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My idea for a new 2D modern Sonic Cartoon


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You guys know how we’re getting a new Classic cartoon in the form of Mania Adventures? Well, I thought maybe we should have a new 2D modern Sonic cartoon kind of like Sonic X. I call it “Sonic Tropics”.


Premise: Dr. Eggman has discovered a mysterious crystal on the outskirts of South Island known as the Divine Dracohead, an ancient artifact that is said to be the home of the two gods who created the world. After learning that he intends to bring it back to his lair in Scrap Brain (bearing six Chaos Emeralds as he believes he can use them to awaken its power), Sonic and Tails pursue the Doctor, who is with his two robot assistants Orbot and Cubot, in the Tornado to try to retrieve the Dracohead. During an air skirmish above Angel Island (which Knuckles sees while he is guarding the Master Emerald), Eggman shoots down the Tornado with one of the Egg-O-Matic’s gatling turrets, forcing Sonic to use Chaos Control with the green Chaos Emerald to try to steal the Dracohead. Eggman counters with the white Chaos Emerald, and everyone in the vicinity (save for Eggman) mysteriously vanishes, along with Angel Island.

Sonic and friends have now found themselves on the far-away and thriving island county of Palmlan Archipelago, which is widely known for its mixture of nature and technology; with their new allies Saki, Ayuki, Hinoka and Silos, they must now keep their new home-the vastly populated town Seabreeze Cove-safe from the evils of Eggman and his newest ally, Foncitex.




  -Sonic the Hedgehog: A chili dog-loving, high-spirit hedgehog who has thwarted Eggman on many occasions. He and his friends were transported to Palmlan by his and Eggman’s Chaos Control.

  -Mile “Tails” Prower: A young, intelligent two-tailed fox and Sonic’s trusted friend. He is working on a way to make it so that the Tornado can take everyone warped away by Chaos Control back to South Island. It is fixed early on, but only in its normal state.

  -Knuckles the Echidna: The gruff but good-natured guardian of the Master Emerald, which is the sacred relic of his home Angel Island. He stands there even as Angel Island is floating near unfamiliar territory, and helps out Sonic and friends on occasion when necessary.

  -Amy Rose: Sonic’s obsessive self-proclaimed girlfriend. She looks around throughout Palmlan for anything she can make into things like necklaces or anklets for Ayuki and Hinoka (and sometimes even Sonic and co., to lift their spirits).



  -Saki Tachibana (Josh Keaton): The only child of his family and an employee of the world-renowned Lovely Dawn Corporation, which excels in robotics and gives Palmlan a majority of its fame. When he and Ayuki discover Sonic and Tails on the beach, they take them in and decide to help them find a way back to South Island.

He is a sophomore at Seabreeze Moon High School and his favorite subjects are French and Engineering. He is normally hesitant to help his mother with anything other than new designs, but loves her with a deep heart nonetheless. He plays baseball for the Seabreeze Moon Toucans, having helped earn his team a good number of home runs. He sometimes invites Sonic over for school events.

  -Ayuki Sakuma (Amber Connor): Saki’s happy-go-lucky best friend from childhood and a freshman at Seabreeze Moon High School. She has medium level intelligence, as the only subjects where she can maintain an A are Drama (her favorite subject) and English. When she and Saki discover Sonic and Tails on the beach, they take them in and decide to help them find a way back to South Island.

She loves to play at the beach, especially in the waves, but dislikes the seaweed that appears in the ocean water (which is common). She also loves to play whatever roles she can get for a play by her drama class, be it important or not; she even loves to recite her roles at home. Her parents work at a daycare where she acts as an aide towards the children. Amy sometimes tends to tell Ayuki her worries for Sonic whenever he goes somewhere, and they both get near each other whenever they get scared; Ayuki herself is deathly scared of venomous bugs, particularly spiders, and snakes.

  -Hinoka Tachibana (Bonnie Gordon): Saki’s mother and the current president of Lovely Dawn after a terrible accident cost her her husband. She has a 295 IQ and greatly excels in both knowledge and creation of technology. She took in Sonic and friends and made their new home out of her house/laboratory until they can fix up the Tornado.

She loves her son as much as he loves her, and openly welcomes Ayuki whenever she comes over (even when unannounced). She also happens to be a good cook, using her technology to make good dinners for the gang. She works with Tails to design the things needed for the Tornado and often finds herself competing against Eggman, normally by force

Silos (Willa Holland): The goddess of the Dracohead’s light half, and the older sister of Foncitex. She materialized from that light half after the Dracohead split in two from Chaos Control, acting now as the gang’s guide to Foncitex.

Her prime belief is that people should be allowed to their hope and courage in order for the world to survive. She treated her followers with love and kindness and tended to those who were made ill by Foncitex’s dark powers. When she first appears in Seabreeze Cove, she poses as a fashion model under the alias “Oceanic Beauty”, winning a majority of the pageants for her beauty alone.



Foncitex (Paul St. Peter): The god of the Dracohead’s dark half, and the younger brother of Silos. He materialized from that dark half after the Dracohead split in two from Chaos Control, acting now as the source of Eggman’s new Super Badniks.

His prime belief is that the world must thrive off of people’s fear and despair in order to survive. He treated his old followers to constant paranoia of death and inflicted illness to those who tried to defy him. He and Eggman form an alliance to destroy Sonic and conquer the world; Foncitex gives Eggman a sample of his power, and Eggman uses it to turn objects into Super Badniks. He has ulterior motives in mind to do with his belief, but Eggman is none the wiser of it…

Dr. Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik: Sonic’s long-time enemy with an IQ of 300 who works with Foncitex to conquer the world with his Eggman Empire. From his hideout in Scrap Brain, he creates designs for his Super Badniks and then flies away to the specific locations on Palmlan-normally Seabreeze Cove-to inflict Foncitex’s dark powers on objects to turn into Super Badniks with special cogs.

He also seeks to find the remaining Chaos Emeralds, which were scattered across Palmlan and that Sonic and friends are trying to find to maximize the Tornado. His two assistants, Orbot and Cubot, are constantly yelled at by Eggman whenever they fail their assignments.

Super Badniks: Evil robots of the Eggman Empire that are created whenever Eggman inserts a darkness-riddled cog into objects. Eggman uses them not only to wreak havoc and destroy Sonic, but sometimes to find a Chaos Emerald that landed somewhere in the vicinity. Certain objects that an episode focuses on, such as cake or fireworks or even a dinosaur fossil, serve as plot devices for Super Badniks to appear.



-Sonic and crew use their design from Adventure onwards.

-The Egg-O-Matic uses its Sonic 06 design, but two extra arms.

-This is set in a separate continuity from anything related to Sonic, although some mention of the games will appear.

-The main human characters will get equal screen time with Sonic and crew.

-Certain characters like Team Dark, Cream, Big, Mighty, Blaze and Team Chaotix, will appear later in the series, some earlier than others.

-The tone will be balanced between lightheartedness and seriousness.


What do you guys think?

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I'm sure most people, including myself, will be apprehensive about the inclusion of the human characters and the claim that "the main human characters will get equal screen time with Sonic and crew.". It's always been a large problem in Sonic media, both animated and in comics, where the Sonic characters become overshadowed by original characters. When I'm looking for Sonic media, I'm looking for media about Sonic, not a bunch of random characters that would do much better in whatever Shonen Animes you were influenced by while writing this, and a lot of people have made the case for themselves in recent years too. The way you described the human characters in way more detail than Sonic ones kinda gives a red flag already. 

The human characters seem pointless overall and their lifestyles don't mesh very well with the Sonic characters. Speaking of lifestyles I've never liked these Sonic media premises where the characters are stuck in one place or are permanently based there, it takes a lot of the adventure aspect out. It sounds like you've combined Sonic X with Unleashed but really miss the point of both. With Sonic X, as flawed as it was, the point of Chris was to show that Sonic was a good role model I guess (this is an awful premise but whatever) and Unleashed was to get a good feel of the world to have an incentive to fix it, which is why the dualism idea was made to split the world all over. With this we are stuck in one place, with pointless human characters. I don't like it. 

I don't see the point of having the badniks powered by some deity either. Is this going to have some sort of impact on how they function or will they just get smashed like every other badnik? Most likely the latter, so that's all pointless too. The dark side of the god feeding off of despair and shit doesn't really mesh with Sonic either, and the idea of Eggman and this guy being partners sounds like Forces all over again. No thanks. 

Honestly this is a whole bunch of baggage that no one is going to want. Why can't we just have a show about bloody Sonic and his friends and Eggman? The OP has really started to make me think if there is something inherent about the Sonic universe that makes so many want to put baggage on it, like there is a collective mindset that just the normal Sonic universe couldn't work by itself in media that I just don't see. I don't get it too well. 

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I reckon these Sonic Mania Adventures shorts are ‘testing the waters’ for something just like this. 

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@A crocodileHo boy, couldn't help to nod to the points being expressed by your post.

This is something that has always been bugging me since I think that Sonic and company already cover most of the character archetypes and roles that you need to have a show or comic that can be sustained by itself.

I wouldn't mind the occassional new original character as long as it were something minor that needs the help from Sonic and friends, and who would basically serve as a support cast for the Sonic support cast, serving to make those characters look better, not by stealing the show from them.

For example, I've seen people who think that Helen from Sonic X (that girl bound to a wheelchair) would do a much better surrogate than Chris Thorndyke and while I do agree that she is a better character than the spoiled brat, I still would not want for her to be a major character since if we are going for a character through which the franchise can get to know Sonic, we already have much better and familiar faces like Tails and Amy.

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