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What If Tails Had Died In Sonic 2 GG


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ASSUMING that Sonic 2 game gear's bad ending was supposed to depict Tails meeting an untimely, unspecified death, how would Sonic's life be different?

It turns out Sonic 2's placement is quite dubious in comparison to Sonic 2, so we're going to humor multiple scenarios.


Sonic chases Eggman to Angel Island and manages to tail him just fine aside from a mild inconvenience in Marble Garden. He hops aboard the Death Egg when it launches, turns super and beats the fuck out of the mad doctor in space to the legendary anthem that is that one song from SMBZ.

But there's one small problem. Who's going to catch him and the master emerald now?

That's right, fucking nobody. Sonic falls into the ocean and drowns. The master Emerald is lost forever after Knuckles tries to go and get it without his trusty air necklace and also drowns. EGGMAN WINS.



ASSUMING that Tails was still alive for Sonic 3 but perished after, Sonic would go to the totally tubular station square to fight chaos. He would never get aboard the Egg Carrier and it would destroy the city unless Knuckles  still does the dumb shit that causes to crash, leaving only Eggman with the means to escape. Eggman has three different means of destroying the City and Tails is responsible for thwarting two of them. EGGMAN WINS.


Even if Sonic were to stop chaos on his own somehow, every other event in the series is now significantly harder if not impossible if Tails isn't present. 

Sonic Adventure 2? Tails wouldn't be around to cover for Amy OR track Eggman to the desert to get the space ship. Sonic sits on earth picking his nose and daydreaming about Shadow before Eggman fires the canon.

Sonic Heroes? What's The Real Super Power of Teamwork without Tails to bridge the gap between Sonic and Knuckles's personalities? The Tangible Average Power of Begrudging Acquaintances? 

Shadow the Hedgehog? Who else would rob Eggman's circus and shatter his long term prospects as a live entertainer?

Sonic 06? Who would do this stupid shit? Whatever he's doing. I didn't play this game.


Sonic Generations? Who would have told me I was travelling in time and space? I sure as shit wouldn't have guessed that. 

Face it, Tails is THE most important character in the entire series, and he deserves to be respected and protected for the good of the earth Sonic's World  Sonic's WorldS. He's like if that Elise Iblis thing was like, all the time. 

Discuss a world without Tails and how terrible that would be below.

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i dunno mate, sonic did a pretty good job saving south island without tails

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You've given a certain member something to be happy about.

About if Tails did die that is.

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On the bright side I would be able to complete all the Sonic 2 special stages without someone purposely getting all the mines of the stage in the face in order to lose all my rings.

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well nothing changes for forces idw and beyonAAAAnyway-


There's one important fact that's worth metioning: Tails had killed numerous times before and somehow comes back to life everytime. So what makes his demise here be siginificant enought to form memoriam constellation? 

If we are to assume 2GG takes place before 2 Megadrive, Tails had likely been given his immortality from the Chaos Emeralds. The Good Ending has Sonic made an unselfish wish on the emeralds to ensure his best friend would never have his life risked again. The Bad Ending has Eggman still control at least one emerald and Sonic never found him, so the wish could never be made, and Tails was lost forever.

On the other hand, if it takes place anywhere after 2 Megadrive, than Tails may've been blessed with infinite lives at birth. The Bad Ending instead has Eggman use the emeralds to absorb his immortailty and basically all his life energy. With the doctor newfound power, Eggman was rendered impossible for Sonic to destroy, and along with the reasoning mention at the start, the whole world is doomed to be seized by the Eggman Empire for enternity.


What's that? You say it's all just a matter of Gameplay Story Segregation? Maybe so.

But there's more.


You know the Good Ending? artworks-000240976727-uodes5-t500x500.jp

Despite it appearing that Sonic and Tails have survived, now both of their faces are formed in the stars. It doesn't help that no matter which ending screen you get, you still are taken to the Game Over screen. Therefore, Sonic and Tails had both died from exhaustion from running without stopping for an entire day. Right when the song ends, they both stop moving and look straight up at the sky, ready to greet the Lord. Immediately after they're offscreen, their bodies dissappear from the mortal realm into spiritual paradise, as their spirits take form of constellations in the heavens.




...Whatduya mean overanalizing?

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