unreliable meeting deadlines on.  
⦁    Ian wrote rough outline for Spark of Life that she overhauled, which included naming Ellidy and the flashback sequences. However, many things in the script didn't make the cut.
⦁    There was  flashback of Eliidy developed Nicole's AI that included her SatAM pilot appearance in the background.
⦁    The Digital World was intended to have a fluid weird look compared to Ellidys mainframe that was completely lost in the artwork. It would appeared populated with buildings and "beings" in the background as a tease for future stories. 
⦁    Rosie flashback had more flow originally with a lot of dialogue that was either cut or rearranged, making  it feel the disconnected.
⦁    Tails was always gonna be in, but Big wasn't.
⦁    Ellidy was meant to be someone who grew from low point to living a more positive life and was slated to show up in a later Ian arc.
⦁    Hershey old design is probably a bizzare file on some computer somewhere, she went through old files with Jon Gray that had names that were part nonsense, part very inappropriate language. 
⦁    She helped with Abyss's final look, as she thought Ian's concepts looked too similar to Nephthys and decided to butt in after his and Vin's numerous attempts. This meant  dozens of color schemes, from a base color pink with pale white highlights, to  teal and purple(which she admits tended to do despite not always). Abyss was also intially  much more physically imposing  before being made into a spritely smartass, which worked in variety among Egg Bosses.
⦁    Dive the Lemming was intentionally made pink-magenta because Vin Lovalo said Abyss couldn't be as villain.
⦁    The Aquatic Mobians were initially merpeople with fluke bodies, but Paul Kaminiski more Sonic standard body types for story versatility. Thus, they can breathe air, but get uncomfortable if out of water too long
⦁    Antoine's redesign once included form fitting pants that she didn't care for. He also had markings around his eyes and a differeny muzzle on an early cover, so the overall design was likely finalized very late.
⦁    She didn't like the idea Quake Woman as a love interest and so wasn't impreseed when people initially jumped to that conclusion.   
⦁    She submited some script ideas for Megaman but ultimately wasn't involved in much beyond the one off Knuckles vs Breakman Battle Book. She jumped at the opportunity since they were literally just 7 page fights with a set winner and thus weren't meant ot be deep or dramatic.
⦁    Clove and Cassia were created to help worldbuild with sympathetic Egg Bosses for Paul Kaminiski and were made sisters because she peronally wanted to write that dynamic. They were initially Badgers, but she fortuitously she deicded against in favor of some kind of deer and she discovered Pronghorns(2nd fastest land), which   don't know how she never heard of before.
⦁    Clove likes books, collecting flowers, and colleting flowers in books.
⦁    She knew their Backstory was never really set in stone  or approved, they were raised in a somewhat nomadic society with relatively low technology by their parents Piper and Sage(whom there were rough Pen doodles of).  Their father Sage was nomadic and would occasionally take one with him on his trips to see nice things like books games.  Their mother Piper was some kind of councilor/leader in their society who gradually sickened from similar disease as Cassia and passed away.  Afterwards, Sage left to look for some cure or insight that might help Cassia and never came back.  As a result, the two werwe left on their own and Clove had to look after her sister.
⦁    In the storyline to come, Clove hid the fact that Cassia is dependent on cybornetics so she wouldn't feel responsible for their situation. After the truth came out(through one of several different scenarios), Cassia would go into denial and angrily leave on her own believing she'd be fine. Either the Freedom Fighters or GUN would find  her and develop a proper treatment with support from  Ellidy, Tails, Shadow, and/or Rotor. After being separated for too long,  Eggman would accentuate the belief that Cassia passed away and cause Clove believe she has nothing left beyond her leadership of remaining Pronghorns. This would eventually lead to a battle with Wolf Pack  and Lupe would go in expecting Clove to be more compassionate, but instead find a ragged detached shell. The characters involved would hit various low points and through Ian's plans for Rotor storyline, Clove would find out Cassia is okay and it would bring hope of reconciliation and finding a better path one day.
⦁    While it's kinda nice to think Mania took inspiration from her redesign of Ray, she feels it's unlikely that direct beyond Tyson Hesse being involved in both.
⦁    She claims to remember weird details Ian doesn't, including one time an animal reeking of death would be stuck in Archie office  while before finally being found in a corner.
⦁    Ian was gonna tease whether Breezie is robot or not as long as possible and there was even a story in which the Chaotix investigated her origins.
⦁    He believes  tragedy is a compelling way to maintain readership, but levity is importnt as well
⦁    Honey didn't run into any push back from SEGA, but Diana Skelly put in more references that slipped under radar.
⦁    The Fantastic Halloween cover had to be tweaked due to SEGA being touchy about other properties.
⦁    He really hopes Shadow's Chao appears in comic one day, but doesn't see it happening given the current dierection.
⦁    He decided to distance himself from Other M  when he became professional  due to it's tone and felt it work thanks to Sonic fan renaissance. He did research alongside his old compratiots to make sure it gave proper credit, but overall feels it needs to die and fade into obscurity.



On 6/29/2019 at 12:05 PM, DabigRG said:

According to Bumblekast's Kid Icarus Retrospective, the 300th Issue for Archie was in the process of approvals and would've been a big Sonic & Freedom Fighters vs Eggman turning point.
He had no idea what they would have done for 400, though.


On 6/27/2019 at 10:27 AM, DabigRG said:


Oh yeah, according to the Bumblekast, there's apparently a hierarchy: Boo, Boom Boo, and finally King Boom Boo.


On 1/5/2020 at 7:05 PM, DabigRG said:

So coming off Bumblekast #104,

  • Rough & Tumble will return eventually and we will learn what happened to the latter's tail and maybe their basic history at some point, but they are less likely to get something like a miniseries due to not being conceived as more than in-between baddies and being less accepted compared to the others.
  • SEGA is less keen about certain types of animals being made into characters, namely insects and larger beasts like elephants; when reminded that they approved Jewel, they simply replied that they did. 
    • Jewel is therefore a special case.
    • One of the Diamond Cutters was originally an insect, but got rejected.
  • Assumed there'd be some pushback on the Variable Wispon and Warp Topaz(which he avoided going into), but was surprised with how cool they were to them in to the point of adding ideas for the former.
  • Would like to do something more with the Wisps at some point and acknowledged how odd it is that something as pivotal as the Mother Wisp is reserved for the DS version.
  • Doesn't pitch overall story ideas until the previous is in their final approvals, so what comes next isn't necessarily set in stone all the time.
  • Apparently went into Maw's powers in the previous episodes.





On 9/2/2020 at 5:28 PM, DabigRG said:

So the next Bumblekast is actually stuff that lax brought up a few weeks ago, fittingly. I'll offer my spin of the wording, but I'll quote his original comment as well

  Reveal hidden contents

Naugus's magic probably could've cured the Metal Virus if he hadn't been dead by then, so it's possible it otherwise could've been an easy out. On a side note, he never got to formally pitch Metal Virus for Archie due to the talks that lead to its cancellation.

Eggman, Amy, Tails, and Espio(?) never actually transformed on panel in an earlier draft. That they still get caught off screen is arguably scarier per Hitchcock.

The concept of the Zombots fusing together was never a factoid. However there was a scene where Tumble getting super smushed had a note saying it's a bit much--not that it stopped the artist.

Scourge supercharging Warp ring during Enerjak Reborn had special glow to indicate it's power; it didn't look like that in Scourge Lockdown because he didn't note it in script. Though it's hypothetically probable that Scourge's ring might've been lost/confiscated or Miles might've taken it. Also, it's easier to hop to the No Zone because it goes through all Zones.

The games that are non-canon are Knuckles Chaotix, Chronicles, and most likely the Olympics among others, as it's likely based on Sonic Teams involvement; Sonic R however most certainly is.

Shadow is no longer rules by Maria and forged his own path after learning who he is as seen in 06, irregardless any Team Dark or GUN affiliation. ("Him and Mephiles was totally not temptation on a hill" lol)

He has no plans to adapt TSR especially since Sega doesn't want them referencing the games too much and what little he has referenced was either negligible or sneaky.

Emerl's civilization is 4000 years and the Knuckles Tribe is still 3000 years due to Chronicles being non-canon; any future connection between them is up to Sega.

He was up for doing a Metal Gear book filling gaps, particularly bridging the original game and Phantom Pain around Venom Snake, but it fell through.

Stuff about Drogoon that I didn't note because I was editting and it was about pronunciations anyway. Just go read Drogoon.

The characters from the Archie Reboot are seemingly off the table due to some legal conundrum on top of Sega not liking referencing things. If they ever get reprint rights, he might try to persuade the editor to sneak a few out for cross promotion.

Resident Evil and Devil May Cry were left out of World's Unite because they were a bit too out of style in presentation. House of the Dead and Virtua Cop might've worked as parallels. He also wanted to find a place for Ristar, but he wasn't notable enough to try that hard.

Muttski is indeed The Mutt rather than a labrador.


It's possible he might've died either to the virus itself, due to something going on with Phage/Eclipse/Null, or possibly in an escape attempt from GUN.

My mind more wonders towards why killing him off was gonna be a factor, given the outline of issues he posted on Twitter.

Fair enough.

There's still Charmy and Marine, though.


I honestly didn't see this exchange.


On 3/20/2019 at 11:45 PM, DabigRG said:

I was playing catchup with the Bumblekast with Episode 80, 81, and 82 got some insight on the idea behind a few original characters:

  •   Reveal hidden contents


    • First off, The Skunk Bros. Rough and Tumble were inspired by a little Team Rocket, a little Wrestling, a lot of 80s. They are bad guys we like to see fight and like to see lose.
    • Whisper was conceptualized as a contrast to most female Sonic characters in personality, abilities, and appearance, being quiet, normal, and muted compared to the likes of Amy, Rouge, Cream, and Wave. There were a plethora of design details like hairstyles, color schemes, and Wispon variations(many that we haven't seen) for her that the final design was cobbled from per SEGA's handpicking. Speaking of her variable Wispon, Mr. Flynn was nervous about it when pitching to SEGA, but they thought it was cool and actually made further suggestions of what it could do at some point.
    • Dinosaur characters have been in his back pocket for quite some time and there are some potential pitches involving them down the road.
    • Starline was created as part of a trio with a mechanic in mind that has allegedly shifted to the point where it will probably be unrecognizable. He does acknowledge that Evan Stanley deems the final design as a spiritual successor to Dr. Finitevus and Dr. Zachary. He also notes how there will likely be mostly not conscious parallels with newer characters as well.




On 3/14/2021 at 7:27 PM, DabigRG said:
  Reveal hidden contents

The diamond cutters connection to Metal Gear was just a fun reference that came about from Whisper and Mimic that was surprisingly approved
Whispers name may be a pun as well as the antithesis to other characters high energy
Mimic was a villain from Archie days that he never had the chance to use and they needed a villain

Non-echidna characters 
Enerjak as entirely separate entity 
Echidna hubris   Parallax would be interesting but doesn't want to dilute
Can't remember specific

Tried to beat Megaman lost 
Thanks to fandom chronicling series for research
Hiroshi Ariga read Archie and enjoyed it

Sonic Boom episode
Pitched other conceots game characters 
First two script that was finished by show staff
Another pass at House of Cards

Mr X plans
Thrown into portal
After Megaman 4 question of Wily resources
Xander would be ousted 
Fate wasn't fully decided but that would have been it since he was tired of him

Come up with dialogue cadence delivery
Not sound like same person talking to themselves
Tricky and time consuming

Plans for Locke
Sega did not order him dead
He was becoming a monster
Against even Brotherhood
Good intentioned, but all wrong ways and completely unapologetic
Moments of doubt but too much of traditionalist
Grew up in insular society 
Doubled down after losing a lot
Only when I'm a corner to see what he had become
Break free from shackles in last moments
Ultimate villain arc
Started in early 100s
Complete arc

Megaman nearly killing Wily
Middle ground between english and japanese
Shut down between Rules of Robotics
English dialogue as sign of malfunction

Tangle and Marine 
Who would tire who out?
Might energize each other when one starts to calm down
Best case scenario Tangle would try to be adult for long enough to get them to safety
Perpetual motion machine

The creative process of IDW during covid
Had wrapped up his work right as covid took affect and Bad Guys likely would have written even was already implementing her plans

Chaos emeralds sentient like sol
Idk because will is so vague that doesn't seem worth going into beyond the one game it did

Issue 12  battle of angel conclusion end of whole first year or finale
It's just angel island battle
Personally call revenge of neo metal

Iron dominion iron king old Mobotropolis reference from asterisk 
No because wasn't familiar
Has Euro comics 
Behind on lot of media beyond blutzod kanolus and guanido.  Did back cover for vincent. Got free look 
Kyle knows of tintin and valaroan

Babylon Rogues flames on arms. Would work in racing title
Flames are seemingly markings like Knuckles don't know much about their concept
Feel been shortchanged think Variety in extreme gear rides means they shouldn't be limited
They may just be exclusive but lack pushback inclusion makes it unclear

Cacophonic conch record its sound too get around air capacity limitation?
Difficult to accurately reproduce sound 
As example Youtube series notes how hard to replicate certain effects

Instant gratification culture has had effect on comics
It is factor but larger issue is ability to readily express opinions
Had to wait or talk in closed areas before but now can publish immediate reactions
For example Remember AntiVenom returning got bad reaction initially and then the story was interesting but reaction got him written out
Also trend of burnout from netflix and graphic novels

Will Classic Amy be in classic series comic and will be explain where was during forces and mania?
Can't say

Why Knuckles can't leave Floating Island?
He can but have to find reason to leave
Knuckles was meant to team up with Espio against Zazz, but was told he wouldn't leave with Eggman there. They argued over technicalities until he relented

Is Shadow not allowed to have emotional friendship and attachment?
Don't know, never will has those
 he doesnt emote outwardly
Why he isn't used much outside of action and conflict

Nocturnus is different from dark legion
They are and aren't similAr concept and traits
Nocturnus get things done  was seemingly single generation As far as remember
Dark legion didn't have robots beyond androids that were quickly forget

Nintendo today would approve of Mario metroid comic ideas?
ARMS comic is proof that they are willing to license out
Depends on what they want

What animal was Cortez from Sonix Universe?
Either Ferret or Badger, as he was developed before they knew about Sticks
Aleah thinks it was latter

Would Amy tie her hair in scene to indicate she's serious?
Borderline fan idea
Not sure but probably not in character

Font idre dismogue(I'd have to go back to confirm what this wqs)
Depends on who is doing might makes pro is most common

Could Mephiles come back?
Would be through Timeywhimey loopholes
But he's dead and he can't touch
Note how it was unstable time loop that eliminated him

Has written 280 issues of Sonic in career may be nearing personal milestone?
Don't count things like annual personally
Will have spent half life with Sonic in  2028
Iuzuka has been involved for nearly 30

Zeti prereboot would have eventually but arguably wasn't
Swatbots and robotization is not in idw and is locked with SatAm
Egg pawns and metal virus

Bad Guys takes place between 32 33
Prologue to season three

New encyclopedia involvement for games
He's been doing Sonic for long time and got noticed
Had been humbling experience since there are a lot of things her forgotten or become fuzzy on
Lot of nuance and unanswered questions that had fallen cracks
Do it was refresher
Timeline doesn't exist beyond how robust it can be at any given time
There are things he'd like to include but has to deal with sega approval

Does writer have input on art like colors and lineart?
Very little is credible for writer
Suggested riders tie in. Emulate 2d trailer
Occasionly very specific with direction 
Based on artist ability deadline Sega would allow
Drogun hadn't designed vomtee enchanti back and forth adam had final sayEcho shonen jump comyaeer back and forth on how to design
Inquisitors much more pedestrian that adam took in spooky direction

Cosmo and Meterax plans island like in bad guys. Beard in comic con  video
Reference to prison island Sonic x was easter egg
X material is generally something he's not fan of but there were elements he enjoyed along with fans and wants to include
Same heroes played major role in his comic work
Even boom would like to incorporate inn modern 

Zeti had place in Sonic world Zavok bad guys first issue also have tried puteen
Like in canada so if couts
Not found of cheese curds 
Like meat and gravy on french fries
Dubious of not side

Chaos age mentally
No notes and figured he doesn't have age as an element
Doesn't pissed so much as is emotion of protecting nurturing chao
Doesnt see as being with well defined thoughts

Appreciating use of Deadly Six in idw especially Zavok, who has potential better villain, what is right approach to win people over?
Didn't find them as offensive but there wasn't meat
Runners event Zeti event gave a lot of characterization notbalotbto zomom infktmedvba lot
Sega had a lot of notes especially on Zeena.
Zavok is one of favorites villain tropes bestial primal  intelligent
Calculated eloquent in presence makes malice much more palletable  knows how to make painful since
Example Shadow broker
Cheap bowser clone has a lot of similAr elements around him though not in character
Bowser has better design in part thanks to time to refine

Like all might as best written superman in all time
So powerful yet vulnerable and camp
He is quintessential remix of clark and superman
Love voice and catchphrase
Pacing of appearances 

Do the mandates from Archie about Nega wardrobe and relationships still apply?
Doesn't know about Dr. Nega since haven't tried
Knows that there are rules around significant wardrobe changes that Evan got around by using official alternate outfits

What determines characters like Tangle and Whisper's creation?
He initiates
Varies based on 
Use rabbit prototype for Tangle Sega said not a rabbit so they went through other ideas settled on lemur
Whisper general idea composed muted sniper wolf Evan and Sega went back and forth she did mask that informed her character 
Rough and Tumble were at their core just brothers with bond two mooks who get nest up species up to tyson even if it is different
Starline based on something in particular secret 
Original trio themed in origins
Whittled down from that idea because it would have been too much 
Evan and Sega even hashed out read colors mannerisms

Genesis facilitated reboot and anniversary
Reboot for sake of story that had rough plans to spinoff into own thing but never went anywhere

Joke comic amy had enough bracelets like inhibitor rings what poersd could she have
Skates line of fan idea
Raise question of numerous fully realized ideas that never go anywhere.  Implications of esp. hinted at cut content wish they would do more with potential
She's not stalker so Sonic would be fine and in great hands


I kept forgetting to post three episodes worth of Bumblekast Ive been cathing up on. Once again, I'd like to apologize for any confusion or lack of clarity that might come from how minimally I edited this together.



On 8/16/2021 at 7:43 PM, DabigRG said:

It's actually both--the technical mandate is that Knuckles doesn't leave Angel Island under most circumstances, even when the rest of the world is in danger.

This even stopped him from teaming up with Espio to fight Zazz. Which might've been more of a landslide, to be fair, but Flynn still argued until he realized there read nothin doin.

Whisper was added as both an allusion to the Avatar system from Forces and to have a character that acted very differently from most of the cast. She also gives the Wisps a more meaningful vessel and is the sorta character type Shadow/Blaze/Tails once were but developed out of.

Rough and Tumble were added to be more comical C-listers, which ended up being hammered in once the Classic embargo was established.

Jewel was conceived as Tails/Cream for Tangle that ended up becoming a leader figure for Restoration due to her intricate personality, freeing up Amy of that burden.

Clutch was introduced as a Renfield/Ebony type connoisseur arc villain for Cream with the Chao Races, but sorta becomes a Fang expy before dropping out.

And Tangle...yeah, admittedly I was pretty critical of her character in part because of that, but one Bumblekast sort of explained that she was basically testing the waters of what they could do with new characters for IDW right out the gate.


On 5/13/2021 at 7:11 PM, DabigRG said:

Recently getting back in the stride, here's stuff from the Fifth Anniversary of Bumblekast (they actually did post/record on it apparently, but forgot)

  Reveal hidden contents


Chao running black market as merchants. Impressionable species gain traits exposed to money and get into shady stuff.   Heavy machinery wizard did it though there is a school. Works like busy box

Best Darkwing villain Taurus Bulbs new episode Meta commentary fanservice while building own almost like they wanted to do Darkwing instead of Ducktales
Wasn't big fan of Steelbeak. Bond villain in superhero show Jaws aspiring to be Blofield sucker for evil twin in Negaduck 

Think Chaotix could appear in Classic miniseries hard to say because Classic is new brand. Parallel dimension. If he could put h as Chaotix design with modern sensibilities  Wouldn't be surprised if it didn't work since modern is far better established  fairly confident guess. That said not expecting anytime soon as cast will be very tight   He hopes they mine Classic stuff for Witchcart, Battlelord, and even honey but not in reverse. Heard Chaotix are the version with classic not counting. Kinda want but kinda like being smaller compared to balloon modern.  Agreed Hooligans should

Part games lore wanted to expand  
There are specifics that got no at time but may have been approved later like reboot weren't to show allowed younger characters but could use Classic remember when even that didn't work so did blend for Sonic and kept Eggman in Shadow. Follow up on Infinite and Phantom Ruby.  Remember that Cream and Omega were off limits once.  Second two hidden palace or wood zone. Focus to move forward

Wouldn't mind freedom fighters come back and is open to a lot of options

Favorite of Babylon rouges. Work best as unit even if jet is star favorite storm because love big right hand palooka trope because just fun  wave is most interesting. Mother hen approach but not much older  both are older than leader and wish that would be interesting to explore. Jet is okay but kinda vanilla rival who won't accept victory unless own talents but not a ton to him after. It would he nice if what came before like why he's leader  girl beyond faster than Sonic good for racing but not as characters. Touched upon what he wants in Metal virus as they  need more pizazz and feel they'd be better as antagonists for extra spice 

Kyle wants f zero back even if gx but hd.  Star fix as games that haven't been as good wonder why MegaMan is dormant  Ian wants sky's of acardia more kid Icarus 

Sonic boom comic other version of characters pitch episode for some but like Chaotix and Rouge.  Comics never went far  boom Vector for example couldn't be pitched since it would've stolen thunder   

Whisper is standoffish like sticks super hermit sneaky with no dialogue  everyone out to get her called 
Sprites from phone game in place if Wisps
Tangle would be exact same character with redesign

Sonic CD timeline no official word on when take place with Sonic 2   not ton of continuity mostly fun adventure episodic 
Enjoyed episode 2 Metal was lackluster aside from controlling metal.  Music wasn't offensive tracks for fun combo moves 

Issue 9 shadows reason for going to angel island was to fight neo metal on own terms because that's the absolute depth of him these days

Kyle like Batman compared to Superman depends but games are definite yes
Like core idea of Batman but books haven't drawn him in in long time n in part because taken way to serious grim and oversexualized want cup of tea wish there was more of brave an f bold.but animated series hit sweet spot of what should be.  

Opinion on Batman 
Joker can be fun archnemesis when play up difference of brooding quite  compassion. Vs colorful sociopathy but played out so much. When there were three jokers as seperate incarnations was too much   so ubitious to point that Harley has grown into own character   but gained Punchline as knockoff even if she has fans and her only options are not Harley or to become Harley again    He gets why he is Charismatic moneymaker but he's the Wolverine of DC that needs break.   

For while Bruce was alterego while dedicated to mission which is interesting but getting away from fun.  Mask of phantasm was premier story because treated as character was the poingant scene of him at his parents graves because he feels being batman means he won't get to be normal again

Archie Sonic time limit on super or ultra never specified super lated as long as needed because no fight ended without ex machina or Sonic giving up pier.    Ultra was shortlived only once aside overhauled story he did.   

Archie editorial vs Sega interference.   House of card was gonna be long and in depth.   Genesis story.  Birthday bash was mandate as birthday introduces scourge.   Darkest Storm was told to wrap things up  30 something plot points.    Monkey Khan and Iron Dominion was joke pitch for springboard to get what he really wanted with Death Egg & King Naugus but Mike liked it a lot and thought it was most interesting when it was meant to be do bad he'd laugh    Universe had to be four issues for trae some shortened have been interesting challenge git most together but some could've been adjusted    regular wasn't as tightly but kept in mind for overarching idea if year.    Silver 25 was mandate instead of what he wanted(pretty sure he  means Endangered Species) so he just did DBZ story with dark Enerjak eventually Tracy have first concept of Cyborg  and got him excited.   World unit was battle with editor Paul direction pacing and utilization of ideas. Even stuff above editor head. Couldn't touch extra until final third. Doesn't should've been let go but overall good experience    Mike tonight how to write comic Paul challenged him in creative ways vin was chill.  Joe is cool and wish had more time. David has delightfully come up with very creative solutions when run into issues.  Riley will some be editor  glad to have worked with all

With Blazes morality, would she sacrifice Sonic for world if she really did know in 06.  Story is mess tht doesn't sink well partly due to poor localization.  ,Not sure where she would call on trigger.   Scene where she speculates on blue hedgehog, the original word  could be blue or naive connotation that she wondering it was Silver but nuance lost.   Maybe she would have stepped in    Then again I  Rush  she was very eager to dance on Eggman and Nega's ashes   When Sonic said it's a bit too far and she fought him to do it anyway.  Hard to say due to her having killer edge but not being heartless

Can Shadow still go super yes as far as he knows and don't see redone it would be off table especially with super silver getting approved.
Shadow has lot of attention in him whenever in comics and can't see them making him lesser than Sonic in any conceivable way




On 8/7/2021 at 11:31 PM, DabigRG said:

Been catching up on Bumblekast lately since I fell behind for a long time, so here's the entirety of November

  Reveal hidden contents

Nov 2
What like to see from Smash after this one since it may not live up
If they don't just end it, you can't match without going beyond.
Don't know
Maybe give nod to melee with tight roster and intense technicals
Could slim down to Nintendo characters only but might scrape bottom of barrel
Return of subspace emissary and smash run
Or Tales of

Thoughts on Infinite motivations and arc
Personally see as poor man's Mephiles
Edgy design hammy presentation broken powerset. Overcome Sonic
Mephiles killed Sonic while infinite punked
Mephiles wanted to return to fomrm
Infinite was bored with reality and
More flash and not a lot in pan
Fun to flesh out rationale nihilism why weak-willed overcompensati or maybe explain what happened to him
Not much to him besides marketing and theme song
Mephiles is derivative of Shsdow infinite looks like own thing
Understand why people want back but not lot of substance infernent and appeal

Favorite Spaz piece
Fantastic cool guy
Got to meet at MegaMan crossover
super sonic Genesis cover
175 chains
MegaMan first arc
Heard Welcome to contribute idw but in high demand

Sally back
Write in to Sega and IDW
Got toaster pizza cutter.
Talks of body pillow
Use power for good write in civilly

Ask Kyle videogames hit emotionally
Polarized spec ops the line
Didn't emote outward but once play you step back and see it as pretty serious only time
Start of generic call of duty become very different very quickly
A lot time spiralling into darkness figu and literally
More than let's on
Ocarina step out temple of time and see death mountain vibrant market redeads case molten pit
Sense of need to fix this
Halo reach final mission order Spartans rice well executed moment
Breathe of wild sense of fun wonder freedom haven't felt sense first freerosm 64
Courtyard peach castle prospect of exploration mind-blowing at time
Kart 64 train tunnel not constrained
Experience got more robust over time
Once again free to go wherever Liz what's that over there for days

Starline backstory
No immediate plans because about where he's going rather than where he's been
Too early to say won't ever

Kyle favorite crackship
Not much of shipper but Mekamechanic with Dva and Brigette from Overwatch
Tales of Yuri and Judith be fine if went in own adventure
Would give Namco money to see spinoff

Ever watch anti Flynn video
Spent most of childhood being pulled so don't feel like sitting through laughing at or giving views to them
They often make accusations that are either wrong or simply easily disproven
If involve friends that's when he get angry and does stupid things
So just steer clear

Personal favorite Zone aesthetics would like to revisit
Tough because many have been revisited and  don't have many favorites
Usually cringe at water stage besides Aquarium Park that has been fun
Hydro City has terrifying hard to navigate wall along with drowning
Is rope burn to Labyrinth gun shot with good music and gorgeous art design
Chemical Plant not so bad aside from Blocks
Prefer off beaten path ones like Starlight look compared to other urban, Sandopolis and Lava Reef transitions, and Hidden Palace as lead in to fitting Knuckles

How write Big in a Serious story
More or less what Annual did
Feel shouldn't be too grandiose because Big is Easter egg joke character who would be diluted if used too much because less is more with him

What other settings Sonic could work in for Storybook
Wouldn't think Arabian Nights or Arthurian legend would work but they did so anything is possible
Alice in Wonderland psychedelic wandering
People suggested Greek and Roman myths as rumored third
The Odyssey Iliad Hercules labors
(Kyle then throws a bunch of American titles for lulz)
To kill a mockingbird lol
Of Mice and Men oh no
Huckleberry Finn or Tom.Sawyer  could work in some ways others mhngh...
Wizard of Oz would work with Dorothy in Shahra and Merlina role, though unsure if twist will involve overthrowing Wizard 
yes Aleah, Sonic would have Ruby Sneakers to walk yellow ring road
Omega tin man want Eggman's heart
Knuckles as Scarecrow because gullible to crows suggesting he hang on stand all day to protect crops
Tails as Cowardly lion feels like potshot and they'd never let him use Shadow
Eggman is Oz
Amy or Cream could also work as Dorothy with Cheese as Toto
Wicked Witch could be either Rouge, Witch art, or original like Erazor and Black Knight
Crush 40 cover If I only had a brainheartnerve

Sonic Musso game like Forces spinoff with other characters and illusionary villains
Think it's perfect
You can unlock Sonic

Who's idea was Amnesia plot point
It was him
Not meant as subplot or long running issue
Bookend callback to Year 1 and consequence to Warp Topaz abuse
Surprised it got as far as it did
No greater thinking
Blaze does something integral by restoring
Thinks it's misfire on his part since most didn't get or like it

Plan to expand Whisper and Mimic
Diamond Cutters weren't meant to be more than backstory
Just enough to not be nobodies but no intention beyond motivation
Mimic sold out team to Dave himself when pressure got too much
They've served purpose but IDW could do flashback arc if people demand

How would characterize Sonic's brothers
Have kinda thought about it but not a lot
Super obscure nonrrlasef game
No way he'd get access to them
Toyed with idea as backdoor to sneak in Sonia and Manic but immediately throw out due to pissing off polite Undeground fans
Mighty and Ray are spiritual successors, so wonder if that was factor in Creation
Thought fun to consider what might have been, but might as well leave
Ashura is glitch but more well known
Wechnia is line of stars with red and white palette monotreme wonder if correlation or plans to be had

Favorite things to come out of MegaMan
Think Kyle's favorite might be Quake Woman, but he enjoys how he fleshed out things in well-paced way and included obscure things
Streamlined with clear narrative compared to Sonic, which had little games when started with scattered ideas
It had no new games at time so there was clear roadmap all the way to Legends
While differences in representation, it didn't stray too far with reconcilable differences
Believes it was a bit slow in hindsight and wish it wasn't locked into four issue arc
Wish could've treated less like Sonic in assuming they had them and it'd be a constant
Emerald Spears neat idea in paper that didn't pan out
Xander fell into place of plans for Mr X
Wanted to make something fans of languished series would enjoy


Nov 9
Dog in Barricade Town inspires by Ben Muttski
Dog doesn't have name and had no species
Jen Hernandez based him on her dog

Favorite Jojo
Know virtually nothing about Jojo beyond being bonkers
On list to get to

Zavok's cell accommodations since he could break out
Fairly sturdy cell
Even heavier door between his cell and rest of prison
Plus rest of facility
Hover wispons probably could've floored him
He is bruiser but not berserker
Biding time figuring out how to best do so

Is furry slur
Doesn't apply to IDK "Mobians"
No real profiling since treat each other as equal
Might see humans as other Mobians and don't think they'd call them Other worlder or anything
Don't know if aware of human world
There was clarification in recent notes: human world is in another part of the galaxy rather than dimension

Best Sonic sibling
Agreed on Tails since best foil to Sonic
Sorry Sonia and Manic

[Shadowemperor asked](Hey!) was Lost Tribe in Albion during Endangered Species First issue a response to fans
The intention was never to get rid of Echidnas and instead set their new status quo
Turned into Final Chapter instead of next one by things out of hands

Sticks plans in IDW
Don't know if previous ideas may be usable
Keep falling back on Archie standards, but most either doesn't apply or does in surprising ways
Not top priority

Does Honey count as Classic character
Under assumption she is Classic due to only appearing in Fighters
Not opposed because Amy and maybe Witchcart are only females otherwise
Hasn't pitched anything with her due to lack of
Fan of division due to difference in tone
Keep it Simple and Clean

Reason Marine wasn't allowed
Believe it was that it was too late to introduce character at the end of an arc
Also why Cream wasn't in Year 1
There was supposed to be scene with her naming Needlemouse

Is Club Rouge a thing (Same question as Marine)
Don't see why not but have to see

[Chibijenhen asks] what other animal might Jewel have been if Sega had told them no outright since they weren't too keen
Hadn't really thought since banked on her being beetle
Support to Tangle, being the anchor point to her grappler
Maybe hummingbird despite Babylon Rogues
Just some smaller animal who could move through easily

Why Omega isn't powered by animal
Not aware
Perhaps should ask
Would like if it was very angry squirrel as wink and nod

Would Abyss betray Eggman for better job
Isn't contractor freelance pirate
Just taking stuff
Made clear what would happen if she did
So wouldn't try if she didn't think she would get away with it

Will Team Dark be closer knit again and does he prefer new take
Prefer older dynamic by far
Don't see getting back soon
Need serious changes
Not likely
Interact more like people in Heroes than others
Recall Omega asking if he can blow up loop de loops(?)

Details of Shadow's reflection that was cut
Careful how word
Biggest change was making them thoughts
Frame differently within context of not wanting to owe Sonic, which he can buy
Anything done with Shadow has to fit whatever

Sonic Lost World adaptation for Archie
Let fly due to not really having answer
Had just finished Unleashed and hadn't gotten to Colors(if he recalls is timeline correctly)
Don't know how much he could deviate since things were more tightly regulated
End of Shattered World arc approvals was... interesting
Don't imagine it would have been too different

Neo Metal height compared to Eggman
Don't know if canonical height
Compared to normal Mobian
But he can shape shift anyway

Favorite composer
Senuo Tomoru and Ohtani are basically it
Colors is favorite
Knuckles Chaotix score is alright but Door into Summer is worth being referenced
And can't forget Tee Lopes


Nov 16
What field of study is Dr Starline's PhD
Same as Eggman since such a huge fanboy, whatever it is

Most important lesson he's learned about comics
Learned to get on with it when working in serialization
He has really bad habit of drawing out narrative to establish and build
Sometimes don't have time and ends up overwhelming reader
Drogoon first book went through 3 revisions with 1000s of words cut because he kept falling into those tendencies
Tricky balancing act that be hasn't perfected yet

Don't become too attached to every project
Really keen on idea but client wanted him to take in direction he didn't think was great
He can make suggestions on finer details, but need to do job and let it be someone else's product

How to pack out page story arc
How to tell most effectively in certain amount of time
There are legitimate critiques throughout career where he could've handled things better
Partially factors outside control
Has better handle on things and become more refined

Ever gotten notes about badmouthing Sonic team
Short answer no
Long answer depends on how form critique
Don't think ever obliquely state anything outright sucks
06 had a lot of problems but is case of disappointment of what could have been
Might wrangle developer if badmouth directly, but honest opinions about something are fine
Probably toe line in discussing behind the scenes rationalizations, but try to frame way that is not insulting
Don't like two worlds and has had opportunities to express some chance today so to Iuzuka and he has been very nice about it on top of still offering freelance work
Movie likely cemented it anyway
Tired of two worlds discussion, really don't care anymore

Try to be as honest as possible within NDAs and common business sense on Bumblekast
Kyle is unaffiliated with Sega and Bumblekast anyway, so anything he has to say on the matter isn't gonna register in meaningful way
Not here to rally anyone against anything

What would political battle between Sonic and Eggman outside of AoStH be like
Sounds like something from Sonic Boom
There was Ballot sucking robot
On one hand, can't see Eggman wasting time with proper election when he can seize power
If within context of being challenged, he could be bombastic and make false promises to solve problem
Orbit and Cubot struggle as campaign managers
Hard to slogan with blowing up and/or conquering planets, but people have proven to fall for anything
Can't see Sonic commit to long term campaign, but might do it as way to stop Eggman
Tails and Amy as campaign managers struggling to keep him focused
Politics too controlled for men of action
Sticks B Plot of being afraid of voting because of Deep State
Shadow is surprise third candidate just to mess with other two

Tangle and Whisper Anti-Mobius counterparts
Strangle the Lemur would be absolute punk with noose shaped tail
Scream the Demolitionist launch salvo of random captured Wisps to cause mass damage with no precision

Is Hero path of Shadow's game truly canon
Neutral Prison Mario Android Commander face Eggman Last Way is fanon
Can't recall Sega ever saying that
Notes he has suggests that isn't case or at least anymore
Storylines don't synch up to perfect path
Just have to shrug
Closest to true as far as remember could be Chaos Emeralds, but there are too many contradictions
Safest thing to say is Black Arm invaded and Shadow killed them

How would Human X Mobian be seen in-universe and how could they breed
Don't know how to approach
Want to view as Tolkien setting of coexistence of broadly equal races
But Mobians are animals and things get uncomfortable
Remember came up during Iron Dominion that Mobians are sapient, but they re still visible animals
Suppose within Modern Universe, cross-species relationship probably wouldn't turn too many heads
Not gonna go into genetics
Preboot they were technically close enough that it may have been possible

Zone cop Deadly Six
Divided and can't decide
Could add another Z at front Zzavok
Could reverse name Zzaz Mo-omz
Or add zo for Zozeena
Naming convention wasn't created with that in mind
All options are stupid but funny anyway

Is Maria still Canon
As far as know she is
Shadow's game had him put past behind him
Never Turn Back

Can power core run out and how can be replaced
Keep reading do address

What was reason for Tikhaos fusion and how did idea come into being
Wanted to seed bunch of scenarios to follow up on
Here are all horrible things Sonic wasn't around for in what if
Take dcamiliar to fans and put terrible
Tried to quell and just fused
Her spirit should have controlled his power but wasn't good for either
Thinly veiled rule of cool

Does Knuckles ask people to watch Master Emerald like in Archie
Ran into a couple of times
Official word is no

How approach paradox character that represents author views while being independent
Not sure is paradox
Fallicy in every action up to creator
Everything create is somehow informed by personal views
Can try creating antithesis and try place in realistic separate scenario
But not possible because we'll outside pov and any opposite is still skewed by biases
Best is to treat characters fairly and honestly
Not work with down to earth but instead bombastic with little nuance
Eggman is cartoonist enough to not offend anyone
Not make straw man for view point
The characters wouldn't approach election for example conventionally
If Eggman goes straight for bit using Tinker as front to deflect concerns, that gets more into how the character
Hes pretended to be king doc before
It's all by design
Probably not most well versed

Will Sonic Encyclopedia have (various things)
Will reference stuff outside games where relevance
Don't look for choose afvanetuee or some of western stuff
Based around games
Will acknowledge things outside where can

Should Freedom Fighters remind team or split up if they return
Work better as unit
Each one had individual strength but not as independent as the IDW characters
Sally could probably step ou
antoiem wouldn't be able to hold own as foil character
Bunnie is super cool but works best in team
Rotote is similar but doesn't bring too much to cast ir neartitve on his own
Meat if narrative is their teamwork and family bond
Don't have to appear all at once
But neat to I troduce individual. Eofr coming together
Don't know what comes with
Up to Sega and what think is worth carrying up

Arc in Silvers future
Maybe at some point
Not in Year 3

How to make four issue structure work
Kind to day but some work better thsn otjers
Decent amount of time for eighty page issue
Three acts with beginning and end point
Where are character coming from and where do they need to end up
Emotional geographic characters
How to pace out
Open with big eye catcher for casual reader and end on cliffhanger
Can get repetitious if abused
Debate of how reader react
Map out beats between
What are biggest moments
What do they find
Is high or low note
Is something stalking them
Million ways
Start with macroview and end with finer pieces
Plot narrative is easier to map out for format than character
Solid plot line can have character weaved on into them
Problem is if they bring way to force character to do thing they wouldnt

(For Kyle)What video game vinyl should get release
Any physical media for video game music is cool
Vinyls are popular again
Better selling than CDs
No particular soundtrack that would want due to not being big in records
Would love to see nonetheless


Nov 23
How did Metal go through Starline's portal with Silver holding him
Don't know what talking about
Metal walks into portal

Does Hellboy deserve tv show
Yes as an animated adult series
No, because it deserves better than a pale imitation cash in

What would you want from Sonic Boom Season 3
Think it was solid as was
Take what's there and have fun with it
Season 2 really hit it's stride
Like idea of bringing back Lyric, but wouldn't want to become too serialized
Show was stronger than games for that reason
Comedy adventure that isn't too structured
On fence about more game characters since Boom could do more with its own cast
Similar feeling on Classic
Like different jar of Sonic

Favorite forgotten games and worst forgotten
Tails adventure was phenomenal
Knuckles Chaotix is weird but neat
Skypatrol is rewarding if unforgiving
Labyrinth is dumpster fire that punished

Tangle Whisper and Jewel favorite food
Strawberries for Tangle
Whisper shortcake
As for Jewel, she is refined low-key with eye for finer things
Double sauce chicken wings
Guilty pleasure only Tangle knows about because of friday nights movies
Probably depopulated Clucky

Chances of timeline in Sonic Encyclopedia
Not dedicated , but will acknowledge funkier things
Everything is canon

Thoughts on Shadow X Rouge
Shipping questions are fine as general thought
Could work, but Shadow isn't one to get romantically involved
Only scene that sticks out is 06 whet Rouge drops guard to promise she's always be at Shadow's side
Take more a deep understanding partnership between two people who don't open up to others
Strong platonic bond

Think recent games have nods to your work on comics
Mighty kind of
Hooligans almost assuredly
More of this is what characters are known for, so let's incorporate into brand
Lots of long time fans who worked to get them back into games
Can't claim any credit, just helped keep torch going
Very small peripheral
Ray's shoes were close to Aleah's design
Silver's TSR characterization was more adorkable cinnamon role
Is super serious in try hard way in games
Shadow doesn't try, he just is

Why Archie fans can't accept IDW
Small vocal section really want book to be exactly like that
Many have accepted book as it is
There are detractors for any media
Freedom Fighters are very American, but there is large enough fanbase to make Sega aware of fan demand
Many fans have grown up to have positions in franchise
Not impossible, but don't hold breathe

How to chew five gum
Only chew one
Sometimes chew two
Reference to five gum brand
Get menthol for five seconds then just gum like all gum

What anime opening can sing right now
Again from FMA Brotherhood
Top 2 hits

Would Kyle rather fight horse sized duck or two duck sizes horse
Horse sized duck easier to avoid or take down
Ian could just kick horse, while ducks are similar enough to swan
Aleah would fight giant duck, think of all food would have afterwards

Are Wisps gender neutral like Cheese
Haven't heard official word
Would assume so
Mother Wisp is gender coded female
How does she create Wisps
Wouldn't be surprised as well

Are Zeti more powerful than Iron Queen and would she be able to control Zombots
Iron Queen more powerful but down to nuances
She can conjure machines from broken pieces while Zeti can only take control
But Zeti could control sections of New Megaopolis
Don't know about Nicole, might've been fun
If Zavok did, she likely wouldn't have gotten Iron redesign
Maybe Zeti Nicole? Zicole
Queen could control

SA1 birds Flcikies
As far as know, they are Flickies

What is Marine's power--water or light
Is frustration because only come up at last second and never touched on again
Would love to delve into it
Vote for hydrokinesis because name, Maritime travel, and fun counter to Blaze
Don't know when or how she can

Were Reboot shock moments with Rotor drowning or Nicole catching on fire as intended by artists
Yes right on money
Instances when went further
Could swear Tommy getting blown up called for something Les overt in scirpt

King Sebastian had struggle with O'Hedge family
Pure flavor text
Any greater thought has been lost
It was probably case of filling in space in timeline with reason to care

Why Sonic goes to space in IDW similar to Archie
Hasn't gone to space yet
Parallel between Quantum Dial and Metal Virus
Not really that much of one at all

Would Since and Raise live extended life like Brotherhood of Guardians
More application of power
Sonic and Tails cashed in for super form
Brotherhood was more measure
Steppenwolf opened rift in space time
Low level syphon over period of time
Wanted to play with in post 30 years later stuff


Nov 29
Is Eggman from Human world
Accurate as far as know

Can Zeti hijack Shadows shoes and which one would be most likely to steal them
Depends on what they run on
Electrical charge would make them suspectible
Does he fuel them?
Probably run on rule of cool
Can't think of Zeti who would particularly want them
Zavok might as trophy
Zomom wouldn't care if he can't eat them
Zor isn't into fashion
Zik might fit into one more than west
Zazz doesn't seem like he'd like shoes
Zeena would find them too old fashioned
He may be safe on those merits

Are Mobini food source to Mobians
Don't think there's confirmation on food stuff
Begs question, but other material suggests they may actually be vegan
Chili dogs made of Pickies may be tasty

Did Sonic reaching out to Silver in finale turn out the way you wanted
Exactly what wanted from Adam Bryce Thomas

Is Eggman Polish, if Zombot got decapitated, and favorite Heroes Team
Poland likely doesn't exist in Human world, so could be from equivalent
Zombots would just put head back on
Sonic is weird way of pronouncing Chaotix

Biggest personal mistakes in writing Sonic and ideas that thankful editorial said no to
Hard to say since comics are collaborative after various stages of approval
So long that some is muddy
World's Unite would be better if let go of project to editorial
Can't look at stuff in complete vacuum
Thinking of best idea at time
Can't think of anything distinctly bad
Feel free to leave in comments helping remember
Iron Dominion was goof that got approved by editor and Sega, but end product was fine if glossed over in discussion

Best way to reintroduce characters to comic media
Great question that could be topic unto itself
All depend on limitations of story, pages, and format
First line is what is purpose
Tangle was to add high energy female companion with zero baggage
Avoided pitfalls of other fan characters by placing her in neutral scenario
Sonic is protagonist and his interactions with everything else determine how reader experience like his interdependent reactions to Tangle
No idea she'd take off at all
Give as brief worldview for new readers with Blaze return
If she had been poorly received, they'd never return to Spiral Hill
How can character serve moment in time and build from there if more

Who is Nega's mother
Eggman is a man of science
He probably wouldn't be limited thanks to machines that can do wonderful horrible things
That one mistranslated profile cold suggest other avenues
Don't want to think about mental image
He hates every one equally

Which Freedom Fighter wouldn't show up in IDW
Don't know
Do you mean secondary Dulcy, Ari, or Griff?
Bivalve is everywhere and everything

How old is Starline since Bad Guys dropped Character cards with ages
Decline answering
Could be undercut
Mimic was originally teenager, but heard Iuzuka said he should be 30s because look older
Starline likely isn't too old, but Sega may have thought on that

Will Sega endorsed Hot Topic shirts of Sonamy influence anything
We'll see
Directly counter to last directions
Didn't look too closely, but apparently it's Classic only

What are comics think everyone should read
Fullmetal Alchemist is bar of complexity, Bone, Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck is good adventure book, and Ninja Turtles meets Ghostbusters are masterclass in crossovers for advancing narratives while being accessible love letter
Kyle references Watchmen, Legend of Wonder Woman is really nice, and The Shield

Clarification: Silver hold Metal
Looking at page, probably art error
Silver was surprised, so maybe it was airflow

Did have involvement with Belle creation and how feel
All Evan Stanley
Thinks fun
Terrified of writing because wants to do right by her if do
Must Belle correctly

Kyle thoughts on recent Sony consoles
They are glorified PCs
Running on customized AMD hardware

Are Chao considered animals on Sonic's World
In middle range
More than animal, less than sapient
Similar to Orc in middle earth or primates like Bonobos
Chao are capable but can't more than young children outside of Cheese
Seem to be in ecosystem where there are no predators
Understanding of animals gradually shifts
May taste like firm jello

Why gave Cream prominent role in Metal Virus
Was story driven with no greater purpose than not being able to use her in Season 1
The sweet innocent child is wonderful vehicle for trauma and sorrow

Are Tangle and Whisper Laverne and Shirley, with Rough and Tumble as Lenny and Squeegee
No nothing of Laverne and Shirley

What creature is Null
Wait till Lost Hedgehog Tales

Is Pyramid from Curse of the Pyramid same as SA2
Didn't write it
Eggman probably transplanted it after rebuilding
Like to imagine Orbit work ordering the rocks for it

How write Sonic Civil War Arc
Would depend on dividing factor
Could just throw out characterization and consequence to assign sides for Rule of Cool
It'll get an enjoyable movie later
Closest came to that was what House of Cards was originally gonna be
Between Freedom Fighters based on where they began and where they'd be after that
Probably would've led to fisticuffs since action comic



On 6/12/2020 at 2:52 PM, DabigRG said:

Some Bumblekast intel from Grandpa Simps--I mean, Mr. Flynn!

  • Tribot like most characters are a matter of SEGA being asked and saying yes.
  • The multiverse of the reboot(yes, another one) was mainly things that were separate from Sonic's immediate universe, including Blaze, Megaman, other franchises.
  • The Council of Acorn siding with Naugus was a combination of his emotional manipulation of them as well as their shared fears of recent events necessitating that something be done and one story on the way to 300 was them having to tell Naugus no on a couple of things that he wanted to do for personal reasons. They had inner workings and motivations that were hinted at, but simply couldn't be overtly gone into since they were a political side thing in a Sonic book; they weren't bad guys just because they didn't side with the heroes and were largely formed because Max wasn't a very good king in the longrun, but they had their worse aspects as well as relative notice that caused them to make questionably. 
    • Uncle Chuck was the best statesman due to having the most experience, but most inclined to just trust the Freedom Fighters, even though things are far more complex than their other days. 
    • Hamlin was still bitter about the Substitute Legion fading into disuse and so his rise to power was to regain some authority to make sure things were followed according the rules.
    • Dylan wasn't a good statesmen due to Hamlin's pressuring and in kind tried to encourage him to consider other ways of approaching things.
    • Penelope was a middle of the road, pragmatic swingvote because she didn't have much to her character.
    • Rosemary was anti-monarchy to the point of Elias's presence being a concession she had to deal with and as such, would be undermining Naugus as well. He's aware that people didn't really like how she and Amadeus' turned out, so he hoped getting to see her take something of a stand for her own scruples would've put her in a more favorable light.
    • Rotor was blatantly biased in the Freedom Fighters favor for obvious reasons, despite there being times when thinking more impersonally would be necessary.
    • He honestly doesn't clearly recall putting Isabella on and as such didn't dwell.
    • Naugus was obviously the villain and so the grayer aspects of the other characters would've been showcased had things not gotten so complicated.
  •  The Phantom Ruby create hypothetical create other Phantom Rubies due to creating things that are very close to the original despite that not making a whole lot of sense in some instances.(Eggman apparently used the real one to help conjure Infinite's sun without killing the Resistance and himself the instant he did so, Classic oneshots Chaos Zero) He also obviously feels the Prototypes were very badly explained.
  • Marine's intended involvement is something of a spoiler, but the reason given by SonicTeam was a kinda silly way of saying she's benched for now rather than barred from use. Her resemblance to Sticks probably had nothing to do with it.
  • GUN haven't gotten involved with the Zombot Apocalypse due to being in the human world.
  • The Underground epilogue was to be all him after taking notes from all 40 episodes of it in order to make a satisfying conclusion for those who wanted it. He realizes that those fans would probably want more than a single issue, but that's all he was originally given. Those notes will be in Lost Hedgehog Tales.
  • Miles Prower is indeed a pun on Miles Per Hour; don't be surprised that you're the only one who doesn't get 1990s humor because you're not.

Almost didn't see this.

  Hide contents

I was gonna ask what the Wisps are holding, but that got answered before i knew it.

Idk why, but I kinda laughed when Zor said he spends a lot of time online. Weird look for his clones, but whatever. 

Funny how Whisper is known as a Guardian Angel when she's a sniper. Looks like they get the Emerald pretty quick, though.



On 7/20/2020 at 7:50 PM, DabigRG said:

Stuff from Supergirl Bumblekast

  Reveal hidden contents
  • Unified Chaos Emeralds were the same power level as the millions of Emeralds. He admits that the Emeralds were mishandled from the start, but he did what he could. Naugus's surprise at his power was actually a hint that his powers were messing up.
  • He doesn't read Archie Sonic Online because it's fan material, which he was always adverse about.
  • Once again, Gemerl and Omega are more robotic in behavior now due to things being different from how they were in Archie.
  • Genesis is something he personally doesn't view fondly in spite of the constant praise he gets for it due to it being phoned in and being mandated to tie into the anniversary over the milestone. He also wishes House of Cards had been the year long character driven arc about individual motivations/affiliations he intended it to be.
  • Something for IDW 2020 was deemed inappropriate in theme and had to be reconfigured, which lead to an interesting change for one of the characters. He compared it to Eclipse being created due to being asked not to use Mephiles.
  • He would love to do an IDW Encyclopedia, but it's way too early and he's not sure SEGA would be keen on it.
  • There were no big plans for Relic since she was a supporting character, though there was an idea involving Rotor & the Unleashed ghosts and a scrapped idea for Tikal interaction during the Shattered World Crisis. He also wishes he could bring her and Eclipse over.


Also, he is working on Rivals of Aether as a lore consultant.



On 10/24/2020 at 12:22 AM, DabigRG said:
  Reveal hidden contents

Oh I noticed Shadow was in this issue to get worf effected once again And I also don't care

Like, on a three strike system of acceptance or caring, shadow probably has about a four. Reason number one its Shadow Reason number two it's post 2015/IDW Shadow Reason number three this issue is supposed to be about grounded heroines is like Amy and Cream and Reason number four as a bonus he was a part of the original solicit for this very main story but was quickly taken out on favor of Amy.

I'm reserving judgment on this issue specifically because unlike other issues it's intended to be a two-parter and then therefore not complete I already just going off of my future blanket actual storytelling stuff aside Shadow does not need to be in this issue. This was supposed to be about Beta Team Rose going Chao Racing as the A plot and Shadow had a chance to be a part of that as original intended, given the presence of the Shadow Chao from Sonic channel. But combining everything that's been wrong with him for the past 5 years with IDW's apparent inability to do backup stories, he adds nothing to this story thus far and arguably plays a small but substantiable part in weakening it. 

Here comes a thought: Why wasn't it Cream or Gemerl who spotted and chased the parka villain? They were both present in the issue in the company of Rouge and Cream's spotlight in the Zombot arc was said to carry over a bit here. And if it does have something to do with the Gizoids, then Gemerl's presence here would be more relevant.

What will happen to Restoration will be next three issues including Evans run

Espio found out about the Sneak after escaping the Quantum Beam thanks to Ninjas

The school. Editorial iirc chasing trend

The Sonic Mania theory around the Timeeatwr or even Phantom Ruby is fragment of it is more thought than Sega actually put in. He too believes it changed it to altnerate past and progresses as own thing
 Even Ruby ebimg virtual is quetsiimablr

He also believes Nega rescued the Eggmen after Generations for his own existential purposes
His last scripts involving Tangela me Whisper was months before addition to Speed Battlw . Might be better quetstom for Rvan

The pint of Shadow's part in Metal was to up felling or hopeless leanness by removing one of most powerful broken . He might've undercut the tndeijn by Chaos Control to get the emerald form Zavok as Wella s Sonic's part and Silver's importance since issue 8
 He's had incredible difficulty in getting Shadow to be usable in anyway made him a liability and Sega happened to approved the direction they went 

Team Wild
Runners likely basic first released 5 pages so team Wild would be ublikely
Sticks have frilfday ghosts dark Sonic. Driving force
Tikal keep constructive.  Sanity order do violent lightly frudtstr team mom
Werehog would depend on deep Sonic or wild in gameplay

Eggman's day off stsrlonr continuity. Was meant to be in current. Only works about time

Webtoon Drogoon animated   he wants to bec fmab vs Souleater faithful.   Doesn't like things about fma bad things to story. Z vs gt.  Rights so he hopefully wouldn't lose control over his property.

Shadow fast as Sonic   on par in every regards but that.  He thinks it's be interesting if the shoes but he has rae talent

Dungeon master   had hard time seeing.  Tails would backseat dm due to wanting to participate but knowing to much.   Sonic might spindssh dice butcher bored with statshert.   Silver DM has vision.  Blaze wouldn't know much but can appreciate it for what it is.   Knuckles take too seriously in character as varv.  Amy might not have much patience as DM despite wanting to hang

Still abstaining from fanwork even not head writer and will until he's done with franchise

Hypothetical draw picture of character  happy with anything gift art 

Sonic cry hate mandates rules guidelines Ken Penders 130s. Line of succession Willing to assume Sonic wouldn't nope due to not being in best English
Sonic metal virus Eggman more shaken  never be that upsrt he feels it bit shallow but Happy middle ground
Might not cry in laughter but it might be allowed. 
Wouldn't give to despair

Gun doesn't exist anymore I'm game. Team dwtk isn't a team   Shadow fall. Briefing tower was never specified notes shouldn't be agent but just work when fit with what he wants

Favorite freedom fighter Bunnie in top rank  incredible abilities with price on daily life  gimptionn proactive most Sonic like  even see her being adapted 
he had reason to like all and has trouble not talking about each.  
Rally for Sally Jim Cummings Robotnok  acknowledge
Sonic sped battle or RPG

August 24
Sonic forces and 06 can't use
Keep within classics and heroes rather than 4 or lost wirld
A b t had to change issue 2
Could be because phantomruby is offlimots

He's tickled by rembeing how people were questioning of how jarring tinkering with a plane to ebign Eggman's equal on a mech
He feels Tails portyaal has been schizophrenic
Heroes more childlike and support toler and downward decline from terr
Dnakry bits in Lost world who could tljoke around with Sonic instead of jist being a doe-eyed
He's been done dirty for 20 years

He admittedly never really thought about the exact population of New Mobotorpolis. Knothole growing as a city during Sonic in space, but we never got a good look at how big. He acknowledges that fit all into the Egg Grapes is stretching and picking a number likely won't sound right, so substitute for X.

He actually likes Elias' name as a clever anagram. He feels he is something if an apologist due to liking his doesn't, lost Prince design, Spaz weird weapons for him, and bj's somewhat intersting arc.

He clarified that he said IDW is known for bringing back old runs and wouldn't be known. He didn't know if StC due to copyright being different in england and some creator's lend cloak to their contribution

His favorite zombie related stuff dead rising 

Nephtys background and the desert raiders had been caught in the crossfire and decided how to handle it together. The notion of other factions aside from the freedom fighters and Eggman empire is up in the air. 

The disease Cassia had was supposed to be a mystery and didn't have a proper name
He actually meant to ask Alrah days beforehand

 Sonic Heal is a shared in-game abiity and isn't exactly considers canon  per Gwmrrls inclusion
Acknowledges how Sonic haslearned techniques headxabon 
Silver teleporting is something that would be broken if included the narrative

August 24

The scene with Shadow he hoped to get into 31 did mostly make it in-- in essence. He's not surprised with the changes he had to make.

The saddest moments of his run include Sonic finding Nicole after Sally was roboticized, Antoine getting suicide bombed by Metal Sonic, pretty much any moment with Cream in IDW, and Tangle turning into a zombo. Nicole suprisingly got to him with how powerless and thus robotic she felt about being right there when it happened, Antoine surprised Archie to the point that it affected how the rest of the arc was handled(also, his fate), Creams innocence means anything bad that happens to her is awful, and Tangle's last stand was ultimately a pointless fight with no victory.

They got the word Archie was ending around Christmas time
Panic inducing his career since he had nothing else to support his family
As a creator reboot hurt worse due to it having so many years and he grew up with it
Second rum it's more sardonic end since they had already gone through losing the old run

He tried tweeting portfolios for his friends

When idw started he offerto do the same and it so happened that most of the Archie gree got picked up

Aleah was most cut out due to losing her first major trade especially since she had credit for her work frequently get lost int he shuffle

He was honestly surprised that his return was even more asked for than the freedom Fighters

The Warp Topaz only opens portals in space, so the stuff in the annual would've been happening in that moment

He frustratingly has no idea why the Babylonians can't seem to fly. It reminds him of Jet's cool concept art compared the okay final design

Team Beta Rose outfits among others is generally down to, since they can very rarely can they deviate with approval
The wedding issue in Archie was surprising especially with Knuckles but all that came up with the no pants rule
Issue arctic Aleah reminds him of the issue in the Attic where they were eventually alright with Olympic Amy, 

Blaze kingdom got approved be sure if Sega's involving and they actually responded to a note in the script pointing out a lack of real redeemed by providing a lot of information about the technology architecture motif Imperial Palace
He was really happy and ecstatic that they got to unveil that at last 

Knuckles probably wouldn't be affected by Unleashed by human planet splitting
Shadow might be going around fighting the strongest of the Dark Gaia mostnster because that's "so deep and engaging"" for his current character

Big simply lives in a new shack with a similar locale on Sonic's World and the shack itself looks so similar because Big's carpentry skills with are simply natural to begin with.(My words, not his). That or he just picked up at least the bed when he moved("Hey Froggy look, it's a mobile home!").

Tails has multiple workshops Mystic Ruins and Central City to get away to in-between adventure and hanging with Sonic.

Beauregard doesn't exist postreboot due to them abandoning almost everything from that long era and being an expansive reference to a throwaway line in Mecha Madness(also, Aunt Lulamee in the encyclopedia). You know the one. :lol:

Sonic man was able to escape Flashman's Time Stopper because he's just that fast. See also restoring time in Generations.

He wants to see more of Knuckles and Amy in future games: a Metroidvania game with fists metal cracklin and Amy should helm a platformer puzzler focused on acrobatics, perhaps with animal companions like Lily, Chao, or Wisps to unlock things and generally being vivacious about helping people.

If he had full creative freedom to recharacterize Freedom Fighters, he concerned with their philosophy and role in a Modern Sega context. They were primarily there to give Sonic a supporting cast he simply didn't have, to the point that Tails was apparently added fairly late in Satams development.
He acknowledges that the Idw crew are there to fill in vacant roles that the game cast aren't really lately.
One of the bigger problems is with Rotor who was so similar in role but different in personality to Tails; he agrees that having them be pals would be nice, though. The others not so much, since Sally is a strong leader in a cast of  loose agents, Bunnie is unique in skillset, Nicole is simple due to associating with Sally. Antoine would need some work since he's a mildly offensive stereotype and Archie's history is gone.
He knows their inclusion could effectively be fanservice, but what they need is a purpose. that warrants their recurring inclusion.
Idw actually had a creative get together and he had five, Evan had one, and even editor Mariotte pitched something he never considered

He doesn't really like the youtube videos causing issues against Idw and himself and appreciates those who are willing to encourage proper criticism despite not really liking him.
He also sees that getting involved would be validating them and recognizes that those who really want to raise a ruckus will continue to do do.
Just the other day, he actually got an email ranting at him over hating the Freedom Fighters, shipping the Sonic and Amy, and killing off Archie characters (like Armand and Sir Connery?)

There isn't anyone else in place to watch the Master Emerald, since Knuckles 

He chose to have Sonic and Sally get back together in 30 year later due to lack of space and fans not being find of King Shadow. He was focusing on moving on to a new generation and wanted them to just be happy with little humdrum. He feels Sally's personal stake in marrying Shadow and dealing with the state of things was shortchanged.

He's fine with people making merchandise of Drogun for conventions and would even advertise it.


More Bumblekast


Probably because Sega got in the way early on and the first solicit was already going up by the time she decided to just swap him out.


On 8/9/2020 at 6:05 PM, DabigRG said:

So Bumblekast has been doing Q&A only episodes since July 15(following support from Black Live Matter) due to people preferring that according to the analytics; he is currently at episode 75 on a spreadsheet for all of the questions. As a reminder, you can email your questions to bumblekast@yahoo.com if you want them answered.

So here comes the first batch.

  Reveal hidden contents

Of the other Sonic robots Mecha Sonic(who may be dead/Classic and he wonders if Metal Overlord may have been inspired by him) is the one he'd be most interested in bringing back, but on the catch of adding something else to him. Most of the Sonic robots lack the pizzazz of Metal Sonic and his silent killing machine deal is something that's shared with all of them. He would love to see Metal Knuckles come back into play though.

He's assuming the movie characters are off limits and he's not really interested in touching them over seeing what happens with them in sequels. He's also not fond of crazy lizard wizard and hopes the movies don't go too crazy.

There was Norse influence for Drogoon, as well as Skies of Arcadia, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Cowboy Bebop, Wakfu. He doesn't intend to include Sonic stuff and sees Drogoon as an escape. There are also things he isn't fond of acknowledged like Tolkien elves Asari

He doubts Sonamy would happen in the games because the whole point is that it is a chase. He agrees that certain versions of Amy would be unhealthy to pair up but he also enjoys the personality she had then. One of the notes for issue 2 was to dial back her outward affection, which he understands but feels she needs something else alongside her optimism like Adventure 1. 

Silver can be tricky to write due to how powerful he is capable of being.  He often falls back on his characterization to keep him from being unstoppable, though he sometimes ignores some of his extraneous skills to nerf him a bit. He also sees that in the 06 fight, where getting preoccupied with picking up a bunch of chairs at once allows Sonic to use his speed against him.

He assumes a Adventure 3 would be about what the first two were about structure wise. He also knows there wouldn't be a Chronicles 2.

He thinks the education system of Sonic's World would be incredibly weird to explain given that there is no currency, which is a considerable throw off. Forces can imply that jobs are voluntary as needed rather than something everyone needs to do and so perhaps everything is a form of communism being threatened by Eggman's capitalism. On a sidenote, he once messed with someone along those lines by likening Sonic vs Eggman to a reverse USA vs Russia.

Also, he entered a contest for Shonen Jump's 100th Anniversary(!) that will be over in September.


On 8/29/2020 at 10:18 PM, DabigRG said:

That's exactly it--she likely can't.

Lanolin(and likely Scruffy and Stars) was a mere bystander who was undetailed in the script and left up to ABT's artistic license and when he noticed fans had indeed taken a shine to her, he gave her a name and continued to work her into the issues with the Restoration that he penciled.

However, Sega has a firm grip on this comic's creativity compared to before, down to determining what species a new character can be and approving the final design; they likely wouldn't take kindly to the whiff of a character having been snuck in under their nose for so long. 

Mr. Flynn feared this was the case back when she was brought up on Bumblekast and it was recently given credence by the cover of the most recent issue 29, where she was originally present in the inks before being edited out.



That's likely because there really wasn't much to talk about.

Unlike Tangle and to a far lesser extent Whisper, her existence wasn't really publicized and unlike Starline or I guess Mimic, her role wasn't a reflection of the story arc to come; unless I'm misremembering and it's the same story where the Babylon Rogues kidnap her, in which case she doubles as another way to humanize Whisper. She was simply a character meant to complement Tangle from the ground up and thus it made sense to introduce in a side story that happens in her hometown. 

It is worth noting thought that she did indeed turn out to be a special case--SonicTeam later admitted they aren't too fond of bug characters and Mr. Flynn even cited her in confusion when they forced him to change one of the Diamond Cutters to no avail.

That makes a bit more sense, I suppose.

Err, we'll see.


On 7/15/2020 at 11:55 PM, DabigRG said:

Entertainment changes with the times, says Bumblekast!

  Reveal hidden contents
  • Ideas for other favorite anime: Amy Madoka, Cream Evangelion, Knuckles One Punch, Big JoJo, Vector Case Closed and Lupin III
  • Sticks during Zombots might either be in a bunker or miss it preparing for some other crazy theory.
  • Darkhirse came to him for Arms, Nintendo gave him lore notes but gave no further direction. He may have created a new official character sincr a concept art is pretty close to a side character he planned to introduce
  • Rotor broke his back due to needing a new direction since he was overshadowed  and a mild-mannered Tails before Tails.  Iron Rotor and Team Freedom came about because his fans weren't quite happy with that 

(Once again, fuck this sight's autosaving/refreshing)


On 6/29/2020 at 10:46 PM, DabigRG said:

Some questions from Bumblekast with Evan Stanley

  Reveal hidden contents


Ms. Stanley will be head writing year three thanks to the editor wanting to try her out; Mr. Flynn was actually somewhat relieved with being put on side projects since he wasn't sure how he'd follow up the Metal Virus. Her direction will involve fun and sometimes emotional stories that take place throughout the established world and help make it feel more lived in.

  • Constant Vigil's being Espio's mother wasn't exactly headcanon. He got as close as he could to saying it, but due to Sega paying more right attention around the time, she along with Jules among other characters were allowed to be in the book, but they had to avoid directly referring to them as the gamecast's parents.
  • Shard wasn't meant to look like a Robot Master, but Sam Maxwell may well have gone for that according to the needs of the script and they kept it to distinguish him from Metal Sonic.
  • He isn't aware of any plans for a Cosmo the Mighty Martian Volume 3, but Volume 2 wasn't planned either but got greenlight thanks to Volume 1 getting positive response and even winning an award, so he advises sending Archie messages saying so. Super Duck is a new incarnation of the original that he's surprised so many people know.
  • Infinite's backstory wasn't explored more in the comic because that's all he was aware of and he just wrote the dialogue according to what Sega gave him. 
  • He introduced the Deadly Six at the tailend of the arc to raise the stakes since the Zombots had already done about as much as they could threat wise. Eggman was banking on Metal being fast enough to take out Zavok before he could control him.
  • A world ruled by Dr. Wily could be a not as nice version of the Reploid future prior to the Virus taking over: churning out oddball inventions into a human and robot coexistence without really caring how it would actually function. His ego would have been sated, so he'd just be operating on his passion for experimenting with robotics.




On 2/4/2020 at 12:59 PM, DabigRG said:

Actually, she was originally in the arc and would've had to deal with the moral dilemma of having the power to permanently deal with Zombots at the cost of killing whoever they were. This was quickly agreed upon during conceptualization to be too dark, so they had her bow out beforehand. 

That reminds me that they aren't on the variant cover.

But yeah, they'll basically go back to whatever they were doing while Eggman & Starline presumably take a break. Assuming they don't get removed from play.

Did they say how many pages it would be?


Eh, I don't know about fleshed out just yet.

Like sure, Zavok will likely get some decently meaningful screentime/focus here that he hasn't really been getting elsewhere, Zor will get to torment Whisper & Silver, and I've already called Zeena subverting a Cat Fight with Cream a move to make her more vicious, but I kinda doubt it'll be much more than that.

Wouldn't mine being more wrong, though.


On 2/4/2020 at 2:50 PM, DabigRG said:

Bumblekast(With a K, not a C) Episode 108, which I listening to again right now, actually. Forgot to summarize that and maybe The Rise of Skywalker episode last week.

I also forgot to mention that she will apparently have some role to play soon, though I'm not sure of the context.


On 1/12/2020 at 3:04 PM, DabigRG said:

Yet more Bumblekast, this time on Balancing Characters vs Plot: 

  • So apparently, the Sonic vs Tails tag line for House of Cards was an editorial suggestion to make the story more accessible. Since the original arc had already been condensed into two issues, there was little choice but to rely on what came before and some mental gymnastics to make it work. 
  • He laments not taking more advantage of backup stories to have more character driven exploration ala Stargazing. 
  • There is apparently an FAQ esque source that helps track what questions have been answered thus far. 
  • Sees Marine as more eager to meet new friends compared to Sticks. 
  • Questions Eggman's perspective on Gerald's legacy in regards to what the public record actually is: is he just a famed innovator before "disappearing" or is he an infamous traitor for science? He also prefers if he was less of a tragic figure and more of an egotist perhaps under GUNs employ who got hyperfocused  into what he is at some point. 
  • The Warp Topaz can warp reality. Also, he admits to flubbing the Zeti shell's name in the same issue.
  • Doesn't know how Megawoman/WeaponWoman AU would've been handled if Capcom and Archie allowed it. Sees Rock as troubleshooter to Roll's assistance, so she'd be more empathetic to him finding the problem. 
  • Not sure Sonic and Pokemon crossover would last long, never mind what continuity or conditions it would operate under--Sonic getting caught is overdone, but might get a nod. Sonic would run a Glasscannon team if he's patient enough, Tails would be a better trainer through a well researched team including moves like Blizzard, and Knuckles would be a hands on Fighting team. 
  • Thinks Metal Virus is worse than Roboticization by a small margin. 




On 1/10/2020 at 2:32 PM, DabigRG said:

More Bumblekast, this time 105:

  •   Reveal hidden contents


    • The topic was on Morality, so Snively and briefly Knuckles were brought up as a point of how a character's switch of sides can be interesting or perhaps take away some of what them interesting. The former joining the Freedom Fighters had little done to explore his change or even question his sincerity, so he was brought into the Eggman Empire to be reestablish the interesting dynamics and explore the moral implications of doing so.
    • A unanswered question about what happened to the Troll Civilization revealed that there is a minute information that has been deemed possible to mold into a safe-to-share bit of Lost Hedgehog Tales. He will try to ask certain individuals about other stuff that might not be swampy when the time is right since it's been a while.
    • Season 2 of IDW was not originally this long, but was extended due to format of trades and a need to showcase the extended cast to makeup for their rarity in the games.
    • Season 3 of Sonic X was due to popular demand in France and is apparently only recently being released in Japan. It's also confusingly being replayed to promote the Movie.
    • Whisper & Mimic is just a basic Wolf & Octopus with no particular species being intended. He acknowledges how Sonic, Big, and Cream could be considered a particular animal, but doubts it is intentional.
    • Sees crossover with MLP FIM as an inevitability and has a few thoughts about it, but is holding onto that to avoid spoilers whenever it does come up. He would like to see interaction between both worlds to go crazy if allowed(ex.Sonic vs Rainbow has to come up at some point :lol:).
    • Doesn't think Human vs Sonic's World should be as complex. Yuji Naka was apparently the one who came up with the Human World distinction and Iuzuka just inherited the eventual need to mention it out of house. 
    • The Super Genesis Wave changed everything, including Sally's bisexuality(or pansexuality according to Kyle) that was lightly founded in Spark of Life. Any nods to what come before were simple fanservice.



Something I just remembered:

  •   Reveal hidden contents

    To him, there are two or three Central Cities, with the one in Battle being in the Sonic's World.




On 1/6/2020 at 9:42 PM, DabigRG said:

Oh yeah, forgot I listened to the previous Bumblekast today:

  • There won't be a Shadow centric story anytime soon since he likely wouldn't be able to do what he'd like to under the guidelines.
  • Maw's power was essentially another dimension within his gaping jaw--it's a broken ability, but in the hands, er, mouth of someone who's more understated. They might've explored how that works and whether it's possible to escape one day, but there were no plans of the sort at the time.
  • The infected citizen managed to get into the shelter because Gemerl hadn't started scanning just yet. In the event he had though, there were a lot of people to scan and he was distracted by Vector and Espio in the brief window before he turned. 

And as a bonus, here's some stuff from a different episode or two I just remembered:

  • Answering one of my questions, he has no clue what Marine's power is. He assumes it could be water based, but it's simply improbable to tell given the visual quality.
  • He would love to explore Blaze's world and her kingdom/empire, noting how she's apparently an imperial princess. This includes whether there are other pirates out there and how dicey the politics can be according to Team Sonic Racing.

Honestly, a third of the cast have a bit of an ego.

Maria seems kinda obvious, but given the angel or, heh, Ave Maria parallels, it could be an interesting if messed up twist on how she's been characterized.


On 9/28/2019 at 10:30 AM, DabigRG said:

So apparently Scourge and Fiona had codependent feelings regarding each other..


On 7/14/2019 at 10:54 PM, DabigRG said:

Slingin in from Bumblekast Far from Home

  Reveal hidden contents
  • Whisper miniseries takes place after Tangle visits Tails but before Metal Virus becomes epidemic    
  • Cream's map may apparently be updated per what will happen
    • She will be showing up more in the arc, but the future is unknown due to not planning too far ahead
  • Metal Virus was originally made for Archie and was on table for long time:
    • Previous editor asked for pitch due to zombies' popularity
    • Metal Goo was result, but was shelved due to Afterlife with Archie
      • Repeatedly delayed multiple times for other events that took priority
    • Was finally gonna be in reboot, but comic ended  
      • Post 300 plans following up on Maw's claim that roboticization was gonna work again    
    • Archie version might've been very different, but there was no actual outline made   
  • Editor thought Amy maiming Rough n' Tumble was a bit much, but artist went whole hog regardless  
  • Omega vs Zombots is gonna go how you'd think
  • Sol emeralds are different from Chaos Emeralds & Dragonballs
    • Seem more reliable
    • Don't seem too scatter after use, though perhaps they just weren't used enough
    • Sega did not give notes on them
  • Blaze's world and Human world are apparently also not actually named                



On 6/23/2019 at 6:40 PM, DabigRG said:

More Bumblekast stuff

  • Nexus was to be third event two years after unite, with further sequel event books down the road
    • He wasn't wild about it, as it was an editorial decision to keep books afloat
    • Would have solved problem of how characters come in and out of continuity
    • Doubtful to be followed up with different company due to necessary hoop jumping without profiting from previous books
  • Scourge revenge plans would've been big and cool
  • Tails and Mina pairing wasn't planned
    • According to either Mr. Penders or Mr. Bollers, the script didn't specify
    • Justin Gabrie or whoever was the editor thought it'd be funny to have it be Mina
  • Only one person said 30YL was canon , but other editors and writers said no

Nothing, it just wouldn't belong in the IDW thread. I likely would have quoted what I was responding to anyway.

Plus, I haven't really been keeping up with any current conversation here since I'll several review behind anyway.


On 6/20/2019 at 4:17 PM, DabigRG said:

I listened to BumbleKast 89(?; it was BumbleKwest or whatever) last night and heard a few things.

  •   Reveal hidden contents


    • The next issue is more or less the Cream & Gemerl issue, with Chocola and Vanilla being hinted at
      • Something he didn't say and neither shall I
    • Rough n Tumble, Whisper, Jewel(?), and possibly Dr. Starline are likely in their midteens to early twenties like the rest of the cast  
    • Null Mind and Cortez are likely not gonna be in IDW 
      • Null is similar to something that is/will happen
      • Cortez was context heavy to Antoine's backstory and probably won't be retooled since he'd be a different character at that point 
    • Gardon may appear if we get a story in Blaze's World


    Also I listened to a different one a little while ago and remember this much

  Reveal hidden contents

Don't expect things like the Magic Hands



On 2/4/2019 at 5:36 PM, DabigRG said:

So listening to the Megaman X episode of Bumblekast, Mr. Flynn mentioned knowing about a certain element of Sonic Team Racing that he was curious about the exact details of and was eager to play with once it got out. What do you think this was?


Aren't they technically Dreamcast?

Yeah, I was about to say! :joy:

The third one is kinda cool.

What mandate?


On 10/15/2017 at 9:29 AM, DabigRG said:

He was apparently planning a third one with the Babylon Rogues vs the Hooligans according to Bumblekast.


On 7/4/2016 at 2:25 PM, DabigRG said:

I know, right?

Listen, Ryan/Shadowlax, while I appreciate someone actually having a legit serious discussion about preboot characters, you're both kinda stuck in a circle of the same two arguments.

Have either of you Too to the Bumblekast? If not, let me paraphase/quote Ian himself here,: "He's complex in his simplicity, and simple in his complexity."

So, you're both right.


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Bumblekast from December



Dec 14
Particular voice for IDW characters
Not voice but cadence
Toy with idea of radio drama reading

Mario and Sonic crossover gameplay
Racing game but depends
Suppose Mario kart with Sumo digital mechanics would make most sense
But never fully satisfied with Sonic racers
 feel gets away from what makes Sonic special
Running on foot
Balance would be hard due to inconsistencies such as Amy
Tails and Knuckles are about as fast
Rule of Cool should win out
Mark kart 8 with TSR
Kyle suggest Sonic drift with super Mario kart Sprite scaler

If Starline and Egg Bosses coexisted how would relationship work
Depends on context 
Tralius representative phase out maw
If personal attendant or majordomo
Impossibly smug to as believer
Earlyetal virus
Little frustrated of micromanage t
Position of wrangling bosses whileanagin
Rivals thunderbolt hate each other 
Only common ground hatred for Eggman

Spiderman stores have stuck the most
Haven't watchu
Even fox kid cartoon
Comic was holographic final showdown with venom
Peters parents alive
People Sonic Canon
One moment in carnival snow
Ragged uniform
Venom can sneak around
Turn around just in time to see Venom biker with Brock looking
Usually run from us
Morph onto venom
Know had gone through iterations but prefer
Old fashion lethal protector
Have mention info the speiferveerse
Nitpick can 
Third act could've handled but but tell shit up as art in truest sense
Spectacular Spider-Man for Kyle
Miniseries follow maximum carnage
Cover carnage rip of venom head
Revolve around Cassidy biography as basis for mmo
Symbiote access internet
Fight in digital
Venom hit Heatsink to roast

Story behind fragile backup story
Antoine Bunnie
Writers who only
Test other writers as lead
As editors put if get hit by bus there's no one else
Didn't have interaction

Classic and modern time travel or cd ending
Classic alternate past
Some continuity before that diverged
If silver go far enough there would be common point
But have to define timeline at that point
Technically yes
Silver future is like alternate at times
Chaotic inferno and books are also alternate

Sally royal birthmark
Same like Elias Starr shape
not on other member but contrivance
Only known by her and Espio
Yeah creepy awkward
Had to verify it was thing
Fan queso How make snese since literally seen naked
That was joke
Done trying to fix that maesss

3 part 
Vision student six
Nonpony treated unfairly
Yona didn't make sense since speak same language
Get upset 
Could've sworn there was episode with Yakistan where another take spoke in yak
If wrong broken English is shorthand for English as second language
Hasbro and IDW didn't have notes

Hypothetically another game with heroes who would be in new teams
Four teams already enough
Hard to say due to not comfy fit
Is blaze speed or power
Silver is speed propelled
Powerful psychokinesis
Recent reveal that hooligan was considered
Giddy at thought
Bean doesn't really fly
Fang could fly with marvelous team
Bark only clear type
Classicight be with mighty and Ray Kyle

Zavok refers to new team as deadly four even though five
Not counting himself
They are his possession to use
Rough and Tumble are effectively one character split in two so that could work

If freed fighter had the animal ne
Nicole Holo lynx
Rotor walrus
Sally and Antoine depend
Satam technically didn't have doecies
Assume chipmunk do to Disney and last name
Anyone no tail look like mole or fix
Wasn't until 75 that got tail and call coyote
Might be Infinte before turn dark lol
Bunnie remain rabbit too good pun

Does silver have superspeed
Hard to get consistent poweset between game
Especially silver
Generations had chase Sonic in air
No natural speed but can propel self
Can also teleport
He broke man he broke

Possible to have 8 emeralds
Hidden gold in blue spear

Are older Archie online allowed to be enjoyed
May be some retailers who may have
Digital technically not for sale
Pirate sites are illegal
If no other means can't be stealing from someone who can't sell
Support legitimately when can
Can't say much otherwise






Challenges when  was it to create new world in IDW
Creating new world
Losing new252
Work with new team
New relationship with Sega
Figure out what would be cool and how communicate
Relearn how

Leadtime in script to publish
Was 6 months in Archie
More variable
Always want to do as far in advance
Not as clockwork
Metal virus was approved what lesale so back to back write
Others were slow approve
Ideal window is ,6 months but try to do best
Ask when deadline
Not only Sonic anymore

What team in fallout
Kyle didn't get far but would probably be raider
Ian would be standard bulk up to finish fight quickly and tank hit
Nothing fancy like spell tactic
Usually default to altruistic loner
Held true in most instead fable
Was gonna be paragon
Call chicken chaser
Shot head off with bow and darkside ever since
Mass effect did two playthrough
Tried vanilla middle ground and was boring
All three are very different gameplay
One rpg
Two action oriented
Three alright but too simplified
Heaed about hD collection leak

Plans are for Christmas in COVID-19
Handed off presents for unofficial
Play chill otherwise
No one get anything until someone breaks pact
Cool fancy Christmas dinner
Page 51 of drogoon coming out
Safe and healthy

Will Bumblekast go convenient
Wouldn't have audience until recent
Might change if continue grow
Policy is if people put in he's all for
Otherwise all local
Game for live cast

Couldn't Eggman put electromagnetic shielding to defend against Zeti and will he get to be main villain
Imagine em shielding is cost prohibited
Could equip motobug in theory
Zeti are normally stuck on lost hex so don't have to worry
As main villain has not escaped him
Unintentional side effect of way story came together
Won't change in immediate future
Would like to return him to role
First arc was something different with neo Metal twist on fighting robots
Back on top of metal virus
Good zombie story necessitate he lose control halfway too

Ask Kyle what is best thing and worse thing Ian wrote be brutally honest
Best thing is all of MegaMan
Champions in Sonic was fantastic
Worst is world's Unite
Little rough with great moments
But story didn't quite come together as might've hoped
Don't hate anything he has written yet
Long time since read earlier stuff
Overall enjoyed work
Expectations aren't astronomical
Like blue hedgehog and blue robot

Favorite Christmas movie and special
Not too many
Lot are smaltzt
Fondly remember Garfield Christmas
Holds up
Claymation Christmas carol
Shorts to classic music
Some straighter
Some more interpretative
Quasimodo with anthropomorphic
Kyle has die hard go to
Batman returns
Entertaining enough
With seale
Like many specials
Christmas vacation
Home alone is classic
Live action Grinch was regular growing up
Animated was 
Jingle all the way is funny intentionally and unintentionally

Ever wanted Amy to go super
Has imagined
Thought pattern with yellow gold Sonic white gold shadow 
So she's be Rose gold
Silver threw off by silver gold white
Idea is upgraded hammer with special smash
Binky green color 
Hate male hedgehog rule
Too super Saiyan esque
But understand that not everyone needs super form
Incredibles quote
Needs to be done distinction
Not everyone maintain form

Of idw comtinuity which is favorite
Ide is new so not fair comparison
Deeply invested in all three
Remember good and bad time in all
IDW has been good aside from Shadow

Was Snively telling Hope truth that fully related or was like to protect her
Relations were needlessly complicated
So she's Snively half sister
Simple and direct

Super Sonic seems invulnerable to damage what is limit
Metal virus
Good question
Invulnerable to everything except crushing, beam in advance, bottomless pit
Supposed to be able to fly
Limit is his long able to maintain
In Archie us whenever 
50 second time limit otherwise so move fast
reminded big arm and mania final boss by kyle
Phantom Ruby is weird anyway
Just realized Sonic and silver flew around planet in less than minute
Maybe stretches thing a bit
Maybe silver was grabbing rings while they were flying
Remind master mogul fight where they were holding holding rings on arms by Kyle
Remember vividly because mogul actually doing something
Three supers fighting him
Culmination of a lot of stuff
But not good story

Is it off limits to tell story on human world
Been asked to not address human world 
Wouldn't wirte off entirely since could hang

While idea to bring in Gemerl to IDW
His because love Gemerl
Weird because lots of things are on table now
Received no notes on him before
IDW got notes that he speaks in robotic fashion
Figured that Emerl named after emerald that naming after gems would work



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Bumblekast from January



Jan 4 2021

If given chance to write Something nic episode of real life issues, what would it be
Always tempting to write very special episode, but feel like it's a trap to avoid
There is debate to use children media as outlet for touching on those issues
Everyone make fun of AoStH that's no good, but it likely helped some come forward
There was article about professional Spiderman cosplayer who appears at children rehabilitation centers
Something about having superhero saying it's okay to get help can cause breakthroughs
Doesn't make sense personally, but not in such an experience
There is avenue and opportunity to do so
On other hand not property or place to set up soapbox
Better to fold issues into narrative rather than dedicate single episode to Drugs are Bad mkay
It's patronizing  lecture that doesn't work
Remember Cartoon All-stars learned more about narcotics from that than ever in daily life
Sonic loves in ideal where bullies are confronted and everyone mostly gets along well
That sets ideal to strive for without putting issues front and center
Don't think have done enough Sonic to color worldview, but a special very episode is not sufficient due to not being about to satisfyingly resolve it

What would be like to see about Sonic short by
Would like to see everything
More mania adventures
Sold on Tyson Hesse right there
He is incredibly talented and adore what he has done
Sonic can cook or take nap and he'll find way to make it funny
Can probably maintain Mania stuff in shorts like Pink Panther

Who would not be among Freedom Fighters if they return
No idea who in or offfl
May I only approve Sally
May get everyone back and get miniseries starring Griff
He's awful but Ari is cool
Not sure what's accessible so anything is possible and cool either way
Only familial issue that might be problem is Uncle Chuck and may just handle like Post Reboot catch all term of endearment
If rule were taken away
There nothing beside Shadow getting in way
Would like to address where they came from
Don't have to get into every single family line
Was glad to see extended parentage go from Preboot because bog down
Feel like it could address in way to open up
Would like to take Manga pair and make them adventurers who Sonic left
Romance is something fandom cant handle so they can launch ships that he'll watch form distance
Need to make sense from franchise
Know box and happy in box with training wheels

What do plant characters like Cosmo eat
Gonna suck out because not familiar with Seedrian lore
Most of Season 3 experience through French dub with Aleah translating
So understanding is third hand at best
Wasn't ever fond of Season 3
Did research for revised Metearx saga
Would imagine they are photosynthesis based but males seem reptilian
One of reasen doesn't like Season 3 is because it's weird
Cosmo seemed understanding

Moebian versions of Sonic Bad Guys
Scourge is off table
Eggman would still be benevolent vet futurist
Starline might be doubtful of Eggman as just goof, but comes around to see that he is a genius that he should work with
Zavok lol would be all about bringing good things like planting homeless charitable to a fault
Mimic is not distrusting would gregarious to fault
Rough and Tumble are still idiots who seek helping others but cause trouble because bad at it
Deadly Six as power rangers
Dr Starline's Get Along Sentai Gang
All are setting out to save world but end up causing all sorts of trouble but stay together as group as world burns down around them

Who decided Starline couldn't remain at Eggman's side
Starline's journey was group effort between Flynn Ide editorial with Sega lying in
Original pitch skewed differently
But always would've found out Eggman wasn't who he thought and broke away
never meet heroes is fun
Of all cronies who turn on him, you never get satisfying change
Snively wws baked in that they worked backwards with
Grimer was sycophant who suddenly left but came crawling back
We haven't seen end only half way or 3/4 of it
Started as fanboy with hard crash to reality
Started rebuilding and redefining himself
Now see what he does with that
Could introduce someone who is completely loyal but what would you do with that
Thunderbolt was hilarious and fun but wasn't central villain
She was joke who has her arcs and gimmicks
Wanst mean tot be deep or investigate
Starline was full character arc, Thunderbolt was token villain
Egg Army had little bit of personality but weren't designed for be super deep for most part

How difficult was MegaMan to approve compared to Since
Was way easier
Don't remember many notes until very end
Stuck very close to source material
Sonic was taking wild and crazy thins from before and trying to use when Sega was paying attention again
MegaMan was just here is MegaMan
None on original characes
Not embelelishs
Only time was towards end with Madame Y and Mister X conspiracy
Didn't like dies of actual Mister X
Rationalize as a fake Mister X who would be replaced with another fake Mister X
Madame Y based on art book
Came in right before Capcom got tight in things
Wanted to bring in Waltz for MegaMan 4 and they said no
Was surprising but there could be been work around
But otherwise they were super easy to work with even with MegaMan X
Created Council that commissioned Sigma and got no notes on that
They also let X and Zero be giant in story with Emerald Spears
Vesperwoman wasthem not wanting to use exact design
Would be happy to work with them again

Is Modern Vector religious
Part of it is context of translation
More that he thought it was miraculous event
Recent art of Vector where clearly designed after Blues Brothers
Wondering if that's a reference
If something that has circulated for years is just a reference that would be funny

Can Espio turn invisible or is it camouflage
Treat as full invisibility
J heroes he could also walk through laser so it could be intangibility
Maybe he's bending light but that's be applying real physics to cartoon
Love idol animation from achaotix and sad it

If Julie su had wispon
Might enjoy heavy machinery
But mostly like lsigio
Do cyan pistol
Could give condescending glares to everybody

If Netflix approach to make Sonic or Ninja show what would change
Keep falling off and having to catch-up on Ninja turtles
Sonic already built for television
Seasons of shonen manga
High action quotient
Overarching story with episodic stories

Robotnik made power gems artificially or are they natural
Made a mistake
Could've sworn that we was something in Chaotic special that said they were fabricated
What difference e they have to chaos emerald
Don't know
Poorly fegineidd and seldom used
Knuckles grow big
Shard used as unlimited battery
Ray frozen in time
Used to fuel amusement park
General power boost
Chaos emeralds warp reality
Chaos drives are more or less same thing

Thing Sonic characters could use Aura Manipulation
Hope don't get into kit spirit manipukat in Sonic
Because once let tiger out you're not getting back in
It becomes
If battle shine is built around it's fine cause for super abilities
But I troducing as is that cause problems
Arguably already there was Chaos energy
Shadow seems to get his
Silver had psychokinesis
Sonic has boost that seems to be magical at this point in recreating time from the void (sighs)
How since did what he does didn't have in universe explanation
There need to be universally applied rule set
Because easy out for new gimmick
Even Dragonball until Frieza or cell had physical limits that required learning
Super Saiyan's require transforming I to physical state
Was tight until Ss2 and on got meaningful
FMA is one of best systems when all sorts of things has to come form somewhere
Equivalent Exchange is thematically tied to Ed's journey villains goal login what's happening in macro sense of story
Characters who pull off crazy stunt have sacrificed or found workaround
If Sonic does would hope it's folded into existed natural to add to universe
No tails laser eyes




Jan 11
If sonic used soo Emeralds would he become solar Sonic
Official don't know
Haven't seen crossword shenanigans
Maybe only Blaze as Guardian can access
What want is chaos emeralds always grants super starts so turn her brilliant blaze
Sol emeralds grant fiery so Sonic blue petral flame becoming scorching sonic
Want generations type game with baked
Blaze is 2d technical platformer
Sonic is arcadey cinematic
Juno between dimensions
Finale gather Emeralds as usual
But if mix and match unlock easter egg of those forms

Lost world adaptation how Eggman found lost hex and why deadly six what to
Did in October tie in
Just happen to find while looking for things to exploit
Apparently Zeti are just violent destructive jerks by nature

Jon gray allow to move one character between classic and modern
Honey would cove same ground as Tangle vivacious brawler
But business savvy in personal interpretation would help stand out a bit
Want to see get more exposure
Shadow to convert edge lord into rilly Lilly thing
Be proof man give hmph before dropping emerald or blowing up door
There was fangma with short ring fadha nd homing attack
Fun way to vary without being broken
Kyle agrees with Honey
Maybe Beam but may not work by himself
Fang may work best translates flail
Want mighty but feel bad not moving ray
Kyle feel Shadow oeukd be too similar to Sonic
Maybe rouge would be interesting gameplay wise
Silver would be hilarious but weird to figure out in way that maintains speed
In Classic everyone plays same with own gimmick
Simple in exaction with single button press
Add another rbutton would be more complex and weird

Tips for creating world bio if lore
Would love to show Drogun lor book but would give away story
Recommend approach
Compile central data first
What is core case principal daettting overall narrative
From there add in details like start and where arc is going
Make sure put mile markers
That way can look. Ack and figure out if still going there and if make sense
From there start and jg minutiae
Animals points if interest
Things in background that might affect plot
Then start doing Estee eggs and other things that could show off if there is space
Fall in love with Google Docs with take kf cotnents for t
Juno to key ideas
If want weed it's all there
Also recommend creating light character map or relationship web
Cover main cast and relationship to each other
How interplay with other characters
Don't want to act ooc if they
He's not forget anyone if cast goes out of control
May find connections didn't think of
Start with it anf ten build off while not getting lost in detail

How much can tails bench
Surprisingly beefy
Carrying since and knuckles may be lift, but maintained for is still death
Enough to give black eye

What transforming would like to see return
Really would like hyper
Even as water regg unlockable
Understand why should've be regular thing
Would become power creep issue
Keep as hard i get to thing
Kyle mention super tails get shirt end as no hedgehog
Would let you see hyper knuckles in modern
Still remember being angry with heroes
Remember who scene heartbreak
Look at neo only for him to transform
Didn't get cool transformation but stupid dragon thing instead
Sit there as pelt things
Super trio isn't like super Shadow but at least music cool

Dr dtarkine beard on wechnia and tenstar characters
Exactly it

Classic public domain for Storybook series
Jason and arvonits
Journey to west
Wonder rif treasure Island would work
Wizard of Oz
Beyond both lessons know if while book huckleberry Finn
on huckleberry spin
Don't know if in comic
Maybe annual would be worth pitching

How to incorporate modern characters in classic stories
Where alternate reality plays to favor
Treat as own thing with divergence
Keep super simple without space aliens and dead children
Shadow is dark brooding gameplay clone
Super simple without backstory

Does sega own Shade and Scourge
Evil Sonic should be unownable because obvious derivative
Evil Micky would get Disney kickin' in door
Shade is clearly based on comic even if bioware said there was no overt inspiration
She is own distinct character that can't be called a copy of Julie Su legally
Denying any inspiratiins woukd be disengenius, but no overt connotations
Extremely difficult to make solid case for either
Do know certain parties would raise issue if either were used
Scourge is fine by the way
But have to go through lawsuit expenses
Chronicles didn't do well even if don't know sales, not fondly remembers, and not considered cannon
Stuff that could be lost to wayside
Though might ray and hooligans we're gone forever and they are back
Been proven wrong but don't know since out of hands

If Bunnie come back would be victim of eovoticixstion or tier spruce
Don't know
No idea
Depends on context of how who and what
Too many outstanding variables
It would also be spoiled if did happen.
Felt comfortable with scorching sonic that's probably never gonna fly
Still holding out hope for freedom Fighters

Other Sonic character in smash
Know people want tails Shadow or meta
l but eggman is one of most iconic villains
Heavier Bowser jr
Knuckles might be echo of Little Mac
Little disappointed that Wily is just assist trophy

Do think Pontiac and Graff are bad or too much guff
No shade tossed
Fandom is excessively harsh
May not agree with everything they've done, but there are many interpretations
Though Colors was one of best wirtrne games despite shade thrown at it
How much control they had well never know unless they are it
From what know It's mostly Sega with worries contributing what can
Could be different t
They've made him laugh and cheer but feel they've endured way too much they anyone should
Ludicrous death theats and questioning moral character
Reception depend on era
Sa2 got criticism for being too dark with humans and real settings
So we got Heroes with bright colors
But no where's' dark storytelling
Sliding scale time makes remember fondly

Satrkuen password in bad guys three
Shift 8 times
Line of stars
Thing is that was meant to be visual gag

What shonen would Sonic cross we with
DBZ would make SNES parallels
Mha would be fun with crazy powers and endearing wholesomeness
Deku and tails in a room together
Sonic and some version of Gundam
Take down tall geese by himself
Not familiar with sailor moon so don't knjw how mesh
Don't think FMA or cowboy bebop don't work
Aot would be gross
Silver and blaze might work
Hard watch tried but don't think can watch
Aleah like yona of the dawn but don't think it could work
(Goes into yona)
Speed racer demon if sneakers
Havent seen beastars but might work
Kyle explains content
Oh so it's sonic fanfiction

Does Amy and silver have speed
Got specific note saying Shadow is same speed
Imagine blaze is like knuckles and tails comparable
Game material is kinda incocnstitwnt
Amy is since fast in advance comparable in heroes but at least knuckles and tails fast in good day
Would like if they made her as fast and get out car
Let lead female be like boys
Silver gotta be Sonic fast under to because generations
On foot may be ploddily slow
Shadow can hover with shoes but never see that again
Make in charge keep all is good
Give infinite gauntlet

IDW Ever thought about spotlight issues for since like transformers
Not heard
Not shy about spinoffs
Wouldn't say not possible
Standalone stories
Always thought 48 page special
Big miniseries is mostly him fishing with near final page reeling in br he loses it




January 18

Ideas for Sonic Christmas play
Nothing to contribute because solid plot

See how much mileage, what other characters , what
Maybe charmy get too into elf
Elf Badniks
Chaos emeralds in present
Egg Sleigher

Protoman describe systems as nominal was intentional wordplay
Assume that seeming wordplay is intentional
But didn't actually know other word
Happy work out that because neat

Would have Eggman revive Deadly Six like japanese
Did not know
Would like to see context
If accurate translation
Issues with localization
Like Silver looking for blue or naive hedgehog
Know Japanese title imply they are.oni
But direction suggest they are just creatures
Don't know if there's anything special
Doubt go into backstory in
Maybe mean awoken

Tsr dlc content
Remember When meeting for idw
Showed early development game for when they do tie un
List teams thought it was weird to have vector with no Espio Got chuckle in board room
Would like full Chaotix
Toss Marine in boat vehicle with silver
Possibly put Cream in
Don't think worth putting in all Deadly Six, but they could fill two teams if so
Maybe put Infinite on Team Eggman since he is "highly marketable and endured for a long time"
Sad that Babylon Rogues were missing and worry they're pigeonholed to Extreme Gear
Maybe throw in line of Jet complaining and let them get exposure outside of Riders
For stages
Mushroom Hill bouncy on caps up large hills go between wintery palette
Mirage Saloon
Oil Ocean Zone
Mystic Cave has fantastic look and track
Chemical Plant Tubes
Metal Harbor or Radical Highway are obvious because they have roads
Problem is there's so much you can do
Base game is fun but could use more
There may have been complications between team mechanic and online mod
Personally prefer traditional racer where everyone plays the same but get more out of toys

What animals would Sally and Antoine be since coyote was made up for Archie
Sally was chipmunk while father was squirrel which cause confusion
Of course chipmunks don't have those tails but that's what Chip and Dale codified
Think safe enough with last name
Be hilarious if they gave her squirrel tail like Ray and everyone melts down
Which was actually considered for the reboot, but decided against
Don't know about Antoine since it was unclear
There was no solid source in the available material beyond Woodland animal
He might get heavily redesigned
Don't remember if D'coolette was in cartoon
Haven't done a lot of research on

Are there characters you'd rather not or are simply not sure how to write correctly
Aside from Sonic
There's no one required by Sega off top of head
There's also no one he doesn't want to use
There are frustrations with Shadow so kudos to Evan having more patience and grace nowadays
Intimidated to use Marine she's so Aussie slang so don't want to use terms that are wrong or offensive due to unfamiliarity
Want to make sure get distinct voice right
Otherwise no comfortable or fun challenge

Favorite part of Crusaders
Being able to work with characters without a lot of baggage
Red Circle had some wild backstory
Across the ten year stints and was easy to access some of it legally
It was nice to put a spin even with heavy editorial
Fun to finally work in a super hero property
Favorite character Firebowl because he was funny and cocky
Then they decided to kill him because of darker direction
Shield for being a Captain America who actually aged into a bitter grump but kept fighting because he's a hero
New Crusaders was interesting because he'd been through many teams and asked teens who didn't know what they were geCrusadersnto to adopt his life
Fun dynamic
Wish had more time in Mighty Crusaders to play with his mentor dynamic with Victoria since she was way more experienced and there was mutual respect
Looks like Rob Liefeld is entirely in charge now

Will Encyclospeedia reference comics
It will briefly acknowledge spinoffs

Sonic Chronicles reference Cosmo and canonicity
Tried to research
But it is content sense so it's possible just couldn't find anything on it
Sonic X material is generally off table
One interesting thing where
Sega notes asked to canonize Vector's crush on Vanilla before he asked

When does Bad Guys take place considering Hooded Figure and what should be read first
Personal preference is Chronological
Bad Guys spoils reveal but need to read in context of what stories accomplish
Bad Guys is Starline arc and reading it reaches where he is in Chao Races
There are clues to his identity right away, but the mystery is for the characters
Could argue other way to fill gap
But Starline is going to show up at other points that raises questions
There is no official order when reading for fun

What creature is Clutch and Belle
Clutch is an Oppossum
Belle is based off Trolls of Nordic folklore

What would like to see return from Dreamcast and early Modern era
Chaos and Tikal as regular characters
Official word is they're dead but Chaos appears in Battle and Battle is Canon hence Gemerl
"Everything is Canon"
Make Chaos temporary Guardian and make Tikal someone Knuckles can talk to
Use what you got
Another is Episode Metal's power boost and the mysteries around it
Already lined everything from Heroes

Plans to add Off panel to IDW
Haven't heard anything
Doubt see anything like it anytime soon
Thing is they didn't go to license approval
Don't see that coming back that way

Why Gemerl and Marine haven't been in games and whether they'll come back
Non bitterly they're just gimmicks of their games
Don't think they're viewed as more than mascots for those adventure
That said there was no resistance to using them beyond not wanting to introduce last minute
Honestly don't know why they aren't in games
Neo Metal and Mephiles are definitively gone, but they're been allowed comic and toy appearances
Could be shifting mindset on upper management
Kyle points out that all recurring characters were gimmicks that have endured

What would be Zeti and Lost Hex backstory if in charge
Gonna dodge because might get to
Not sure but encouraged by feedback

Starline and Metal relationship
No jealousy because sees him, Orbot and Cubot as constructs
Only talked to Orbot because there was no one else to peesonable confide in
He acknowledges that they are aware and conscious but little else
Metal is very single minded only thinking of orders and inside box
See Starline as servant of Eggman
Thing is people get lost in his affableness, but he is bad person
He might be stepping out of Eggman's shadow, but he's doing so by trying to do tyranny better
You can have fun and love him, but he's nothing short of vile
Rough and Tumble are at least just self-serving jerk mooks
Starline was complicit in Metal Virus and enjoyed it

Is TVTropes opinion about disliking Shadow true
Recalls saying frustrated with how have to write Shadow and that it may be better to hold off until something shifts
But nothing against character
Lot of fun in.aunkverse
Wish could change how it is now

Who owns Scourge
Firstly not expert only understanding that could lack nuance and doesn't represent anyone
He should be Sega character due to being derivative of Sonic
Evil Sonic has the name looks and whole point as copy of Sonic
Made efforts to make own character
Scar on chest is roman numeral 2 for duality
Color shift and dynamic was meant to separate him
Maybe if he was made in era of Anti Freedom Fighters being devoid of creative input it would still be derivative of Sonic visually
Never intended as parody
Maybe there is loophole or caveat that could get him out but don't know




Jan 25
What went to IDW Sonic's character, particularly his seeing good in Eggman
There's been a bit of pushback in light of recent events of giving inch and being walked all over
Find compassion tone deaf
Part is trying to rationalize some notes
Sonic and friends only acts reactively and don't proactively go after villains
Find part of it frustrating in that while they aren't militant soldiers since that's against franchise feel, but think them not keeping eye on things is meddlesome
There's degrees to address including addressing why Sonic doesn't just use his power since he's not the similarly powered Shadow
Take into context the begrudgin good he has done and use Tinker to attempt to rationalize why he doesn't lock Eggman's cage
The moment in 33 was less him being sad so much as frustrated
He knows it wouldn't take much for Eggman to get his head out of his rectum and change his ways.
It's also following trend of shonen heroes that are leaving era of egotistical selfharmers with something to prove and vulnerable insightful heroes
Sonic won't be that
He's been kinder in
Less abrasion and more cheekiness

What was secret to Jun Kun invulnerability
Part of long con
Wanted to reveal that he was the first of 12 Khans success
Julian continued to mess
Themed around Chinese Zodiac
He was Ox Khan
Fast and loose with Ken's origin but people might've forgiven it for new neat powerd
Didn't get far
Ideas of Ken looking for vaults and helping them master their powers, while Iron Dominion and whatever villainous forces would use as living weapons
There weren't many concept designs for much plotting done since didn't get that far on bucket list

What is Starline's favorite food and do Zeti eat
He is an individual with a refined palette who sipping honey
Delicious vesisour
Well fine prime meal
Fava beans
Delicate desert refreshing
Zomom excluded Zeti eat ...stuff
Zeena comments that she'd feed Sonic to Zomom since she's on a diet, so she's either viciously carnivorous or it's just a joke
So the horrible monsters presumably eat things alive and screaming
Imagines Zavok grabbing Flicky from air and popping it in, somehow chewing when his lower jaw is a part of his chest

How would different Sonic Universe be named
Imagine Post Reboot Archie would come up with nickname or just have fun with both sharing a name
StC would look at him, call him a tosser, and go about his day
Honestly, very complicated question that'd require lots of thought and planning that kinda glad isn't on table right now
Might have to work around in universe
At least with pop culture knockoffs of Cosmic Interstate, they'd be visually distinct. Western cartoons are basically same model, StC has distinctive enough, but would need good art team

How would like multiplayer modes to be brought back
If Mania 2 something more robust than Sonic and Tails
Loved how Advance 3 let you mix and match the different characters
Favorite memories of Sonic 2 was playing with brother
Don't know how to balance with the combos, but would like to see that come back in a more varied fashion
For 3d you have to settle in actual play style
Maybe take Heroes and make each player play as one of three characters, which would be quick mess

Netflix's Fate the Winx Saga
Never watched Winx Club
Thinks it's western take on Magical Girl with Faries
Only fringe heard that it was surprisingly good for time wit characters and time
Heard Netflix us making it a grim gritty live action reboot
There is grain of salt to be had with that sell
Have to see if it flutters with its own two wings
But can see why fans of the original would be just a little concerned

What pokemon would you design
Kyle not a big fan and don't know types
There are so many to choose
Had concept for Gorgrilla, big firey Gorilla just for pun, maybe pure fire
Idea for Raindeer, big fountain or sprinkler type antlers
Idea for Peacock grass type with different fern leaves for retail
Idea for fire electric bird based of fireworks, glass Cannon, each evolution is covered in explosive fire shaped feathers, maybe it could be ostrich with fireball body
Also velociraptor fossil Pokemon, rock steel with speed through roof kinda preferred Gen 1 when they were animals and trend now is more objects or  mascot type things
Isn't necessarily bad but take bear Ursaring over teapot Poltigeist even with delightful name
Already seen Sonic as Shaymin

Wonder if Pellerito had obsession with monkeys and apes that greenlight Iron Dominion
Maybe Mike enjoyed simians, assumed they'd boost readers, and apparently had numbers to back that up
Any Silver Age book with Superman fighting or become Gorilla Was read more
It's why New Crusaders had alien monkey
Asked why, but put it with name Ook Ook Ack Ack(?) because can't be stopped
Actually sad because came to love Dusty as a character
Few years ago DC did Justice League Apes, so wanna know numbers on that
Marvel responded in kind for some reason
Spider monkey is the only joke they actually had
Inclined to believe it because Juddhead books sold more when he's eating something on cover
Don't understand but can't argue with numbers
Also true that Universe stuffed Sonic onto unrelated covers

How did Sonic raise Tails
Same as game
He wasn't raised from birth
Sonic has been the most involved in his life and got him where he is today

How would explain Eggman's weakness
You don't have to be smart to be a threat and can be an effective idiot
Intelligence is wide term, where proficient people can do very dumb things
Eggman is a staggering threat compared to other villains, but is undone by own hubris
That's what Starline came to realize

What do Sol Emeralds precise over and how can restore memories
Sega was very clear that they couldn't--it was the sight of Burning Blaze that triggered his memory of being Super
No idea what they do since they're connection to Blaze and the Dimension is muddled mess
Have own theories, but staying far away from it until get official word
They somehow link to Chaos Emeralds since they can communicate, have space time warping abilities, clearly have fiery powers (which may or may not be the source of her powers)
One interesting distinction from notes is that it's not as technologically advanced as Sonic's World

Prominent female villain
#Knowing Smile

When writing script for story arc, do know how it will end
Usually try to have beginning middle and end already figured out with whole course plan set
Adjustments will be made if things change along the way
Like to know where going instead of going in blind so there is actually point
(Have had cases where personally changed ending)
Can't think of many
Knew basics of where Drogoon would end, but it was throroughly revised
Endings are usually solid beginnings that get most tweaking
Book 1 was written completely and then thrown out
Going through something similar with Book 2 that had quick cold open that didn't work anymore because of xyz, then needed to address something else that would require more pages,
Most will likely intact just need to rewrite first 30 pages

Will pitch Sticks again
She is fun and want to see more in the mix

What is chili dog made of
Covered before
Never specified
Could be plant based, ground Pickies, Idk
Maybe they are chaos or ring based
Kyle suggests they give him the runs, which is "high brow humor"

Are Freedom Fighters Classic exclusive
Can make sense,but all depends on how Sega wants them used if they let them out of the vault

Are Off limits characters prohibited from any other form of media
Idk up to Sega
Not part of any other media branch
Think it would be silly, but it's their brand to figure out
Kyle cites Mephiles and Infinite plush's
You would think they'd be allowed in comics if they're making plushies, but eh






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Did some housekeeping to include the older summaries by DaBigRG. I didn't link to your first post since it's kind of a random assortment, but the December 2020 and January 2021 ones have been appended to the OP for easy access. Thank you!

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