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Sonic Free Riders - questions


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Does anyone here own Sonic Free Riders? There aren't any guides on GameFAQs and there aren't many Youtube videos of the various game modes either.

On a Sonic wiki, I saw it claimed that an "E-10000Y" (yellow) robot can appear as an opponent in Relay Races. I've not seen any evidence of this though. Is there anything to it, or is it BS? From what I've heard, the E-10000G (green) only appears in certain game modes, is this right?

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The ones in Sonic Riders 1 go unnamed. I still haven't been able to find any confirmation on Free Riders.


I did see one post on the GameFAQs questions board though: https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/xbox360/997715-sonic-free-riders/answers/237791-does-anyone-know-all-the-characters-


Multi-Coloured E-10000 robots


So how many colours are there? Are they given official names?


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