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What sonic formula would you like to be used/stay/come back/be improved? And why?


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if sonic is going to come back in 3d, what is your ideal way of doing so? well I've been playing a lot of sonic fan games, so I know my answer.

I want 2d mechanics to be brought back into 3d. I dead love sonic 3 so much, and I have so much fun playing it. and it would be nice to see sonic 3 to be put into the 3d environment. rolling, spin dashing, elemental shields and many other mechanics that worked in other sonic games (lost world parkour felt nice and I think it could be reworked, the boost mode in sonic advance 2 was a nice reward move for staying fast, the bounce in sonic project hero was pretty cool to do, shooting you down with a burst of downward momentum and hitting the ground with more speed than before) could make a great- NO, the best sonic game of all time! but that's just me, there are a ton of other people with so many diverse ideas of the ideal way to play as sonic and his friends, and whether I dislike them or not, they are still good ideas in there own rights.

so what do you think? do you think the boost could be reworked again? Is your ideal sonic more platformer heavy? Still anxiously waiting for big's big fishing adventure 3? Please let me know in the comments!

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"Would look like"? I think you mean "Would you like".

My answer though, is Sonic's/Shadow's Adventure-style gameplay with hub worlds. No genre roulette or Chao necessary imo, just have a full game's worth of those kinds of levels. I would like to see the elemental shields back, and officially in a 3D environment.

I definitely do not think Boost formula can be implemented in a way that doesn't come with the level design caveats that it has always come with. That being that there are inevitably going to be a lot of 2D sections and long, straight "highway sections" with different sets of obstacles but the overall design is generally the same/similar. I want a fully 3D level, with as little automation, scripting and corridors as possible. A few for setpiece sake, but not as much as we've seen over the past decade or two.

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  • iambitter21 changed the title to What sonic formula would you like to be used/stay/come back/be improved? And why?

Adventure 1 style gameplay.

Give us back the Spindash jump, design levels that give you both the feel and the visual to a variety of different terrains, and maybe bring back the points=grade missions. Have characters like Tails, Amy, and such with a few more campaigns as well as optional characters and boom.

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