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What features will return or be dropped in the next game?

Red Hot Jack

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What do you think? What features do you see returning in the next main Modern title, and would you like to have them back? What features may be dropped completely?

A friend of mine made me notice this poll done a year and a half ago... 

And potentially all of these features may be coming back? I'm not sure, but I would welcome them. Let's see what might come back and make it in the next main game...

Returning from Sonic Forces:

+ Boost: I'm not a fan of the Boost, I'm tired of it, I know it's Sonic's trademark move and all of that, I can honestly see it return because they have no idea on how to evolve the Modern Sonic gameplay, so my hope is that they would at least tone it down and not make it the Whole gameplay.

+ Playable Shadow: He is still super popular despite SEGA focusing only on Sonic, that's the reason why he was in Forces I think, I would really love to have him back for both the multiplayer and his own campaign, but we will get back to it in another point.

+ Customizable Avatar: It's been honestly my favorite part of Forces, maybe the only one I liked, even though not completely, it needs rework of course, I would change the style of weapons, we'll get back to that later...

+ The return of Infinite (as a boss): I know he isn't really a big threat, even though he managed to conquer the world for Eggman, it was off-screen, mostly for the narrative issues we don't get to see how powerful Infinite really is, but he had potential, I would really like to see him back, even just to resolve his grudge with Shadow, so maybe at worst as a side villain.

+ Focus on the story: I liked the premise of Forces and the quantity of cutscenes, I just feel like they didn't use the characters well and messed up with the plot, mostly due to there being too much stuff happening at once and too many characters probably.

Dropped elements:

- Classic Sonic: We will surely get a brand new Classic game, and this time via the success of Mania, I suspect SEGA will finally be confident in the new release, so they won't have to make it crossover with Modern for the third time, so if most of us felt like Classic was pointless in Forces, I don't see why he should return here to make it even more crowded.

- 2D Gameplay: This is mostly… because it takes away most of the gameplay, in Forces I remember someone made a video showcasing how little 3D there was, so I want more sections of that, I'd rather see 2D dropped completely and return only in the Classic series.

- Wisps: With Sonic getting his own upgrades and moves, and a different idea for the Avatar, I feel like they would be only forced here, I love power-ups in general but I don't want to have the Wisps in every game.

Brought back from past games:

* Chao Garden: I know it's a minigame, but we all loved that during the Adventure era, plus SEGA now sees its popularity, I think there is a high chance this might return.

* Competition Multiplayer: Sonic vs Shadow races, that would be a feature that could sell the Whole game IMO.

* Hard Mode: Shadow's story could be exactly that, either with all of Sonic's stages or 5-6 of them, a shorter story but not as short as Forces. Unlockable later of course.

* Time Attack: I would rather this be missions, but I know people (including me) love to try their best time so, why not?

* Tornado minigame with Tails: I loved this, but not as quick time events like in Unleashed, more like SA1, it would be cool if they were something like Special Stages.

*Friends Power-Ups: This is from Generations' co-op missions, I would love if they brought them back as a way to involve the other characters, my idea… would be that Tails made these weapons for the Avatar, and you could play with skills from Sonic's friends, like Knuckles' climbing, Amy's Hammer, Blaze's fire, etc.

* Upgrades and Sonic's past moves: The problem with Forces is that gameplay way very simple and linear, so I would bring back most of his forgotten moves, but as upgrades like in the Adventure series.

I know it's a lot of stuff, the risk is in fact that a huge game like that would bring out the worst like Forces, a mess, even though this time they already got a graphical engine (Hedgehog Engine 2) figured out, so maybe they can focus on the content? And improving it?

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One feature I'd really like to see make a return would be more playable characters. Whether in a team like Heroes or individually like Adventure 1 and 2 or possibly even sequentially like 06. I'm kinda tired of just playing as Sonic and just Sonic. Gimme Tails and Knuckles, gimme a Shadow with Chaos powers, GIMME E-123 OMEGA!!

One small feature I'd like to be dropped is the weird double jump from Forces. I much prefer the unfocused forward boosting homing attack instead of awkwardly bouncing in the air and losing horizontal momentum.


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I really, genuinely hope they finally drop the boost. I don't like what it's done to the series and it was at its absolute worst yet in Forces, and considering they snuck Lost World in the middle of things they're not entirely unopposed to doing something else with Sonic.

Realistically, though, I don't think it's dead yet.

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The only consistent feature from 2010 to now has been wisps, so yeah I assume wisps will be there. 

Not really sure about anything else. I'd like hub worlds to return over world maps but I'm not holding my breath. I think customization is fun but I'd like to be able to dress up Sonic himself instead.

Chao garden depends on how its executed. I'd like it to return as long as it isn't halfassed.

I'd like a core gameplay overhaul like Diogenes said. I like the boost games well enough but it feels like anyone who could wring some kind of depth out of the concept doesn't work on the series anymore. 

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About the next 3D modern game:

I'm not sure, the modern side of the franchise is all messed up after forces, so I don't really know what they will do after that, considering how unpredictable Sega is at times.

I guess they will probably go back to something closer to the Adventure formula, so maybe some features of those games may come back... 3D explorable hub worlds and NPCs with side missions... I don't know.

On a matter of pure gameplay/controls of the character, I'm not sure what they will do. I suppose they have realized how people who like Classic Sonic and people who like Modern Sonic most of the times don't overlap, so probably they will go full modern for the next modern game (like they did for the comics). Though the actual modern gameplay has problems, so they will likely change it again. I'm not sure how, but I can see stuff from Adventure such as the bounce thing and maybe the spindash return. Since it was recived well, despite being a classic move, it's possible that the Drop Dash will join the modern gameplay too (maybe, tap the bounce button to bounce, hold it to dropdash, hold it on ground to spindash, hols it while running on ground to roll).

I'm 50/50 on an eventual return of the boost, it may or may not come back.

As a returning element, I think that exploration and a slower pace will come back; less automation and more freedom, you will be able to go fast if you focus on speedrun, but the level design won't force you to run all the time like in the boost games. I think the levels will be filled with collectable stuff again, stuff such as animals or chaos drives, stuff that you have to collect for side quests or other secondary reasons.

Bigger and zone-unique stage gimicks may come back too.

Multiple playable characters will probably come back too... I'm not sure how many, maybe just the main trio, just Sonic & Tails, maybe Shadow/Amy somehow too, nothing too special anyway; if they play hard on Adventure nostalgia, it's possible that each character will have a different story too like in Adventure 1 (Forces already did that with Shadow, kinda).

Then, there's a slim chance that they will make a movie game, and I have absolutely no idea of how it would turn out, but if they will do it, I'm not much optimistic about it, i fear it will be a low effort product only for cash in.


Now, some personal wishes:

What I want to see come back:

-2D modern games, similar to the Advance trilogy or the Rush games. I miss those games, being free to experiment with new moves and new ideas in 2D gameplay without forced nostalgia.

-Multiple playable characters, with similar gameplay to Sonic's but unique moves, playing on the same levels but with the ability to reach different routes thanks to their unique character-specific skills.

-Rails with semi-realistic physics; in Sonic Adventure 2 and the Advance games, sliding on a rail was influenced by gravity and your momentum. In most modern games, rails will propel you forward automatically regardless of the physics and I don't like that.

-Special stages; even in 3D games; and I'd like unique gameplay and access method, something new that's not based on nostalgia.

-Super Sonic secret boss with extra ending for 100% completion.

-The ability to stick on walls and run on them, similar to the parkour of lost world but more influenced by physics (you can still control the character normally on the wall and if you go too slow it will detach and fall). Like that glitch of Sonic Adventure 2 that allowed you to spindash on walls for example.

-Minigames; Be it chao garden/Tiny Chao Garden, bonus stages, or extra game stuff like the Casino Night pinball in Generations, Kart Race from Adventure 2 or even Big's fishing; something that I can optionally play between a level and another when I want to do a break. As long as it's optional (no puyo puyo boss, for example).

-A reward for reaching and maintaining a certain speed. I mean, something like Sonic CD time travel or Sonic Advance 2's Boost Mode. I like being rewarded for keeping the flow. An example of implementing it in gameplay (aside of time travel from CD) would be a game about the Metal Virus from the IDW comics; Sonic gets covered by the virus, but you can decrease the infection by reaching a certain speed and maintaining it. The sound-barrier breaking effect is just too cool, especially when you achieved it yourself by playing well instead of being given automatically by just pressing the boost button (or by touching a dashpad); so I wish for a better implementation of it in level design, where you have to use the environment in a clever way in order to reach the status.

-Advance inspired trick system: be it exclusive to a character or part of the standard moveset of the game, I don't care. A double jump similar to how it was in Sonic Lost World is a nice alternative to this too... in order to perform the double jump, Sonic uncurls, so while it allows you to reach higher platforms or save you from falling, you'll get the risk of being vulnerable until you land. It helps exploration and makes the level design less cheap in some situations, especially in 3D gameplay where you have limited view of the surrounding environment near you (the fangame Sonic GT has a trick jump and  it feels good to perform; it also makes fast 3D platforming less frustrating by giving you a second chance and/or time to think and plan your next movements).

-EDIT: end level minigame: be it Sonic 3's bouncing signpost, Advance 2's braking thing, or Sonic Colors' destroy the rank stuff, something that lets you play when you end a level. Goal rings are so uninspired and boring.


What I want to see removed:

-2D in 3D games. If the game is supposed to be 3D, I'd like it to be 3D for real, fully 3D.

-Extremely linear and automated level design. I like fast paced level design, but if fast paced means being stuck in a road with invisible walls at the sides and a lot of automation, then I'm against that.

-Wisps AND elemental shields. I just want them to experiment something new.

-Press a button to boost. I'd like the boost to be retconned as a move that only Blaze can do (because it makes sense for her, being surrounded by flames and all, not for any other character).

-RANK SYSTEM. I hate it, I want my platformers to let me play however I want to and not force me to replay a level only for a score attack or stuff. Design more and better levels, put secrets in levels instead.

-QTEs. They were already removed after Unleashed, but I want to be sure they won't come back.

-Classic Sonic in Modern games. Just no.

-Super Peel-Out: I don't see the sense of that move when you have the Spin-Dash; it always felt redundant to me. Make it an Amy move (replacing the spindash only for her) if anything.

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I'm one of the few people who doesn't mind the Wisps so I wouldn't mind them being back.

I honestly kinda wish they'd try to like merge all of Sonic’s various gameplay styles together. A hybrid of Adventure and Lost World's gameplay could probably work with an addition of a few Boost Stages scattered throughout. 

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I want to see the Lives left counter come back after its absence from Forces. I dunno , knowing you can't run out of tries in a level takes the tension away for me.

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Going fast?

2 hours ago, SBR2 said:

I honestly kinda wish they'd try to like merge all of Sonic’s various gameplay styles together. A hybrid of Adventure and Lost World's gameplay could probably work with an addition of a few Boost Stages scattered throughout. 

That'd be good.

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What will most likely be removed: I don't have a clue. Maybe grinding, given how automated it was in SLW, and how it was ported over from Gens for Forces. Classic Sonic is more iffy, given how well the little guy does on his own merits.


What I want to see removed: Boost! It nulls the entire point of the game! He's a hedgehog, and he rolls!

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I thought I wouldn't find, but there's a lot of things I would/wouldn't like if I had a customizable game. Tried to put in importance level:

  • Overall 3D Game: As many of you already mentioned, this is something which bothers me since its introduction, mainly Generations. If I'm playing with Modern Sonic, I want a 3D game, not a 2.5D game. I think 2.5D could only work as if only the 1st act is 2.5D and the 2nd is completely 3D, but still then I have my doubts if it could work.
  • Emeralds Collectable (Good/Bad Endings): One of the things which I miss the most and almost since Sonic 3 & Knuckles, is that you can't actually choose if you'll or not collect emeralds, they now come embed in the game's plot. With this, I also miss the idea of the game having different endings.
  • More Playable Characters: Also mentioned by many, I really would like to play with other characters. I mean, not take Sonic off, but play with other characters and abilities, even if just Tails, Knuckles and Amy.
  • Eggman, and only Eggman: This one might cause a bit of polemic, I want a game that's only Sonic vs. Eggman, no Deadly Six, no Shadow, no Chaos. At least Eggman and his inventions (Metal Sonic, for example).
  • Hub World/Adventure Field: It says by it all, could be interesting if you move between the story universe and replay older levels (Though that's nothing new since Adventure).
  • Play the level order you want, partially: Like Colors, if I'm not wrong. It could be cool if you had more options of levels than a linear story. So you could choose the levels you want to play and let the boring ones to the end. Even further, it could even make consequences based on the level order you take and the ways you finish it (Like Shadow the Hedgehog).
  • Chao Garden/Mini Games: And if you got bored/tired of the main plot, some alternatives could be nice, like Chao Garden or foolish mini games to pass time, even if these were emulated versions of classic Sonic games (Specially the Master System ones).
  • Less recurring levels: "Have you heard this, Green Hill?"

Now things get less important and more specific, I'll separate them in groups:

A Few Minor Things:

  • Checkpoint Bonus: In Sonic 2, you went to Special Stage, in Sonic 3&K/Mania you go to a bonus stage. Even if nothing like that, it could be made something like "Pass in a checkpoint with 100 rings and win a basic shield"
  • Secret Levels: Either a Casino Level you go when you pass the checkpoint, to a hidden palace in a mysterious cave, some optional levels could make the game a bit more interesting.
  • S3&K Cutscenes: Or coherent cutscenes. I wish level transitions were more realistic and better defined. Either a cutscene which takes you straight to the next level, or two cutscenes which shows the level transition on the hub world/adventure field (One for the end and other for the start of the level).
  • New Level themes: Though a bit impossible nowadays, different levels or which people can't say "This is the Green Hill of this game", or something similar.
  • Customizable Character: That was an idea which when it first came, I thought it wouldn't work, but went well then I thought. However I think rookie really needed lots of improvements. To mention a few, voices, a better plot (As of Sonic Forces is unlike he'll be back), better importance and maybe even create a dynamic to involve download/sharing with friends/online players.

Movements/Abilities: I think there's no movement/ability which bothers me, maybe with the exception of Double Jump. I think Spindash and Homing Attack (Even guided) are ok in the way they are and Super Peel Out and Drop Dash are two abilities which works better (If not only) with Classic Sonic. I don't think Boost is completely useless or brakes the game, but should be a bit more challenging, maybe if it was like in Sonic Dash where you need to do an effort to full the Dash bar (In this case the Boost Bar) and then use it only when really necessary, for example free ways or enemies rows. Wisps are sorta indifferent for me, so I guess they just should do it a better use.

Plus (and finally), these are 3 things which could be interesting to see it back, not only in Sonic games but games in general:

  • Lifes
  • 2P Mode
  • Time Attack
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I'll throw my hat into the ring

Things I would like to see return:

  • The Avatar has a lot of potential but I would like to see the standard whispon attacks have more  virility rather than spam RT/R2, Maybe give the avatar a play style & level design similar to the warehog levels but with a unique weapon's like Devil May Cry or Bayonetta.
  • A fleshed out story and characters similar to the adventure games, the stories/characters in Adventure 1 & 2 still hold up as great but since colours everything relating to that has been devolved.
  • The Chao Garden: Make it a mobile app that can connect to future Sonic games going forward (possibly collaborate with other SEGA IP's)
  • Hub world's that can give you post game content and just a place to explore freely.
  • Mission's from Sonic Adventure 2: they added a lot of replay value and made you learn the level and take any advantage possible especially the 5th mission which was a more difficult stage.

Things I don't want to return:

  • Linear Level design, or at the very least, don't make it so obvious like they did with forces.
  • The Catering to Casuals and non-sonic fans all that has given us is games with little challenge & content they have been doing this since Colours and it's been getting worse since then.
  • Less 2D in 3D section, forces is a good example if you have a 2D/3D/hybrid don't make your "3D" play style a second hybrid like you did with modern Sonic it's pointless and defeats the purpose of having a hybrid character
  • QTE that take half a Minute, if you have to make it 3 seconds long and reward you with Score and alternate routes.
  • Not more button mashing it's one of the most cheap gameplay mechanics and it needs to die in general.
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3 hours ago, Johnster4 said:

I'll throw my hat into the ring

Things I would like to see return:

  • The Avatar has a lot of potential but I would like to see the standard whispon attacks have more  virility rather than spam RT/R2, Maybe give the avatar a play style & level design similar to the warehog levels but with a unique weapon's like Devil May Cry or Bayonetta.

I'd love the Avatar to come back. It'd also be cool if there was a way to port your Avatars over from Forces as well as make new ones. 

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The Boost: I don't like it either as I've said, but realistically it's gonna be back, I wish it was more limited to a move, not a gameplay, to go fast in certain routes, not spam it everywhere, in Forces obviously they cut any other move basically so all you had to do was jump and boost… extreme linearity ehhh. I want more freedom, a la Classic in 3D or Adventure style, they don't have to create a brand new gameplay though, something like that… if it doesn't take all of the dev time.

Wisps: Okay, I'm actually ok with them, I love power-ups, but how about the idea I proposed? Friends power-ups instead of Wisps, for the Avatar.

Avatar: I'm glad there is demand for it even here, I know it's been extremely popular in Forces, if it comes back, I assume it wouldn't be the one from that game because his story is done, there needs to be a new story.

Other villains: For Sonic? Sure, I'd have only Eggman and maybe Metal Sonic, but what about other stories? If Shadow has his story, I could see Infinite. Maybe give Zavok to the Avatar, they are both generic after all.

Minigames: Chao Garden companion app is a great idea, I also agree on no quick time events, if there is a Tornado minigame it needs to be a shooter.

So we agree on no Classic Sonic and no 2D. Good. Also, limited boost as I said.

As far as playable characters are concerned… Shadow and the Avatar for me, 100% want them in, Tails and Knuckles I'm not sure, because along with Amy they will probably be playable in the next Classic game, so they already get to shine in that one.

If it wants to be a new Adventure style game, it definitely has to include more 3D freedom, upgrades and unlockable skills, as well as an hubworld, as you guys said.

One thing I forgot are the Tag Team stages, I dunno, make them co-op or something, but I think in Forces that gimmick sold the teamwork idea between Sonic and the Avatar, so I'd like for them to rework it. 

They really need to understand that the ideas from Forces were good, the gameplay was most certainly not and needs major rework.

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I think Sonic Team needs to try something completely new in terms of gameplay. The boost gameplay has long overstayed it's welcome. The classic Sonic gameplay in both Gens & Forces wasn't fun due the physics being complete shit. Keep the 2d gameplay for separate games like with Mania. As for the avatar, it was probably the most interesting gameplay in Forces but there's really no need for it to return. Maybe just give Modern Sonic alternative outfits and I guess that would be okay.

Considering how awesome and successful Mania has been, I just want for once to be able to say this about a 3D Sonic game again. I want a full 3D game (2D not needed) maybe with 2 or 3 playable characters.  Perhaps Sonic, Tails & Knuckles (also maybe Shadow). Just a fun game with creative level design. Doesn't need to be insane boost-game speed fast. Just fun/rewarding platforming with a bit of speed. Keep Eggman as the main villian.

That's what I want. As to what we'll probably get; more boost gameplay, hopefully with better level design. Classic Sonic will likely return-especially as it will be the 30th anniversary soon, so I guess the drop-dash will also return. I would like to see the chao garden make an appearance...




Hope Sonic Team are cooking up something special for the 30th anniversary.

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