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Images automatically resized to a paltry 400 pixels


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I'm not sure exactly how long this has been happening, but at least a few weeks. Images can be no larger than a pathetic 400 pixels wide, and it's really annoying. In my E3 thread, I had to cut my banners into 2 and 3 separate images and the big banner was only 954 pixels wide/581kb large originally. I use Imgur or Abload, so I'm not taking any data away by uploading to the servers here. You can still click on them for the original size, but this does ruin the presentation, in my opinion.

Here's what'd happen to the banner, if I hadn't cut it in 3:



Is there any way this could be changed to something more reasonable? Like 900-1000 pixels?

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4 hours ago, bmn said:


Not really sure if this is the appropriate topic but I did notice it when @JezMM's embedded comics ended up up-scaled when they were usually smaller and connected it to the other thing I noticed was being upscaled. I think the image embedding size might have caused YouTube embedding to scale up massively. 



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