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Random Images that you've SWORN could be in a future sonic game


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every time I turn my laptop back on, I keep getting different Images. I'm mostly getting sick of getting the same scenario, where there's just images, like this one for example:


and SWEARING it could be in a sonic game, or something, and having to post it on the status update board... so, I've came up with a challenge: Bring me a random image that looks like it could be in a sonic game, comic, tv show (hehe, if we get one, amirite?) or spinoff. remember, the image is only valid if it looks surreal, bizarre and/or large in scope. maybe something similar to this:


I'll wait...….

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@iambitter21 That picture is cool, though Isn't it exactly what Sylvania Castle from Sonic 4 ep II looks like?


My picture are many pictures because one is not enough:







Highway, but unlike the usual highway levels that are deep into a big metropolis filled with skyscrapers, this one is in the middle of a grassland with hills and a lot of nature. The theme of wind energy generators is the recurring visual element of the stage, and some gimmicks could bring this visual concept to gameplay as well.

The street and artificial elements have a big emphasis on the white color, along with some smaller red/yellow/green details such as stripes, signs and panels; the natural part is obviously mostly green, with flowers of several colors and some brown parts where the ground without grass is visible (such as cliffs).

Farming might be a secondary theme too (cultivated fields and irrigation canals/ducts might be part of the stage as well); maybe as a variation for act 2.

Thinking of existing zones with similar themes, probably the closest one would be Planet Wisp, but also Emerald Hill (+ highway theme).

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If there was a rule of this being mandatory, I'd call this Red-Leaf Range Zone. Anyone get any sonic BTS vibes from this? cuz I sure do.

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