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Infinite Theory

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(I'm pretty new here, so I have no idea where to post theories...So sorry if this feels like spam and my English is bad too)

While listening to Infinite's theme on loop, (Yes, I'm a looser shut up.). I might have an idea what  he...could be?
Maybe Infinite is aware he is in a video game, By that he has the ability to corrupt the world around him like a glitch or computer virus.

To the song, it sounds like Infinite trying to prove that to Sonic.

Lyrics - 
''This is an illusion, open up your eyes''

''And tell me what you really see
 You live a lie
 And that's the difference in you and me''

This new ''power'' Dr. Eggman might of discovered, was a glitch or virus in some sort, than after putting it through some experiments (tests). He gave it a physical form making it into Infinite.

I don't know, this sounds a bit far fetched... But that's how I am puzzling it, opinions?


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That is an interesting theory, and I definitely think that's plausible. I love Infinite's theme song and have listened to it many times. Throughout that time I've paid increasingly close attention to the lyrics, and I have been wondering about the same lyrics that you mentioned, among other lines from the song as well. There definitely seems to be a lot of references to illusion, time, and space. That combined with certain things I saw in Sonic Mania, which I will omit for the time being in case there are still people who haven't finished playing it yet, makes me inclined to believe that Infinite's abilities do not just involve potentially manipulating time and space, but may also involve some sort of illusory component: I've considered something along the lines of virtual reality simulations, or more internal assaults such as mind control or strong mental suggestions/hallucinations. My primary reasons for thinking along these lines include the nature of the song's lyrics discussing reality/unreality as well as visual anomalies in Sonic Forces trailers/music videos released that remain consistent specifically between Infinite and several other villains. Namely, I've noticed a sort of red distortion appearing around Infinite and Metal Sonic in particular. I've also noticed that Shadow's eyes look unnatural, which implies artificiality of some kind, whether in manipulation or some other form of illusion. Overall, while I can't be sure about specifics until I play the game, I think there's a very high chance that Infinite's most primary distinguishing abilities will involve manipulative illusions and/or mind control in some way, in addition to the ability to alter time and space. In that sense, he becomes a greater threat than previous villains. Previous villains have displayed varying levels of ability to manipulate and/or traverse outside of space and time, so if Infinite also has more power over people on a more abstract psychological level, he becomes a greater threat in many ways due to the increased difficulty with detecting and overcoming that particular brand of assault.

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