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Robotnik phrase catalog for Shadow the hedgehog


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Note, since it's not responding to the bold and size instruments to the text panel, I will have to split this post up in three parts.





Ah, Shadow the Hedgehog. That name strikes fear into the hearts of gamers everywhere. Whether you love or absolutely loathe this game is just a matter of preference. However, I need to take a quote from Irish born comedian Graham Norton and say the name of this game is “shorthand for shit.” Literally. Now I won’t go into a frothing fanboy rant here about it- needless to say, you probably already heard much “praise” for this game from others – but this was absolutely the glitchiest game I have ever played through. And guessing from this little remark, you can already tell that the impact of these faulty mechanics hampered my progress along the way of my research, making my journey an arduous and long odyssey. Also, we can thank those Slip-N-Slide physics that we as an ultimate group, have enjoyed from this game, and appreciate for this catalog’s slow progress. You can also refer to my insights at the bottom of this page for more nuggets of wisdom from my now-addled brain about this game. Needless to say, despite all of the glitches, there was one that did indeed help me out on my research, and like a fly-by-night hooker, it was gone after a short time period, so I savored the moment and used it to my advantage.

Now, here’s how we are going to break this mutha’ down. Unlike with my Robotnik Codec from Sonic Riders: Zero Gravity, the sections are broken up into many different parts. Each stage will be divided up into various categories in accordance to what triggers a certain phrase. We will start off like this:



INTRODUCTION: (What the character says when you meet them for the first time before asking you out on a date.)

MISSION: (What the highlighted character will say on the pause screen. The screen captioned text will not be included.)

RE-ENCOUNTER: (When you run into the same character again in the stage.)

1st: (This dialogue is specific when you encounter them again for the first time)

Repeated: (This dialogue will be repeated over and over again for the rest of the stage, so even if you ram Shadow into their path as long as you want, they still won’t tell you about their glorious day sorting out the fine designer China from the Waterford. Including you,

E-123 Omega.)

IDLE: (This is what they blabber on about when you stand still. There are three all-around phrases and two stage specific ones. The third all-around phrase is very rare to encounter, and by this time you would rather want to listen to the tranquil sounds of Yoko Ono screeching than try to find it, so move along for your audile sanity.)

ANGER/PRAISE: (This section will be used for the clips when you either do something to enlighten your sidekick, or if you want to be a naughty little git, and raise their ire. Needless to say with a little devil in all of us, you have done more of the second one. You are a horrible, horrible person, and I salute you. Now sit in the corner, and think about that poor Egg Pawn you just clobbered.)

STAGE: (The rest of the dialogue portion will be based on the stage.)

QUESTION BALLS: (Stop your snickering. This section is based on the insight your sidekick gives when you walk into the spherical rainbow aura. While the Question Balls themselves in this list might be out of order compared to the order you encounter them in the game, the dialogue is all the same. There are numbers next to each one, and I will only list the new phrases from the balls themselves, and not the repeated ones, so the amount of balls you will encounter in-game will differ. Commence laughing, now.)

LOCALE PHRASING: (This important section here includes the dialogue when a certain place or event will set your character off into a word-spouting machine. I would call them insightful or bombastic, but deep down inside they all are just a bunch of lonely people who need someone to talk to. When Robotnik growls for you to ‘exterminate them’, he’s just really crying out for you to give him a big ol’ squishy hug.)

MISSION SPECIFIC: (This section differs from the locale due to the fact that the phrases are based and repeated around the mission themselves. So, if you are bound to pass something in order to get to something else you will hear the character posture as Captain Obvious and tell you to go back to it. If you achieve a part of the mission, they will make like the Count and list it off in numerical fashion. If you want to be brazen and head to the goal, they will whine for you to play errand boy and go back. Simple enough. Now, where are you heading? The list is behind you! Get away from that television and turn back!)

Then to add the elastic funk, we will also include these hep hits:

BOSSES: (This section will be listed after all of the regular stages named for the character ends. Some characters will not have a boss, and their section will not have it listed.)

BOSS NAME: (After the headliner, you will have the boss named and version if it is a multiple one, the location it’s related to, and if possible, the path you need to take to encounter it.)

INTRO: (The bombastic phrase used before you get it on like Donkey Kong. Differing from the headlining character for the list, this will either be the boss himself or your battle partner.)

0:00 (Since all sidekick dialogues are used from a time set pattern, this section will also include the in-game clock time when the phrase is triggered in battle, much like my comedy routine. Hey-oooo!)

EXPERT MODE: (This section will only include the phrases from the unlocked Expert Mode after obtaining all A’s or using a cheat device….*cough*.)

STAGE NAME: ( I will list the stage name, and the dialogue will be listed underneath, since the Expert Mode’s character encounter is via a Question Ball during only the beginning of the level. After all of the attempted murders and manipulation, they missed you soooo much.)

Sentence dialogues marked with an asterisk ( * ) next to it are re-used and will not appear again the listing. Repeated phrases will appear only in this list where they first appear in the game. Descriptions about the usage of certain controller buttons will vary between platform console versions (This is the Gamecube version.)

Now, on to the meat of this pastrami sandwich!





Hey, Shadow the black creatures have infiltrated my castle! I'd like you to go and light those giant lanterns. They're part of my special defenses.


Light the fires on the giant lanterns.


1st: What are you doing? Hurry up and light the fires on my defense lanterns.

Repeated: Hurry and get my defenses ready!


* Oh hurry up!

* What are you doing?

* Hm? What's wrong? Can you hear me?

How dare they barge into my castle like this!

What's wrong Shadow, does my castle scare you?


* What are you doing?!

* Who do you think your enemy is?

* Don't let them get away!

* Shadow, cut that out!

That's it, Shadow!

Exterminate them!



* 1. Don't destroy my marvelous robot's balancing ball, Shadow! You'll ruin his fun little act!

2. Containers and bombs can be picked up and thrown by using the X button.

3. Shadow, smash into those black bird creatures and use them to get across using your Homing Attack.

* 4. Have you gotten any special weapons yet? This container is for retrieving those.

* 5. I think you can fly on that bird like creature to get past here! Shadow! Try roughing it up a bit, and press the X button to ride it!

* 6. These walls should be close enough together for you to Triangle Jump, Shadow! Just keep using your Jump Dash over and over to get higher!

7. According to my research, pressing the X button will let you use the alien's red rapid transit flow!

* 8. This door takes five keys to open it.

9. Shadow, Spin Dash on top of the alien's red slime!

* 10. Stay away from the bombs that my robot is tossing! And whatever you do, don't try anything funny!

* 11. While clinging to the wall during a Triangle Jump, you can run short distances along the wall. If you don't jump again soon, though, you'll fall! Be careful where you try this!

12. I don't care if the floor is collapsing! Just don't go tearing it all up!

13. This stone lantern is for lighting fires. You realize what this means, right?

14. Pressing the X button while atop a Save point will warp you to other warp points you've touched!


* Shadow, use that!

Stupid ghosts, thinking they could just haunt my cryptic castle!

* Don't go smashing up my robots!

* Use this teleporter to go back!

* Use that balloon over there!

* You can jump up on that and then grind your way down it.

If you don't jump off the balloon, it will bring you back where you started.

You know how these balloons work, right? They're set to float around a set area and then return. If you need to get down, you need to jump off.

* Try going down.

* I wonder how my robots are doing?

* Press the control stick up to make this thing dive, and pull back to make it fly up. Holding down the A button will let you accelerate.

* Are you ready? Line up your target in the cannon's crosshairs and fire away!

* No! This can't be happening! Shadow, help them!

* Those pulsating blobs are some kind of alien spawn. Make sure you don't overlook them.

* Don't fall!

The black creatures are everywhere! There's no time for mistakes, Shadow!

* Try going up!

* Do you have any fire?

Shadow, leave my things alone!

Hohoho, it's a dead end... or is it?

Ohoho! Good eyes! Way to go, boy!

Hurry along now, or you'll be crushed!

My, my, my, what's this?

That platform in the middle of the room is one of the giant lanterns. Just don't look down!

Don't get burned, now!

* Press the X button when you're near some Rings to use the Light Dash move.

* Check the lower right-hand of the screen to see the creature's remaining health. Make sure you steer clear of walls and obstacles while flying!

What's that!?

Hohoho! Try poking around a little bit!

I didn't know that there was an underground passage here!

Gaaaah! Wh-wh-what is that?!

It's going to get us! Jump onto the rail with the Rings!

Oho... Looks like it gave up the chase...

Where are you going?! That'll take you outside!


That's one of the giant lanterns! Now, light the fire!

That's the first one! Now you have to just find and light the other four.

Good work Shadow! Three to go!

Ah, that's number three! More of the intruders are getting in now. Move quickly!

Yes! Yes! Now you need to just light the final lantern and my defenses will be complete!

Nicely done, Shadow!

Shadow, where are you going? The giant lantern is behind you!



Oh, Shadow! There you are! Those G.U.N. geeks are trying to demolish my lovely park! Do me a favor and get rid of the soldiers for me, will you?


Get rid of those G.U.N. soldiers!


1st: Shadow, the G.U.N. soldiers are still making a mess of my park! Finish them all off!

Repeated: Track down the rest of those G.U.N. pests!


I won't let anyone to set foot on my property!

What do you think of the world's greatest theme park? Like it?


Yes, that's it!

Show them we're not to be taken so lightly!



1. Touch this Save Point, just to be on the safe side!

2. Welcome to my park's astonishing shooting gallery! So, how many balloons do you think you can shoot down? Hit the clock and start the game!

* 3. Those G.U.N. robots are in the perfect position for you to use your Homing Attack!

4. You can move this coaster to the left and right. Give it a try!

5. Ohohohoho! I decided to requisition this G.U.N. turret for my little game!

* 6. Use the X button to get in and out of that turret and press the B button to fire!

7. Passing through the fire hoop will get you a nice reward of rings. Do you have the guts to go for it?

8. Try sliding along this rope! I think you'll be fine!

9. Have you found all of the keys for this door? If not, you'll need to go around by climbing the roof.

* 10. If you don't want to get hurt, then use this pole to go down.

11. Let me give you some pointers how my little shooting game works. When red and yellow balloons come out, make sure you go for the yellow ones! And don't shoot the ones with my face on them!

12. If you want to open this cage, then defeat those G.U.N. troops!


Stupid G.U.N. Beetle sentry drones! They may be weak, but they are relentless!

So, fast enough for you?

* Whahahaaa!

Ohoho! Those fools really think they stand a chance against my combat mechs?

Time to turn those G.U.N. robots into scrap!

This is a little carnival game that I invented. If you can hit the center of the target, you win a prize!

Looks like the soldiers still have some fight in them. You have to stop them.

This tightrope is also part of my shooting gallery! Let's see your skills.

Those G.U.N. fools! They call a measly little thing like this a turret?

Behold! That tent is the pride and joy of my circus! I've gathered animals from all over the world to showcase at my marvelous bigtop!

You can't have a circus without a tightrope! Of course there's no safety net, but...

Hey, where are you going? There aren't any G.U.N. soldiers past there!

* Shadow! Get in!

Hohohoho! What a rush!

What the...!


* Ah, that's how it's done! Show G.U.N. we mean business!

* Keep it up! There are still lots more left!

* All right! On to the second half.

* Only a few more! You can do it!

* There's just one more somewhere!

* That's it, Shadow!

Where are you going Shadow? There are still some G.U.N. soldiers left!



Hoho Shadow! Fancy running into you here! There's got to be some kind of peculiar power source that's keeping these ruins afloat! Find it and destroy it!


Destroy the aliens' power units!


1st: These ruins are a bit more fussy than I expected. Looks like we need to up the ante. According to my findings there are numerous power sources within these ruins.

Repeated: Shadow, hurry up and destroy your targets! My battleship can't take much more of this!


What in the world is keeping these ruins afloat?

I'm the one who should rule this world!


Nooo! Not my beloved battleship! Shadow! I won't forget this!



1. That gas taints a person's soul with evil, and will increase your Dark Gauge. Give it a try!

2. Somehow, they're keeping this door shut.

3. Don't just stand there! Grab hold!

* 4. Press the X button to get on board this G.U.N. vehicle.

* 5. You can use this to fly over to the other side!

6. Oho! That black bird creature is different from the others! It seems to be able to fire something!


So, this is the black creatures' temple. It does feel sort of... spooky.

G.U.N. must have left this behind. It looks like it can jump pretty high.

Gaah! The pillar's coming this way! Shadow! Destroy it! (Misused apostrophe in text.)

You can move and shoot while descending with the parachute.

Egg Pawns, descend! Destroy everything in sight!

That pillar is extremely weak. Be careful!

My battleships are under attack! You've got to stop them!

You've got to destroy the devices that keep this place moving. Keep going, but be careful of traps.

Firearms won't be any good against those shields! Strike them directly!

The weather gets a bit turbulent on the inside of the clouds.

Use the B button to attack, just like with a lock-on weapon!

* Take a good look below you.

Hohoho! Even the black creatures can't stand up to my fortified fleet!

I'm detecting an energy force above you. Find a foothold to get up.

Don't let a crumbly old wall like that stands in your way! (Text uses 'stands.' Voice Actor uses 'stand.')


* I've detected a high-energy magnetic field! Those jewels must be their power source!

Good! You destroyed the first power source! The temple is beginning to rumble... Hurry before this place collapses!

* You need to destroy all of the power sources! Turn back around!

That's the second one! My battleships are in attack formation!

Good job, Shadow! I'm detecting only two sources remaining!

There must be just one more left. Then these cursed ruins can fall back to where they came.

That's all of them!



Shadow! I need to get back to my base and restore order! Help me to get away from these pesky G.U.N. soldiers who are on my tail!


Fend off those G.U.N. pursuers!


1st: Get rid of the G.U.N. soldiers who are preventing my escape!

Repeated: What are you waiting for?! Eliminate those G.U.N. fools!


These G.U.N. are getting on my nerves… Out of my way!

Oh, now you’ve done it! See?


Punish the humans who made you suffer!



1. For big things that look too heavy to lift, press the X button, and you might still be able to move it!

2. My boys are blocking this elevator.

* 3. What are you waiting for?! Use your Homing Attack to get past here!

4. Use those turrets and fight off the G.U.N. soldiers!

5. Watch out for those G.U.N. robots and their electrical defenses! If you touch them you’ll short out the circuit!


I’m going higher! Head below and take out the G.U.N. soldiers!

Press the X button while grinding to speed up, and press the B button to fire your weapon!

I’m rather proud of this new base, but I’d would have liked to kept it a secret for a little longer.

Shadow, I’ll board my airship and take out the G.U.N. troops as I go. Cover me!

My counterstrike force will take care of this! Don’t interfere with them!

My specially-selected robots are keeping the door to this room secure.

Ho, nice vehicle you’ve got there Shadow! Use the mounted weapons to take out the G.U.N. soldiers!

You can jump to release yourself from the parachute! Hurry up and finish off the G.U.N. troops!

Hohoho! That’s just like the Big Foot from Prison Island!

Hold on to that key! You’ll need it to open secret doors!

You can use your Light Dash where those Rings are!

How do you like my secret base? G.U.N. doesn’t stand a chance of getting inside!

I’m going to reduce my altitude. Shadow, go up and take care of the G.U.N. soldiers!

It might not be as good as my own robots, but it does have some weapons! Attack from a distance!

Take those G.U.N. pests out from below!

That’s another of my beloved androids, just like you! Say hi, and be friends!

Out of the way, G.U.N. pests! Shadow, get rid of them!


There are still G.U.N. troops left!

(The phrases for this G.U.N. leitmotif level are re-used from the Circus Park stage. There is only one new phrase available. Refer to the Circus Park: Mission Specific portion of this catalog for the phrases.)



Hoho Shadow! G.U.N. has surrounded my base and trying to bring me down! Activate the volcanic defense system to shield the base with lava magma!


Activate the volcanic defense systems!


1st: If you trigger the volcanic defense system, then my base will be completely secure! Hurry!

Repeated: Don’t get caught in the rising magma!


* This lava flow will prevent anyone from sneaking into my base! (* Also repeated during the beginning of the level only accessible by a glitch.)

Pretty ingenious huh? Nobody would expect a base to be built inside an active volcano!


No new phrases.



1. Shadow, you should be able to make that jump if you just grab hold of the edge!

2. This is my very own volcanic defense system! Activate it to make the magma rise and to block the G.U.N.’s path! (Voice Actor skips the word ‘and’.)

3. Hmph? Why is something like this in my base? Ah, anyway! Just press the X button to get on!

4. Do whatever you can to make your way up through here! Don’t let yourself get caught in the lava!


A sealed-off passageway is on the right-hand side.

Ohoho! To think the aliens had technology like this! I’ll bet this can hover over that magma!

This rail has melted partway through due to activating my volcanic defenses.

** Use the control stick to pick which direction you want to jump when you switch rails! (**Phrase only accessible via a glitch. Available during the beginning of the level while grinding.)

The magma is really flowing here! That bridge is the only way to get across!

When all of the units of my volcanic system are activated my base’s defenses will be set!

You’re going to need to use the walls to get past here.

This rail is already under the magma, too.


The Shadow Android’s standard armament includes some very relentless lock-on missiles!

Activate the defense units, and use the ledges leading to the path on the left!

That’s my Chaos Emerald! Don’t you touch it!


Good! That’s one activated! Now the path ahead will be easier to defend.

The second machine is up and running. Don’t you worry, even with the rise in magma level, you can still get through.

That’s three! There are two more within my base!

One more to go! I’m counting on you, Shadow!


Shadow, hold up! The defense mechanism is behind you! Turn around!



Can you hear me Shadow? He’s got to be on the inside!

Lock on to those mines and detonate them ahead of you! ( Text pops up with: 35 X 3 lines.)



INTRO: Now, let me show you the power of my latest, greatest creation!

Ugh… Is that all you’ve got?

* Lights out!

* Take this!

How dare you!

You haven’t seen the last of me!


INTRO: Ohh, you little sneaky thief! I’ll smash you to pieces!

Ugh! You’ll pay for that!

You know what they say… the more the merrier!

All right, you asked for it!

Curses! I won’t forget this!


INTRO: This is what you get for turning against your master!

Where’d you go?

Oh, you asked for it! No more Mr. Nice guy! Time to crush you, once and for all!

Aggh! Know your place, android!

Next time we meet, you won’t be so lucky! Just you wait and see!


INTRO: Very well! If you refuse to obey me, then you’ll just have to deal with my finest creation yet!

* Pawn Fever! Prepare to be skewered!

* Get ready for a real blast! It’s time for Missile Fever!

* Now it’s time for Bomb Fever! Get ready to be blasted into oblivion!

* Stop that!

* Bah! Don’t think you stand a chance against me!

* N-no! Not Shadow Fever!

* Ah, Hey!

* No! My beautiful Rings!

* What?! W-wait! Abort launch!

* Ohh, that’s it! Now you’ve asked for it!

* Gah! No! Don’t drop them here!

* Wh-what… Nooo! This… can’t be! Gahhhhh!


INTRO: I’ll turn both of you into scrap with my latest and greatest invention!


INTRO: I will not allow you to defile my grandfather’s legacy! Now you’ll get to see the destructive power of my strongest creation yet!


0:06 Shadow can you hear me? We’ve managed to escape from that comet. There’s no need to hold back! Cause as much havoc as you need to!

0:56 Is that thing invincible!? No! He’s got to have some sort of weak point!

3:57 Shadow, it’s useless to attack those flying objects! Listen carefully, use your full power Chaos Spear to attack his eye! That’s his weak point!

6:00 Shadow… can you hear me? The gas from that comet has… still made its way into… our shelter…

8:56 Shadow, can you hear me? This might be the last chance I have to speak to you so… What I said about having created you… It was all a lie… Everyone thought you died… During that horrible incident… But I rescued you… with one of my robots. You lost your memory that’s all. You really ARE the Ultimate Lifeform my grandfather created!



Shadow, can you hear me? This is going to be the ultimate test of your abilities! Now go! Head for the Goal Ring!


Shadow, it’s me again! Are you upset with me for something? Agh, very well! You’re about halfway through your training! Keep at it, and head to the next Goal Ring!


This is the final stage!

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Kintobor asked me to make a post because she needs to divide her post into two posts and cannot double post without her second post automatically merging with her first. Hence this post.

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Shadow! I just can’t leave everyone else behind! Please! You need to rescue the people being held be the G.U.N. soldiers in the laboratory!


Please! Rescue the others!


1st: Shadow, I can’t run away knowing there are still people trapped! Please help them!

Repeated: Shadow, you’ve got to help them!


* I wonder if my grandfather is okay.

* Shadow, is everything okay?

Why has G.U.N. suddenly? I…I don’t understand!

The G.U.N. soldiers…they just keep coming!


Why are the soldiers doing this to us…?

I’m so sorry…



1. This is a Heal Unit server. It will give you as many Heal Units as you need!

* 2. Can you get underneath here by sliding?

3. This is a Bomb Server. It will give you as many bombs as you need.

4. It looks like the G.U.N. soldiers are bombing wall sections that look like this one.

5. Jump into the fan’s air stream to make it to the other side!


By taking this elevator, you can get to places you might have not even known about!

Aaah! G.U.N. soldiers!

You need to find some way to press the switch on the other side to open this door.

G.U.N. soldiers have broken through the wall! Look out!

* You need to find five “secret keys” in order to open this door.

Are those…G.U.N. battle robots? Why are they here?

I think you might be able to Triangle Jump off of those monitors.

* I had no idea this was here!

* Isn’t this place huge? Even I still get lost in here sometimes.

Try climbing on top of the elevator to get to other locations!

Wow, good job Shadow!

* If there aren’t any Heal Units nearby, please go and look for one!

I think I remember there being another entryway up above here!

* I think the elevator will let you get up there.

* Please be careful not to fall!

* Should we try getting up from here?

The Heal Unit is grandfather’s greatest invention!

It’s no use! They won’t stop following us no matter where we run!

* You should probably check your location on the map.

The defense robots have gotten ahead here of us!

You used to always run quickly along this slope, remember?

This area is being guarded by defense robots!

Shadow, hurry! We have to keep running! G.U.N. is still following us!

* You could fall here. Please be careful!

There’s another wounded researcher in here!

* I think I just heard someone’s voice…

* He’s been wounded by the G.U.N. attack. Shadow, please go get a Heal Unit.


* That’s one of the researchers! Shadow, give him a Heal Unit!

Oh, thank goodness he’s all right! The Heal Unit’s side effect will make him dizzy for a while,

but at least he’s safe!

This researcher has been saved as well! Let’s keep going!

It’s working! He’s going to be okay!

He’s still alive! Thank goodness…

That’s five people! We saved half of them! We need to hurry and save the others!

This one will be alright too. We need to find the other four before the soldiers come!

That’s the seventh person. I hope we can save all of them.

We’ve saved eight of them! Just a few more left!

Shadow, there’s still one more person to save!

Oh, Shadow! Thank you!

* Shadow, wait! There are still wounded people who need our help!



Shadow, this way! The experimental monsters are in here! They’re on a rampage! Please, you’re the only one who can protect the ARK!


Stop the experimental monsters!


1st: Shadow, I’m begging you! Stop the experimental monsters and save the ARK!

Repeated: Stop the monsters, Shadow!


I hope that my grandfather and the others are all right…

At this rate, the experimental creatures will destroy the ARK!

* When the research experiments split apart, don’t you think they look kind of cute?


Thank you!

Good job, Shadow.

Shadow, stop!

They haven’t done anything wrong! Don’t hurt them!

Don’t hurt yourself…

They’re guarding something!



1. This armed platform is called the Gun Lift. Press the X button to get on.

2. The A button will make the lift accelerate, the B button fires, and the X button lets you jump off.


Those liquid creatures are experiment by-products, based on a god of an ancient culture!

* Look more Artificial Chaos! Shadow! You have to protect the ARK!

The research experiments…their eyes look so sad…

Shadow don’t get too close to the experiment! It’ll get very, very violent and attack with its arms!

The G.U.N. soldiers have been taken down by the research experiments. The experiments must have been developed as weapons…

That’s a bomb…please be careful when it explodes.

The experiment’s arms can thrust out and pierce things! Look out and be careful!

* Do you think we just should leave this place to them?

The experiment’s weak point is its head! That’s where the smaller creatures are spawning from!

I hope those defensive robots will be able to stop the invaders.

* I can’t believe it! Grandfather’s experiments out of control…like this!

The Gun Lift doesn’t have any shielding, so be careful when controlling it.

There it is! The Artificial Chaos is out of control!

What should we do? Which way do we go?

The research here is supposed to be for the betterment of mankind… why are these awful monsters here?

* I just saw one of the research experiments up above!

You can use that experiment to bounce off of it using your Homing Attack, but it’s dangerous!

It looks like you can carry this bomb along with you.

All these brave people…

* I hope that the G.U.N. soldiers will be okay. Let’s help them out just to be sure.

This is a special corridor for the Gun Lift. Be careful not to fall!

The Gun Lift’s weapons are supposed to be for emergencies only. Did someone know this would all happen?

Watch the shadows! The research experiments might be hiding in them!


You need to find the switch that opens this door.

There are still research experiments running loose!

Can you go down from here?


Thank you Shadow! There are more out in the colony so be careful!

Thank you!



Shadow, how is your training going? I’ll be cheering you on! Here, you have to rescue all of the wounded researchers. Good luck.


Shadow, I believe in you…




Shadow? It is I. I hear that my research experiments have escaped and are running loose… The positive and negative electrode connectors must have been reversed! Guess, I must be getting old… At any rate, would you drop by my room? I’ll be waiting for you.


Good luck.




Are you… the original? If you are searching for Eggman, he’s fleeing aboard his airship, the Egg Balloon. If you wish to confront him, then help me ground his vessel.


Destroy Eggman’s airship!


1st: Do not let Eggman reach his base! Take down the Egg Balloon!

Repeated: The Egg Balloon is still operational. Do not let him escape!


* Eliminate all Eggman robots!

* Searching for Eggman robots…

Eggman! This time there’s no escaping me!

Heavily fortified base detected. Calculating Eggman’s defense capabilities.


Reassess target priorities!

We are here to face ‘Eggman’!

Do not concern yourself with them!

* Enemy mech units repelled!

* Eggman robot, eliminated!

* Exterminate!

* Gah!

* Eliminate all enemies!



1. G.U.N. mobile vehicle detected. Dual jet engines allow for extreme vertical action.

2. Non-secure object detected. Use X button to move!

3. G.U.N. drone beetles detected. Analysis indicates that Homing Attack is most effective.

4. It is possible to grind along this rail.

* 5. Five separate keys are required to access door.

6. Eggman’s robots are blocking this elevator.

7. Rocket-propelled device detected.

8. Locked cage by G.U.N. soldiers detected.

9. Pressing the X button near Rings will allow you to dash along them at accelerated speeds.

* 10. Homing Attack will allow you to progress to the next area.

11. Shadow, use these turrets to attack the Egg Balloon!

12. G.U.N. beetle high-voltage defense system detected.


Egg Balloon ascending.

Accelerate by pressing the X button while grinding.

I am stronger than Eggman! I shall prove my superiority!

Detecting Eggman presence within Egg Balloon! Presence confirmed!

Multiple targets detected on radar! Eliminate all threats!

Eggman combat robots detected! Destroy all robots!

Heavy firepower weapon acquired. Resuming attack on Egg Balloon.

Boost on!

Continue assault during parachute descent.

Human vital signs detected! Manned attack craft Big Foot approaching!

Eggman mech unit sighted! Remove threat immediately!

Key detected on radar. This key opens some type of secret door.

Shadow, get on board.

Linear Ring pattern detected. Light Dash opportunity present.

Error. Unable to determine how a base this size has gone undetected. Error.

Shadow’s copy combat skills unacceptable. Most likely a defective unit.

Egg Balloon descending.

Aim at the Egg Balloon while sliding along the rail. Fire at will.

Follow route upward.

Egg Balloon visual lost. Increase pursuit speed.

Egg Balloon is leaving combat space. Attack! Attack!

G.U.N. heavy combat unit Big Foot detected. Armament include Gatling guns and long-range rockets.

Do not impede our progress!

Egg Balloon within firing range!

Target acquired! Egg Balloon identified. Commencing attack!


Ballistic damage confirmed on Egg Balloon. Continue assault.

Egg Balloon shields damaged. Continuing assault.

Egg Balloon has separated into two sections. Destroy target!

Mission complete.

Egg Balloon evaded pursuit. Mission Failed.



Shadow! Eggman is inside here! If you have a need to confront him, then assist me in my search!


Head to the center of the base!


None. It is impossible to re-encounter Omega in this level without a cheat device such as activating Moon Jump.


Temperature rising! Overheat warning!

Eggman is my enemy! We must find and eliminate him!


No new phrases.


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Kintobor has again asked me to make a dividing post because, contrary to what I said before, her post actually needs to be three posts for the formatting to work.

So here you go.

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1. Does not compute… Data non-existent on unidentified object. Use X button to commandeer vessel.

* 2. Terrain indicates Triangle Jump is the most suitable way to proceed.

3. The height difference here does not pose a significant challenge to your physical abilities.

4. Activating Eggman’s magma defensive systems will cause the lava to rise and seal off our pathway. Do not touch the device.

5. No sign of Eggman detected. Go back one block and choose a different route.


Secret door detected off to the right.

Object airborne without use of thrust or engine components. Does not compute.

The robot’s bomb is deadly. Suggest destroying the lower section first to neutralize it.

Look downward.

Ignore Eggman’s security devices. There’s no time to tamper with them.

Confirmed presence of lock-on device. Beware of fake Shadow’s missiles.

Do not turn on the devices! Proceed directly along the main path!

Counter by using Eggman’s robot own bombs.

Target sighted! Eggman in possession of the Chaos Emerald.

This rail terminates abruptly. Eggman’s machines have caused the magma levels to rise.

Pathway has narrowed due to activating defense mechanism.

The lower passage is impassable. Use your Triangle Jump to proceed.

Rail terminated due to magma level.


Giant magma flow below!


(Mission is linear from point A to B, so there is no specific phrases to encounter during this level.)



:02 Target acquired. Engaging combat mode.

:11 Eggman is out of attack range. Find another method of attack.

:41 G.U.N. turrets detected in this area. Long-range projectile attacks effective in hitting target.

1:02 Rockets detected nearby. Use them to gain elevation.

1:31 Eggman’s laser is extremely precise. Tracking his movement is mandatory.

2:01 Radar defensive system not detected on Eggman’s mech. Visual contact maybe lost if you move behind him.


Intro: Final target confirmed. Commencing combat.

:11 You can interfere with the slot reels by hitting the button on its frame.

:30-31 The mech’s automatic system is set to whoever locks the third slot as the designated attacker. In other words, by stopping the third reel yourself, you can deal an attack against Eggman.

: 57 You need some kind of weapon to strike at Eggman’s cockpit.

1:23 If you can land the slot reels on ‘Bomb’ or ‘Missile,’ you can attack Eggman.



Shadow, I hear you’re engaged in some training. You know you’ll never be stronger than me! If you think so… then I challenge you to find and access all four of the world’s databases.


ROUGE: So, Shadow, how are you holding up? You’re doing great! Only four stages left!

OMEGA: This is Eggman’s secret base. I will defeat him, and prove that I am the strongest!

ROUGE: Omega, cut it out! Don’t you have anything better to do?!



Good luck.




Shadow, do you read me? First, I…I want to… apologize, for the other day… Actually I just became a grandfather last week, and I was thinking of maybe having you over. I know that training is tough… But try and do your best.


This is the lovely part of this catalogue where I give my insight to you, the reader about this harrowing tale of murder, mystery, and the intriguing clues that lead up to the end. By the way, the butler did it. He always does it. Before I eccentrically ramble on about my master plan, let me mention everything about this little game.

First off, there are two ways to look at this catalog. Yes, you could never play the game and just read the insights from the cast of characters listed in here, but that’s only getting half of the story. The full experience is also hearing the voice actors do their job. Well, what am I getting at here? The reason comes with many of their emoting snippets. Take for example the excellent work of Mike Pollock, the VA for the illustrious Dr. Ivo Robotnik (also the green rat Greg, in the horrible knock-off of Ratatouille; Ratatoing. Precisely! ) While reading the Robotnik phrase: “Shadow, it’s me again! Are you upset with me for something? Agh, very well! You’re about halfway through your training! Keep at it, and head to the next Goal Ring!” in this script, you only get a gist of what he’s saying. Hearing him emote it, however, brings a different context to your mindset. Let me explain this phrase using it as part of my example:

Shadow, it’s me again! (When Robotnik starts out, he almost sings this portion with a cheerful glee, his tone bubbling. He is indicating an underlying context that he is happy to see Shadow again, but is also putting on face to make amends, which brings us to the next part.)

Are you upset with me for something? (Now getting to this portion, we can hear in his tone that Robotnik automatically slips into a state of forgiveness. To put it best, one could imagine hearing a whipped child, eyes glassed with tears and staring upward with a look of innocence. Twiddling index fingers included. He’s sorwwy. )

Agh, very well! (At this point, probably noticing that his real emotions are slipping from control, he snaps out of it, letting out a snippy “Agh” or as it sounds “Ah!” Another way we could translate this is that he’s miffed that Shadow probably doesn’t take his apology to heart [And how could he? First off, I don’t think Shadow can communicate back to him via Question Ball, and secondly a promise from Eggman can only be half-sincere. He did pay those Chaotix back in Heroes. Well, if you unlocked the Ring battle: Egg Treat after the ending and used it as a reference, and your team was the Chaotix. Poor Vector and his electric bill.] The concluding part he hurriedly barks out a “very well!” probably trying to put his emotional matters behind in order to forget the little “embarrassing” matter before going on with the main subject at hand.)

You’re about halfway through your training! Keep at it, and head to the next Goal Ring! (This final burst includes him emoting to Shadow in his usual militaristic manner, but with an edge of pride oozing between the cracks. He feels that he accomplished something in you it seems. How thoughtful of him to think of himself like that. You should be honored to be bestowed such an honor upon from his already pumped ego.)

Other parts and phrases can say a lot from a little.

My, my, my, what's this?

(When Ivo emotes this, he acts surprised, gleeful even. Some could say that he already knew this little hidden room and is just putting on a show for Shadow to make him feel good about this little discovery, but that’s getting a little too motherly for that context. Nah, we’ll just go with that first part, being exuberant over the fact he found another place to stash his goodies, probably in some form of dirty magazines and armaments.)

And then there are the usual, which sound exactly how you imagine them while reading the text in your head:

What do you think of the world's greatest theme park? Like it? (Robotnik bursts with accomplished glee and swells upward with the final fragment. Yeah, yeah, let him crow like the rooster on dawn’s gleaming break. He does so often anyways, so it won’t matter even if you tell him to ‘hush.’ Gotta announce it to the world like the flashy rock-star playboy and his new trophy wife. And wouldn’t you too if you just finished your greatest masterpiece?)

And with that, it can be two complete experiences; playing a game and reading about it. However I would advise you to play Shadow the Hedgehog at your own risk, needless to say. Despite the flack, this game does include a stellar VA track from Mike Pollock, and a notorious repeated dialogue phasing from Robotnik with beloved nerve-wracking classics such as “You know what they say… the more the merrier!” and “Lights out!” (And I won’t even mention Vector and his “computer room.” Find it yourself why don’t ‘cha?)

And now for something completely different.


Now that I got that out of my system, let’s delve into some of the other things about Robotnik by analyzing the phrases.

First off, when you play a game, you never really hear the side of the person whose property you are trashing like the clay earthenware pots in the dungeons of Zelda, the various combustible objects in shooters, or the idle parked streetcar after your Super Bowl victory “celebration.” No, if you did, then that would be instilling a sense of morality in your soul. But just like any warm-blooded human being (unless you are one of those Lizard People in disguise), you have instilled a personal side to your material objects, and would go off on a froth-seething rage if one dared to just breathe on your mint in condition Harley Quinn resin standee. Like that, Robotnik after years of enduring the brunt of property-trashing from teenaged furry delinquents, does voice his opinion on the matter in his various bases. In Cryptic Castle, he tells you not to “go smashing up his things” even if they are just wooden Gothic bureaus that stand in your way to a secret room or plain earthenware pottery. He has indeed a strong sense of possession, and from observing the other games, even a love for the arts (Sonic Adventure’s Egg Carrier had ornate Oriental rugs and sculptures of nude male torsos twisted in various contortions which greeted you in the threshold from the elevator in Hot Shelter; Sonic Adventure 2 had Robotnik’s elaborate pyramid base ever-so-lovingly effaced with his glorious image on artifacts. He kept the beautifully patterned pots untouched. And speaking of admiration of quality, his speech about the “carpet” he uncovered in the ending for Sonic Riders, made him excitedly coo about the detail of the texture and pattern, before declaring the carpet useless to his lofty world-domination needs.)

But rather installing an extending boxing glove that springs out from behind the screen to smack you square in the jaw when you decided to pull up that metal slat to jump to the room lying below, he just rants about it, so no need to worry. He may be a standing wrath behind that screen, but he is so boggled down with other things that he’s at the point of laziness when caring about what you do to his base, so grab that spray can and misspell “EGGMAN IS A BIG (Insert bold expletive of your choice here)” in Cubic letters.

Speaking of which, Eggman’s fondness for those sickeningly-cute Chao extend into this game as well. Funny thing is that he tells Shadow not to look down in the middle of his foyer when continuing his mission to the giant lanterns. It sounds like Robotnik is indeed embarrassed to be associated with something cute and cuddly, and that he may fear his reputation being ruined by letting someone know that he has such loving feelings. A villain having feelings for something sentient? NONSENSE! Actually, after counting the Chao in this room, I deducted that these might be the same Chao that Robotnik hired the Chaotix to “rescue” from the previous game, Sonic Heroes. The part we speak of is from the tropical Lost Jungle level’s extended mission, and by the number, the amount you rescue is about twenty. I can assure you that these Chao are getting their daily English language lesson in elaborate words like “Yosh!” and “Hoyhoy” with the big scientist around to care for them. Soon they can be Rhodes scholars and take up a degree in Liberal Arts.

Another thing in turn is his admiration and outright “worship” for his grandfather, Gerald Robotnik, which duly plays out in many other games as a centerpiece for his drive and his ambitions for his scientific career. In this game we see that Ivo is downright livid that you dare to defy him, so in turn you dare to defy his grandfather/ your creator, defiling the legacy of Robotniks and what they stride for. Actually it sounds more like an egotistical thing, that he lives through his grandfather objectively and sees himself at times to be the absolute incarnate of Professor Gerald, if not the rightful successor to his dynasty ( The male Robotnik atavism is clear in resemblance down to the glasses and moustache. Chalk it up to strong and good genes.) One wonders if Eggman himself imposes an imagined figure of Gerald over his own in reflection every time he postures in the mirror. Another thing to ponder upon is Eggman-Nega (half-assed explanations not needed here for his origins) and his own relationship with Gerald, or another future or past Robotnik he styles himself over.

With our turn to feelings, while you are indeed used as errand boy and as a pawn in Robotnik’s missions he does instill a sense of playing a big guardian over you even if it is on verbal terms. Again, while the missionary leitmotifs of the phrases are similar to Black Doom’s (or anyone else’s) Robotnik in tone and structure does insert cause and concern for the black hedgehog. Take for instance the phrase “Don't fall!” with Eggman voicing haste urgency and concern compared to Black Doom’s unfeeling and stoic alien action in a similar “For your sakes do not fall here” or something to that tone (I don’t have the exact words), only pointing out that it is Shadow who should care for himself and that “Dr. Claw’s floating Chocolate Starfish” (try to erase that image from your memory bank) has no feeling if you do bite the big one. Well, one could say that if you do die, then Robotnik’s mission does come to a stand still and that’s why he is looking out for your well-being. Yes, that’s one way to look at it, but another is mutual respect for someone who impresses his intellectual prowess and ego as well; testing his traps, fighting his creations, tantalizing that brain to work in overload to strive to the next level of technological superiority like the proverbial evolution of herbivores and carnivores. Or you can see it like Wile E. Coyote and the Road Runner, except that if Robotnik caught any of the hedgehogs, there won’t be a back-pit barbeque (wait, maybe there might be. Mmmmmm…. rotisserie hedgehog. *gargles*)

This admiration extends a welcoming hand into his various creations as well. Robotnik countless times throughout the game will think out loud about the conditions of his metalliferous ground troops, which indicates care and respect for the sentient automatons. Also he outfits the Egg Pawns with little bunny ears in Heroes (called Casino Pawns which by the way looks like your fat balding uncle dressed up as a sexy Playboy bunny.) so that’s saying one thing like that crazy husbandless woman who adorns her pitiful Chihuahua in a tutu and kisses him full on the muzzle due to the loveless void in her life. Needless to say, eccentric Eggman doesn’t go that far…..

…err, we think.

But like all themed items, they were outfitted to match the park like the Egg Pierrots for Circus Park. Hey Ivo, what happens in Casino Park stays in Casino Park.

Giddiness and orotund behavior is expected all around from him, but he really lets loose with this in the level Circus Park to Shadow. Despite earlier, being hell-bent on the idea of sending you on a mission to eliminate the G.U.N. troops from the park, by the first couple of phrases, he turns from General Patton with a bullhorn to hyperactive child locked up in a toy store, seeing you as compatible play-mate in his glorious electric sandbox. Ooh, do this! Try that! Play with this! Play with me! PLAY WITH ME! His inner man-child is brought out full force, even excitedly shouting behind a computer screen when you transverse the hanging coaster to the next area. This shows that the sophisticated mad scientist with an I.Q. of 300 is enlightened and also engrossed by flamboyantly shiny, flashy and fast things (A trip to Tokyo’s pachinko parlors should be in check for him.)Well other than that obvious remark, it proves that he would rather be out in the heat of the battle with the flavor of action in the air rather than cooped up in a stuffy room behind a flickering screen. In fact the phrase “Ohohohoho! I decided to requisition this G.U.N. turret for my little game!” makes you wonder if he did beforehand “liberate” the ceramic-based turret from the government and place it in the park for its new-found entertainment usage, or that he just thought this up to say at you on the fly when passing by it, now declaring to take the object and play games with it, ignoring the mission altogether.

Other fine points show that he does have a bit of discomfort with the unknown (in Sky Troops, he hesitates a bit when voicing the last part on the dialogue bit: “So, this is the black creatures' temple. It does feel sort of... spooky.”)

And then, there’s that boasting that we all have adored from his inflated ego, spouting that it was an ingenious idea to build a base in an active volcano, and it was so ingenious in fact, that nobody would expect it, because, you know, that mad scientists or evil villains would never have a hidden lair built in a volcano. That would be too clichéd if they did.

In fact just call his whole dialogue a big great memoir of swelling self-achievement. Gilded autograph on cheesy poster-sized glossed photo is mandatory.

And now for my own egotistical Q&A.

So, the first question. How long did it take you to do this?

Roughly around the same time as the Riders Robotnik Codec- two weeks. There is a problem, however. While it took Riders around two weeks, this one took a bit longer, with five days expansion time due to muddy controls and re-checking my entries. Also with the problem of dialogue being glitched and missed with the speed, I discovered some new bits during my various go-around, like the sandwiched second speech Robotnik gives about his base in Iron Jungle, which can be interrupted by the third if you grind too fast on the rail.

How do you do this all anyways? Do you hack into the system and pull out the text file?

If I was a super-geek with a penchant for electronics and technological know-how, then I would absolutely do this. But me just being average girl wonder, I sat in front of the television (T.V. for you people up to the lingo) with spiral notebook, pencil and smudged eraser, and a huuuge bottle of ibuprofen and went to work. Hearing Omega blurt out “ARE…YOU….THE ORIGINAL?” made me want to gouge out my ears after so many attempts to use my mad skills of Shinobi Aruki past him with Robotnik’s orbiting hovercraft at my side. (Err, which reminds me, we never gave Robotnik’s flying machine a name or even know the official title to this contraption, so let’s call it Orbotnik for now.) I cannot say if there are hidden phrases or unused ones on the file listing like the Sonic CulT discovered with Sonic Advance 2: Battle. Needless to say, someone will pull it up in the future and then blast me by saying “Well, you missed this, and this, and forgot to include this.” I am only one woman, damnit, not a skilled team of monkeys at 10,000 typewriters!

Sounds like a lot of work. So was it hard to record them all?

You bet. I had to walk into the Question Balls over and over again, re-start the mission to jot down the starting introduction and kill myself to catch something that I missed. In fact, the only bit of sadistic satisfaction is that I got to fling Shadow off of the nearest convenient ledge, well, that’s if the dodgy camera work and shoddy controls didn’t do it for me first.

But, I like Shadow! How dare you say that about him! You are a great poo-poo head!

Not just any poo-poo head, but the Great Mighty Poo. Black Doom is obviously the Chocolate Starfish.

Errr… moving along. About that glitch in Lava Shelter, how did that come about?

Well, how do most glitches come about in the first place? By accident, silly. How to activate it is the greatest mystery, though. I recall achieving it twice, the first time around it made me think that Robotnik still stayed with you for the remainder of your lives if you bit the big one and re-started at the beginning of the level. I can tell you that re-starting and then pausing the screen and constantly trying to trade your current mission for his might have do something with it. I first thought that despite the shoddiness of the game, it re-used phrases from the level as a failsafe to keep the game from freezing, but on my second turn around, Robotnik had a completely new phrase relative to this level, and that could have also meant that Robotnik was originally going to be your help-mate from the start of the level instead of meeting up with you at the first defense reactor. I would have taken my beloved scientist further into the other mysterious territories of the level, but I was stopped by that oversized air-purifier with Gatling guns, E-123 Omega, who decided to tell me to find Eggman in the core of the level.

You must hate Omega, being a Robotnik fan, right? You rat on him at points of this catalog.

What gave you that idea? I love me some Omega, and sure, I’m going to make fun of him, just like Sonic. It’s not my fault that he looks like an industrial British pillar postbox with weapons-grade grappling claws. Besides, if I did, I wouldn’t co-star him as a bonus in this listing.

But I HATE that hedgehog!

Speaking of the others, why not include them all? Why not include my favourite character ‘Recolor the Mammal’?

Because I have a life outside of my basement, buddy. Actually, that would be too much work, and I again would have to rip the files from the game to be that accurate. Needless to say, I started out with this whole catalog with only having Robotnik in mind, and then said “Hell, I’ll include Maria and Gerald because they are part of the Robotnik dynasty and Omega because a certain Omega fanatic would go crazy over having some dialogue at hand.” Also Omega is technically Robotnik-related, so it works. They should have family meetings together just to work out their issues.

But the Commander is not Robotnik related, and he has more dialogue that that in the game!

I know. I just included that little tidbit because probably a lot of people don’t know that he is a grandfather, and I thought it was some interesting data to share with all of the community.

Do you have any quotes that were hard to capture?

To say no would be lying, and you might know which one I’m talking about. It is the grand finale dying-speech from Eggman during your aerial dogfight with Devil Doom. First off, it is humongous in size. Second, it only came in around the nine-minute mark, making it a very tedious wait to re-check your phrasing to see if it was correct, and third, your rings would have a 75% chance of running out before the 8:50 mark if you were very unlucky and all of that waiting was for naught.

I heard that Robotnik and Black Doom will refer you as ‘renegade’ throughout the game if you only complete two Hero missions and fifteen Dark missions. Is this true?

Well on this, I can say I tried to do it, but I cannot confirm or deny the information based on that quote. The problem is that you would have to tactically plot out your course and have exactly 15 Dark missions and 2 Hero missions completed and no Neutral missions. It is impossible to do so without activating a Neutral ending to one or more of the levels in order to get a new level. I tried doing so, and thinking that the Neutral missions wouldn’t count but lo and behold…

Eventually someone will accomplish this and say “Well you need to do X and X in this order.”

So, how bad were the glitches?

First off, going too fast caused a major problem, and in a game where you are supposed to break speeds in a genre where speed is the game, it was a death knell to it. I have heard more people have problem with the Gamecube version because it “couldn’t handle the frame rate speeds” but this could be bunk. Aside from Sonic Heroes, this was that metaphorical bug light; it welcomed you with pretty and glittering promises on the surface until you were ensnared in that ugly trap inside. I actually was hesitating to use bursts of speed to get to a goal faster. Sometimes the very thing I set out to find, the in-game dialogue that is triggered by location, would not appear at all. The trickiest one was in Sky Troops with Eggman’s Orbotnik being blocked by a wall. He was supposed to shout over the intercom: “Don't let a crumbly old wall like that stands in your way!” ad verbatim, but just hovered there like a silent piece of space junk, just staring and grinning cheekily at me over that wavering screen of his. Time and time again I went past that old gravel wall until out of the blue he decided to re-set the mute button and announce it to the world.

Then there was the Homing Attack. Let’s not go there.


Finally. I was waiting for you to scream that out. With a Robotnik based-codec that is now mandatory. I would have also accepted “Flying Gordito Smasher!” and “Get a Load of THIS!

What is your next project after this? Where will you go?

Well, I could handle some more topics like Chronicles or Heroes, but for now I’ll just pool my quotes and wait for another dialogue heavy game. We’ll see. Just give a whistle if you need my services again, or call my agent.

Well that concludes our little delve into this game. Hopefully you enjoyed this information better than I did collecting it. I need to give big shout out to all of the homies that end up reading it and also the ones that supported me with my last archive endeavor.

And a huge shout out to Frozen Nitrogen who is going to archive the Sonic Riders: Robotnik Codec sometime in the future on the Sonic Wiki. (I’m waaaaaaitinnnnnng.)

And my biggest props to Doc Eggman (El Gran Gordo/Dr. Mechano/ insert new code name here) who told me about the intrinsic value of the disc through an amusing tale. You just helped out the world, and I salute you.


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First the Sonic Riders codex and now this. Wow, these boards are being spoiled by some INCREDIBLY dedicated users.

*provides first of what is likely to be many standing ovations*

I remember a good deal of those quotes, but this one in particular bugs me….

The Heal Unit is grandfather’s greatest invention!


Yeah, lets just forget about the living breathing super powered hedgehog standing right next to her that just so happens to be raining down destruction on the GUN troops to deliver said healing units…..

Maria must know that Shadow was created by Gerald right?

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