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A good sonic game idea

Framerate Reel

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Lets get to the point here the only way we can have a true good sonic game is to looked at what worked in the past and see what is new out their

A new Gameplay style: I am not saying A full reboot. But after forces disappointing limited game play I really feel it needs to be fixed. After looking at a few fan engines I think we do need A brand new gameplay engine mostly inspired by the infinity engine, Sure its a demo but with the idea of stages and alternative path ways it could be amazing in this game also the idea of a semi open world hubs would be perfect kinda imagine like spider man ps4 but going around zones to fight enemies or to do missions something more fun then just go to a safe zone.  more task's just to get some goodies like costumes similar to sa2, or sonic rivals, or through the sonic franchise.

hell have other playable characters I really would just stick to the basic 3. Sonic Tails and Knuckles maybe add DLC but to me I say just stick to the main 3.

also sonic can have the to speed in the semi open world he can run on walls or boost but you can slow down through platforming, tails can fly and use his tails to fight his way similar too sa1. knuckles can climb on walls and fight and glide like the adventure series keep the flow and momentum of the games and you got your game for a good semi open world sonic game.

Better Story,acting and writing: Forces writing is really just disappointing i want the writing to be good with the current writing staff its just not good also voice cast can improve but i do hope for well a new voice for sonic. Roger is not bad i just don,t really see him fitting Sonic, That reward really goes to Jason Griffith how ever if they do improve roger i hope they can get a good writer who can improve him. Story should not be a Saturday morning cartoon. it should be serious but have light heart'ed moments just like unleashed did but still have the idea that sonic needs to save the world and improve what unleashed did but better. 

Choa garden: This should return

Collection room: Sound test, cut scenes , Character bios or art need to return like sonic unleashed and generations


over all that all i have to say        


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This seems kinda overly vague and just saying "This needs to be better."
While it's true that Forces wasn't exactly a good foot forward, I'm of the mindset that throwing out the Boost entirely isn't the answer either. You just need to take a step back and actually use the Generations Modern framework this time, particularly looking at stages like Seaside Hill which is quite possibly the most open-ended 3D Sonic stage to date.

I do like the idea of hub worlds returning, but to the degree of Spider-Man on PS4? Unless you're suggesting the parkour from Lost World return, I'm gonna have to say no. Look at games like Arkham Knight or like you mentioned, Spider-Man. Those worlds are huge, but Spider-Man has his acrobatics, parkour and webswinging, and Arkham Knight had the Grapple Boost at the start and the Batmobile very early into the game. I think hubs in the same vein as Sonic Adventure or Sonic Unleashed would be a better fit, because then you can run into the problem that Sonic 2006 had where the hubs are overly large and not very interesting.

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Agreed this is very vague and nebulous.

Me I have a whole laundry list of what i think should be done in a future 3D Sonic game:

Stop using the boost formula or reduce it in gameplay (such as make it as reward rather than something given out of the gate)

Make other characters playable again! I am not saying entirely go back to the adventure formula but playing as sonic, sonic and sonic is very boring.

Return to puzzle solving levels, its been what since SA1 since we have seen this kind of gameplay?

Less linear levels (really levels anymore are too linear, give us at least some branching paths to the end goal)

Return of the hub world (station square was perfect here!)

and many many more! (going to eat soon will add more later)

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