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This Shape Keeps Popping Up...


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Now stop me immediately if this is just a general 'Sonic Shape' that has always been appearing in the series and I'm just going nuts with anticipation, but...


This shape, a circle with a spike, which first appeared (AS FAR AS I KNOW) in Sonic Heroes, keeps popping up lately. I'm definitely missing a few instances, but here are two big ones:


The Sonic Rangers... uh, 'logo', I guess, AND


In these little blurbs for the most recent Colors Ultimate trailer. I guess it's worth mentioning that the Cyan Lazer Wisp's head also has this shape, but that wouldn't explain why that shape is in EVERY box in this trailer, and not different shapes for all the wisps. 

Has this shape suddenly just become a general 'Sonic' logo shape? Am I missing something obvious? Does this mean ABSOLUTELY nothing? Or is there something fishy going on? It would also help to post other instances of this shape to more properly understand any meaning it holds.

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Probably just mean to evoke a simplified image of Sonic rolling. Hedgehog curls into a ball, but there's a little hint of his spikes as he rolls about.

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They just have a habit of using those sharp edges when designing graphics since it's evocative of Sonic's spikes. I don't think its a huge deal.

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Thought so. Probably nothing. Thought it would be cool to point out anyway.

Edit: It's also the shape of the color power hud thing in Sonic Colors. So yeah, nothing.

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2 hours ago, Gloved Animal said:

Hey, wait a minute...

Shut up. Keep it quiet. 🤫

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