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What are your thoughts on the three-people groups (Teams)? Which is your favourite one?


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Well, as we all know, the three-people groups known as "teams" were first introduced in Sonic Heroes, and most of the ones which debuted in that game continue existing to this day (excluding Team Rose), and some have been created since then as well, in addition to Team Sonic, Dark and the Chaotix, such as the Babylon Rouges. Probably the most common is the trio of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles (who had been working together way before Heroes), but the others have also made several appearances in the following games. So, as the title says, what is your opinion on this? Which is your favourite team (if you have one)? Do you like it or not?

For me, the concept of three-people groups and the teams in general are pretty nice. I loved to see the way it was handled in Heroes, and I wouldn't mind a sequel if one is ever made. On the other side, it limits what the characters can do individually, a lot.

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I really do like the three member team set up since it can help highlight each member's respective skillset and serve as a format to have the three play off and contrast with each other--The Freudian Trio and all that(why the heck is it called that again?)

I'm actually having a hard time picking a favorite since many of the teams have some pretty great dynamics and/or at least one MVP character subjective-wise. Off the top of my head, I could fall back on good ol Team Chaotix since they were specifically retooled with the format in mind and while Vector has been branching out as of late, they feel like they take advantage of the setup the best of any team. I also have to give a shoutout to Team Rose and Team Hooligan, though. Kinda hoping a Team Beyond could still happen with Blaze, Silver, and Marine, btw.

However, on some hand, it is indeed somewhat limiting if it is adhered to too steadfastly and can even be criticized as dumbing/powering down some characters to justify the format. Team Dark in particular probably suffers the most from this since each character generally has their own style and agenda to pursue as a single entity. It also doesn't help that characters like Amy, Shadow, and Blaze could potentially act as a team in and of themselves.

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I would go with Team Sonic, because they truly feel like a group of true friends/companions; Counting both official and unofficial appearances, whether be the classic or modern continuities/timelines, the three always end up working together. The Chaotix is also pretty good. I would like to count Team Rose as well, because their dynamic in Heroes worked pretty decently even if they didn't have much of a backstory as the rest of the teams, but Amy seems to be leaning towards being a member of Team Sonic (she already joins them in Boom) in later games, while Cream and Big both haven't showed up in a while, and when they do, such as in Sonic Runners, they distance themselves from Amy, not even belonging to Team Rose anymore. Regarding Team Dark, yes, in contrast, they suffer the most from this, since they don't even have a reason to be a team.

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