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[Speculation Zone] Project Death Egg Σ: FY 18


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After Sonic Forces’ realese some of us started thinking about a future for Blue Blur. Allow me to open a discusion, based around single clue, left for us by Sonic Social Media Team way back in June. In video celebrating Sonic's 26th Anniversary we had a view on a whiteboard inside Sega's office. Aside from few easter eggs, we had one thing pointing out to something new.


"FY 18: Project Death Egg Σ"

"FY" probably stands for "financial year" or "fiscal year". New fiscal year for Japan (Sega Sammy is japanese company) begins April 1st.

The rest is of course a code name. "Death Egg" points at Sonic-related project. The only thing that I can analyse a little deeper is a greek letter "Σ". Sigma is the eighteenth letter of the Greek alphabet. It can further point at year 2018. Another way I could interpret sigma is by it's mathematical meaning. It is a "summation operator". With this you can sum all natural numbers beetwen two numbers. Food for thought.

Do you think I'm overthinking one little easter egg?

Excuse me for any and all mistakes in writing. English is not my native language.

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Forces getting a Sonic & Knuckles style expansion pack to finish the storyline. And speaking of Death Eggs, what happened to Little Planet under the shell? Is it done for? Maybe Her Red Ring will be nodded to.


(no wonder, Sonic Team’s fiscal year starts on April Fool’s Day!)

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8 hours ago, Kfarc said:

Do you think I'm overthinking one little easter egg?

No you are not, (k maybe a little), but i was wondering about this as well, maybe it is referencing what we got on forces, but maaaaybee it's referring to something else we will discover next year (mania sequel?? a spin off game?? just a cool easter egg?? something else?? the possibilities are never ending...)

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Japan’s FY:18 started. I hope we get news on this soon. Sonic YouTube didn’t do anything for April Fools Day/Easter Sunday. Does this mean we’ll get news soon? I’m still hyped for it, and I don’t even know any info! 

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Seeing as Forces' story is still being continued in 2 ways, one being Modern Sonic's story from the IDW comics and the other also continues Classic Sonic's story from Mania and Forces, Sonic Mania Adventures. A game extension or DLC looks very unlikely at this point, so maybe a new CG Modern Sonic TV series, if it happens and Boom isn't cancelled we'll have the most active number Sonic shows in franchise history, a total of 3 at once, one for each version of Sonic.

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