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Sonic 3D Blast Level Select

Zanok the Hedgehog

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As you may be aware, imputing the combination of (B, A, RIGHT, A, C, UP, DOWN, A) at the Start Screen of Sonic 3D Blast on the SEGA Genesis causes a level select to appear. While I managed to get this to work once, repeat attempts aren't getting me any results despite putting the code in quickly and correctly. 

Am I missing something? 

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I tested the code on the emulated version of 3D Blast in the PS4 mega-drive collection and it works correctly every-time I reset the game, load up the start screen and input the code:

  • To access level select, press B A Right A C Up Down and A (Baracuda) on the title screen. After entering this cheat, you may skip levels by pressing Start + A during gameplay. Skipping a level while in a special stage will reward you the emerald without even having to play the level. Alternately, level select can be unlocked by beating the game once or tapping the side of the cartridge.

PS4 controller (square is A, X is B and O is C etc).

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