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Sonics Colors is Garbage and here's why


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lmao, kudos to you @Wraith for that beautiful thread title

I guess in terms of gameplay, Sonic is...alright, I guess? Don't really have much complaints or praises to offer, but then again I don't really play as him much. The one thing I do agree on is that he doesn't really have any attacks that can kill below very high percents, which is probably a key reason why I don't play him much. Sometimes I think changing it so that he doesn't have two spindashes would be a decent change, I feel that his Down-B could had been a counter move--although reading video analyses of his moveset, it's been argued that his spindashes have had *some* differences to them that are good for mixups, so I can let it slide. I do like his Homing Attack change, it's good that it can be delayed, which besides being more powerful is also long enough to bait some opponent reactions and react accordingly. The Genesis Sonic fan in me would also maybe suggest having his character movement be more momentum/physics oriented in movement but I don't know how feasible that can be applied while keeping it in the constraints of the game.

His series representation though is a different story though, which in Smash 4 was so disappointingly pedestrian that I didn't think I would care much if Sonic wasn't brought back for Ultimate because it would had been more of the same (and lo and behold, it mostly is). It's really incredible (in the worst way) how we've had three games with Sonic so far but only one music remix from his introduction (which was a late addition to the game IIRC), and it's even more appalling that they were able to get Sonic composers to do remixes for other franchises but they (nor anyone else) can do the same for Sonic. Of all the new stages we could have had for Smash 4, they chose Windy Hill for the Wii U version, even though it's a Green Hill clone and they already brought Green Hill brought back for the 3DS version; and now in Ultimate we have only both of those stages. This also is reflected with the Assist Trophies--there's quite a bit you could do with Shadow and there are already plenty of assist trophies from other games with slowdown effects, but they use his Chaos Control ability to add yet another slowdown effect and --worse-- it's probably the most generic implementation out of all of them. Thankfully there's Knuckles' inclusion as an Assist Trophy in Ultimate, which is more inspired with him as a assisting brawler with his own Homing Attack ability.

The alternative character designs are probably what irk me the most, which feel uninspired to the point that it feels corporate-mandated in the worst of ways. Between the spinoffs and even mainline games where you've had Sonic's attire or design changed up, there's so much you could do before needing to resort to slight color shades and bracelets--SOAP shoes from Adventure 2, his sunglasses and sports sneakers from Riders, the scarf and bandages from the Boom series, even having Metal Sonic as a skin would suffice. That's not even getting into the lack of a Genesis/Classic Sonic skin, which to me is the biggest missed opportunity. Whether its having properties of the Genesis design as a skin (same proportions, but with black eyes, soleless shoes, lighter blue fur if required) or actually having that design* as a secondary design, like with Wario's SMB clothes. *I'm pretty sure that the existing character profiles for Sonic prior to Generations have consistently put him at the same height across most games, regardless of his design. I'd argue the height differences between the Genesis/Millenium Sonic designs in Generations and Forces was a change specifically made to enforce the segregation of the two designs as different characters; which is something I don't think should be adhered to, especially for a fanservice/franchise celebration game like Smash Bros. anyway.

In terms of additional playable characters--I don't think its possible as the recent DLC for Ultimate has been focused on mostly new IPs that haven't gotten any representation in Smash (emphasis on mostly, I know the whole hulabaloo with Byleth), but I would personally prefer Eggman getting in above the others. I think he make a pretty great guest fighter with all of the mechanics that have used for his many machines, and it would be nice to have another villain in the playable roster. People have said Bowser Jr./the Koopalings already used the "piloting machine" concept with their Clown Car (and to a lesser extent, Dr. Wily has also been added in as an Assist Trophy with a mech), so adding Eggman with his Egg Mobile as a fighter he risks coming off as a clone/echo fighter; but I personally don't really care about him being a clone if he is still a fun character to play. I mean, if you can incorporate Eggman as a fighter well enough that his moveset is clearly distinct from Jr./Koopalings, go ahead (and I think the Smash Bros. development could definitely do that if given the chance), but I would still be happy with the alternative. Of course, they could also just have him appearing in a varied selection of machines from his games as an Assist Trophy, which I also would be fine with; but that (of course) hasn't happened for some reason.

With all that said though, the short of it is that Sonic's moveset/gameplay is fine, but the way he and his franchise is showcased in Smash Bros is not fine. It really does feel like whoever was responsible for supervising Sonic's inclusion of Smash from Brawl was replaced with Smash 4 and Ultimate, and they've either lent the Smash Bros. developers a bizarrely short creative leash, or have been dealt one from Sega/Sonic Team themselves. It's very lame and I hope the person/people/policies in place than enforce this take a hike if they even bother. It really is bordering to the effect that if this is the extent the series' talents are to be used, I'd rather Sonic isn't brought back for the next Smash game at all.

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Normally I just default to "Shadow as an echo fighter" but you bring up a good point about Eggman. A lot of new villains were added in Smash Ult so I do think he'd be a good choice to go with if not Shadow as an echo. He has so many bosses to draw inspiration from too. His ultimate could be either something involving Metal Sonic or maybe the Ark's giant laser firing at the players in an over the top style while Eggman gives one of his laughs.

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ALWAYS BET ON TAILS!!! Aerial skill check, gadgets check, speed check, unorthodox mixed fighting check, trapper check, etc. In just SSF2 he's like Sonic, Kirby, Snake, Link, and Olimar rolled into ONE character. The amount of utility and mobility is nuts. He was the top tier and still is a top tier character even now. The most insane open playground of a character.

On Sonic's colors it would have been nice maybe if we just had him emulate the others or even get to wear their apparel at least. So when red he gets Knuckles shoes, Yellow Tails, Pink Amy, etc. Something like that.

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* Rrrrrobotnik and probably either Shadow and/or Classic as additional fighters

* Blaze, Metal Sonic, and Infinite as Assist Trophies

* A third stage to represent the Dreamcast era, along with a more distinct Modern era stage. Chemical Plant feels like a must, too. Maybe also a second Dreamcast stage if we keep Windy Hill? 

* More Spirits; Mephiles, Tikal, the Babylon Rogues, Marine, and maybe even a few Badniks.

* Tails could be worked into Sonic's moveset. 

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7 hours ago, Wraith said:

Now and again the idea of another Sonic character in Smash gets floated around. I don't expect this to ever realistically happen but it's fun to think about. Knuckles and Shadow would be my go-tos as a fan even if they're a little basic. One of my biggest beefs when it comes to actually playing as Sonic is his lack of kill power and one of the "sonic but stronger" archetypes would help with that while retaining some of his fun movement. I'd prefer Shadow for personal reasons though. Eggman would offer a lot more variety than anyone else as he has shown he's basically capable of creating anything in the games. Deeper cuts like Amy or Blaze that I'd really like are basically guaranteed not to happen but it's fun to think about mechanics like Amy's hammer jump and Blaze being able to overload her boost meter in that context. 

Or how about a proper Sonic fighting game? After Shadow and Knuckles were shafted as Assist Trophies, it's clear that Sakurai and his team have no interest in making any other Sonic characters playable, and Sonic (while he is my main in Ultimate) has a moveset with a lot of missed opportunities.

Although a Sonic fighting game isn't a very realistic dream since Sega only seem to be interested in creating platforming and racing spin-offs of Sonic for the past 12 years. I guess we just have to wait for the next Smash game and hope the Sonic series gets better representation.

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1 hour ago, Detective Kaito said:

Although a Sonic fighting game isn't a very realistic dream since Sega only seem to be interested in creating platforming and racing spin-offs of Sonic for the past 12 years.

I mean if Sonic Drift's concept came back, I don't see why they couldn't with Sonic the Fighters or Sonic Battle. Not that I think they will, just that it'd be nice.

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58 minutes ago, DryLagoon said:

I mean if Sonic Drift's concept came back, I don't see why they couldn't with Sonic the Fighters or Sonic Battle. Not that I think they will, just that it'd be nice.

I think Sega believes that a Sonic fighting game isn't necessary because Sonic is in Smash. I don't have proof for this, but that's just what I think. lol

Also since they've been playing it safe when it comes to spin-off genres these past 12 years, they have no reason to branch out. Platformers and racing games make the most sense for Sonic, and a Sonic fighting game will most likely not be good unless you put ArcSys on it.

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