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Tangle & Whisper: the dynamics of gameplay


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I don't even care about the IDW characters, but the topic is strictly about these two and isn't really trying to dismiss other universe characters (which, unfortunately, happens on this forum anyway but it wasn't in the OP or succeeding post). I don't think it was necessary to bring it up here. There are plenty of topics where this line of discussion is more fitting so please consider moving it.


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21 minutes ago, JezMM said:

Nothing's stopping you from making your own thread about that then. I don't really see why you couldn't just not engage if the topic didn't interest you.  The OP asked how people would like to see them if they were playable, not whether they should be playable at all.

It’s less that I’m not interested and more that I’m holding things to the same standard. I know what the OP asked, and I’m going to reiterate the standard people have made when it comes to alternate characters: they should stay in their alternate settings.


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Gonna necro this thread to say that while it’s kind of tricky to have these characters in a 2d game with 1 button for everything, whisper might work.  Basically her double jump would be an enhanced drop dash (using the spikes whisp) with more kick that could also let her drop dash up walls.  Spindash would charge to max instantly (again, spikes whisp) and holding up+jump would let her do a (orange) rocket jump.  Not exactly what she could do in the comics but it was the best I could think of.

tangle?  I wish I knew.  Really I’m just not sure what you would do with her tail I’m a sprite-based game (again, with one button to jump, spindash and everything else)


edit: probably some tail swipe move that hits everything around her.  Not that interesting but that’s all I could come up with

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