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Sonic Heroes review


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One thing i like about is is that it requires team work and skills to win. Special stages i am not sure if it was made to fight the controls, but considering there are main stages that has bugs such as Toad level loop, if you run with Sonic you run right through it, only way i can undo that is if i switch to knuckles. So in Special Stages you can get stuck on certain corners when speeding up. (best strategy would be power character and holding down the speed button atleast on the 3rd chaos emerald since that one goes very fast. Sometimes being slower helps like obstacles, so Team Amy. Its either way best to choose fast or slow depending what works best. So its somewhat good strategy based on how to beat those stages)

I like the old style nostalgic graphics of SEGA Mega Drive sonic game. Its essentially a very simplified 3D Sonic game that is modern but also reminds me of past Sonic games. I wish more modern Sonic games had that impact too. Though Sonic Forces looks amazing too, not tried it yet though but just the fact that you can create your own Sonic avatar seems very cool.

In either case what sells this game for me is "Team Work" thats in my opinion the best part about it, like it requires you to use the best way to beat the enemy based on power levels or usage how to defeat enemy and going through stages fastly aswell and smartly, so thats is in my view the best part about Sonic Heroes. And i have yet beaten SUPER HARD without dying once. (though i do it in weekends for fun, the longest i have gotten currently is Bullet Station).

Btw i played PS2 version, which is infamous by most people. But i overall liked the game. If it wasn't for some main bugs in the game it would be perfect, but its playable thats what i am saying.

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