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The Blue Sphere Challenge


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So I got bored today and decided to mess about with Blue Sphere ( on real hardware), and I had a thought: I know I'm not the only one here with a Genesis (or Mega Drive) and a copy of Sonic & Knuckles. So I played the random stages using my other carts, getting perfects and recording the passwords. So here's the challenge: if you have a S&K cart, play some stages using some of your other carts and write down the details, then share them here. I'll start (bear in mind some of the passwords might be a bit off because I used my 3DS to record them, hence I might get a zero and eight mixed here and there):

Castle of Illusion (starring Mickey Mouse): Stage 003462082, Difficulty 8, Password 1118 3134 8815

Aladdin: Stage 058784632, Difficulty 9, Password 2046 7578 6836

Sonic & Knuckles (yes really, see below)*: Stage 013934916, Difficulty 8, Password 1980 3928 5735

Arcade Classics (Pong, Missile Command and Centipede): Stage 035319164, Difficulty 10, Password 2725 7657 9839

F-15 Strike Eagle II: Stage 182263878, Difficulty 7, 0104 6844 4180

6-Pak (compilation cart): Stage 037595309, Difficulty 8, Password 1429 7175 8391

Spider-man & Venom: Maximum Carnage: Stage 264577295, Difficulty 8, Password 0998 2773 7251

Golden Axe II: Stage 036898433, Difficulty 9, Password 2460 6518 2663

Jurassic Park: Stage 060095546, Difficulty 9, Password 0971 7189 0068

Altered Beast**: Stage 136845043, Difficulty 8, Password 1247 4851 1304

Quackshot***: Stage 104673784

* VIdeo context: 

** For SOME reason (most definitely related to me trying to record the above video) Altered Beast gave me two stages. The one I have written down is the one I was able to consistently get.

*** I'm 90% sure it's impossible to get Perfect on Quackshot's stage ( There are two rings in a dead end surrounded with red spheres). You need to get perfect to get the password, so...

That isn't all my Genesis games, mind you, but I've had my fill of Blue Spheres for today. 

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Another idea for a Blue Sphere challenge, and one that should see how well you know the stages... 


Play them on a black and white TV set, or on the black and white TV mode. I did this once when I a kid. Trust me, it will test you! 

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