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The correct SatAM Season 1 ABC broadcast order.


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Hi guys.

As we know, when it comes to the ABC Saturday morning airdates for the Sonic SatAM(1st broadcasts of episodes), we have pretty well known what the 2nd season's(1994-1995) correct broadcast order is. But we really haven't been able to see what the right airing order for the 1st season(1993-1994) was.

The list that we've always seen online has been what the production order of the 1st year eps were, which is the following.

1-Heads or Tails

2-Sonic Boom

3-Sonic and Sally

4-Ultra Sonic

5-Sonic and the Secret Scrolls

6-Super Sonic

7-Sonic Racer

8-Hooked on Sonics

9-Harmonic Sonic

10-Sonic's Nightmare

11-Warp Sonic


13-Sonic Past Cool

Well, over the last week or so, I've been attempting to solve the puzzle as to what episodes of the Sonic SatAM's 1st season were broadcast in their correct weeks. My search led me to Google Groups, where numerous links, that will be provided below, gave me the correct broadcast list.

Oddly, the greatest assist I got was from long-time Sonic and SatAM fan Dan Drazen, who's been known for his show fanfics.

At first, I found the right dates for 8 of the eps, but the other 5 were still a mystery, until Dan's list helped me finish off my research, as the 8 eps that I knew the dates for lined up with his list. Therefore, it stood to reason that those missing 5 would line up that same way too.

So, without further ado, with the 2nd season eps added here for the sake of completion, here is the list of the original dates for the SatAM's time on ABC.


Season 1

1-Super Sonic was aired as the Season 1 and Series Premiere on Sept. 18, 1993.

2-Sonic Boom was aired on Sept. 25, 1993.

3-Sonic & Sally was aired on Oct. 2, 1993.

4-Hooked on Sonics was aired on Oct. 9, 1993.

5-Ultra Sonic was aired on Oct. 16, 1993.

6-Sonic's Nightmare was aired on Oct. 23, 1993(the day the Toronto Blue Jays won their 2nd MLB World Series Championship in dramatic fashion).

7-Warp Sonic was aired on Oct. 30, 1993.

8-Harmonic Sonic was aired on Nov. 6, 1993.

9-Sonic & The Secret Scrolls was aired on Nov. 13, 1993.

10-Sub-Sonic was aired on Nov. 20, 1993.

11-Heads or Tails was aired on Nov. 27, 1993.

12-Sonic Past Cool was aired on Dec. 4, 1993.

13-Sonic Racer was aired as the Season 1 Finale on Dec. 11, 1993.

Season 2

1-Game Guy was aired as the Season 2 Premiere on Sept. 10, 1994.

2-Sonic Conversion was aired on Sept. 17, 1994.

3-No Brainer was aired on Sept. 24, 1994.

4-Blast To The Past(Part I) was aired on Oct. 1, 1994.

5-Blast To The Past(Part II) was aired on Oct. 8, 1994.

6-Fed Up With Antoine/Ghost Busted was aired on Oct. 15, 1994.

7-Dulcy was aired on Oct. 22, 1994.

8-The Void was aired on Oct. 29, 1994.

9-The Odd Couple/Ro-Becca was aired on Nov. 5, 1994.

10-Cry Of The Wolf was aired on Nov. 12, 1994.

11-Drood Henge was aired on Nov. 19, 1994.

12- Spyhog was aired on Nov. 26, 1994.

13-The Doomsday Project was aired as the Season 2 and Series Finale on Dec. 3, 1994.


The links for the Season 1 ep dates, though you need to read the posts therein to piece together what was aired that week, are here.







So, after I think over 2 and a half decades, those who have SatAM sections in their Sonic websites now have the correct order of episodes for the show's ABC run.


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Very informative, thanks!

I tried researching this myself, but didn't get very far with it.

For clarity, are you saying that Dan's list in the second link reveals the broadcast order of the five "missing" episodes, and the other five links reveal the air dates of the other 8 episodes?


Also, a poster on the FUS forums said the broadcast episode varied by region: http://www.sonicsatam.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=729


No, Super Sonic wasn't the first to air in every single area in the US. It depended on the area you lived it. Sonic Boom was the first episode I remember seeing in my area. I didn't watch Super Sonic until almost or around November of 1993. Game Guy was the first episode of Season Two in my area.


This sounds dubious - do network affiliates work this way? Wouldn't they show the exact same episodes nationwide, with only regional content (news, commercials etc.) varying? It sounds like he doesn't have anything to back up the claim other than memory. Can anyone verify or debunk this claim?

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So even accounting for reruns on Saturdays this does continue to make me question just how much Power Rangers actually affected SatAM's ratings. I mean the first SatAM episode literally debuted after the fifth MMPR episode.


Here's the episode list for MMPR for comparisons sake.

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