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The full version of Look-a-Like has been found


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There's something really funny about the full song being lost to time for over two decades and all it took to dig it up was just some guy asking someone on the production team really nicely (and even then they didn't ask for the song just the lyrics LOL)

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I can't express how happy this makes me! Look-a-like has always been one of my favorite Sonic songs. I've been listening to a low quality patched together version for years and to hear it in better quality with a new verse- Oh the new verse! I was clapping and squeeing like a child at that part!

Looking forward to the original file release next week.

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I grew up watching the OVA frequently, so seeing this after all this time makes me quite happy... even if I didn't know there was a full version until today. Still, this was a good way to end my day, so thanks for posting about it.

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