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Returning zones in Forces?


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I want to see Eggmanland or Casino Night, or Final Fortress. Don't expect obscure zones though, "iconic" gives it away.

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Motherfucking Ice Cap give me ice levels in the Hedgehog Engine 2.

That isn't Cool Edge. 

Although Cool Edge would be sweet. 

I want varied tropes SEGA give me varied tropes and I'm all in. 



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I have a bad feeling that the only returning zones are going to be the ones featured in Generations. The game's theming doesn't particularly lend itself to nostalgic rehashing, so why bring back old levels unless it's to beef up the game content-wise with pre-made assets?

On the other hand, bringing back old zones that weren't in Generations would also be pretty weird. Why not use those development resources to make new stages that fit the post-apocalyptic resistance theme?

Pretty disappointing either way, really. Not saying this ruins the game or anything, but I would prefer something a little more focused and cohesive.

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